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  1. TLK has had good dailies or no? Hoping for the massive erosion doesn't seem to have paid off. Sad times.
  2. My question is why did any of you expect any different? Why did you even pay to support this crap given that Aladdin, BATB, Maleficent and Alice in Wonderland already exist? *shakes head*
  3. To be fair, I meant the moviegoing public at large, though certainly many members here are fans of Disney and this kind of pandering movie too. But as you said, it's a box office forum and I can root for movies to bomb as much as others want it to succeed. What's funny is that I think this is disgustingly extra for TLK but apparently in the last 2 pages alone people think it's disappointing lol.
  4. From the first trailer, Mysterio is blatantly obvious as the villain. I know nothing about comics either.
  5. The problem is it doesn't make for a good standalone movie. Nick Fury was acting like an idiot and the explanation is? Some space shit? Not good enough. But that's just it, idiot Nick Fury fit perfectly into this movie when all the characters except Peter were wasted by borderline incompetent writing. As Daxtreme said, all of them became caricatures. Mysterio and the rejected Stark employees, Fury, Hill, MJ, Ned, Ned's GF, Brad, the teachers, Happy and May. It was excessive. Those teachers would never be employed being as imbecilic as they were. It's just awful attempts at humour. And baumer, I agree with you that the relationship would be the strongest point of the movie, but it was wasted because they needed to tick off the boxes for generic villain, generic motivation and generic action scenes. I would've watched a 500 Days of Summer Spiderman but no one else would. The fallout from the snap is a much more interesting storyline that will never be told now. And keep in mind that most of the audience is casual and have no idea of all the stuff that was thrown about in the first 8 pages of this thread. That, and no one cares. I don't care about Mysterio being true to the comic book if Mysterio makes for an uninteresting, generic villain.
  6. This was thoroughly mediocre. If this was meant to tease the next stage of the MCU, count me out. After the reviews and Feige saying this closes the chapter and sets the next one up, I expected a lot more. Villain was amongst the worst in the canon. I mean, you just knew Mysterio would be the villain from the trailer and he is. All the reveals were cringeworthy, the twists were forced and the humour and dialogue so unnatural. It's a pity because I like Holland and the cast of kids actually has a lot of potential for interplay but not here. The teachers were beyond bad and the rest of the newly added kids added nothing. Token hijab girl for inclusivity was so forced. First, to be Muslim doesn't mean you need to wear a hijab and if you see the Iranian women jailed for protesting against wearing it, it's just forced Hollywood whitewashing without understanding. But I digress, Homecoming was also mediocre and barely kept together by the chemistry of the kids. I guess Spiderman is meant to be the light-hearted side of the MCU but it would've been more interesting to have more than just Brad (did he even exist in Homecoming?) as the sole "5 years older" person and deal more with that instead of carting off to Europe for some shit CGI action. Back in the mid 2000s, franchises that were running out of steam would change location; X-Men, Rush Hour etc. but that was just a red flag for creative bankruptcy and unfortunately FFH ends up in that same ballpark.
  7. Given that pre-release expectations were a total of $300-$400m or a GOTG-GOTG2 kind of increase, a $39m OD on a Tuesday during the July 4th week is hardly a number to have shit takes about the future of the MCU and other Chicken Little declarations. It's most likely going to end up in that range. This harks back to the era of Toy Story 4 (wait, what?) declarations of absurdity. Where has all the sanity gone? This isn't SLOP2 or Dark Phoenix-like definitively disappointing numbers, and in the latter case, I'm not sure that's even considered disappointing either as a bomb was on the cards since the movie was announced.
  8. Wut? What kind of crap take was that. Where are your examples? Just TLK? Which looks like shite? lol. It's the property. It's the Lion King and Disney. And it shouldn't do that well because it's a transparent cash grab with no artistic merit, but it will.
  9. What would you have said about Cars 2, Monsters Uni, Finding Dory and the Incredibles 2? All of those range between godawful to thoroughly mediocre. Toy Story 4 is a fluke. I'm thankful they got it right, but Pixar's sequel track record is terrible outside of Toy Story. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I don't include Cars 3 in the above list because even if it's fairly predictable and safe, it still advances the story and characters in a meaningful way moreso than any of those 4. It's also a makeup for Cars 2. I hope they don't make another MU or Nemo movie but if there is a TI3 it'll have to makeup for TI2 which was so bog-standard generic. What an insult to the original and Brad Bird was involved too, which makes it even more disappointing.
  10. If expectations were that high, then they were unrealistic. There's really no reason for it to make $140m+. What were the arguments for it? Because "The Incredibles" isn't a valid one. And really, before the reviews, how many people were actually excited for this besides Disney happy clapper fans?
  11. I'm no expert on American 80s horror, but why did this reboot fail compared to the likes of Halloween and Friday the 13th and etc that have all come out in recent years and done really well (at least compared to the early years of this millennium/decade where they were flopping). Then again, this summer has not been kind to most movies anyway.
  12. 1) The most beloved franchise...but TS3 couldn't beat TS2 admissions? 2) Rave reviews...but that's normal for Pixar? 3) I didn't follow tracking, so no idea about this. Thought it was 'soft' though, but besides the point because pretty much everyone at KJ and as someone pointed out, the majority of BOT predictions in the Summer Game were for it to drop from TS3. 4) This point is moot if people aren't convinced to come by the fact that TS3 ended so well and TS4 by even casual standards seemed tacked on and for money only. No one asked for it. So disappointing? No. Doing as expected. BOT is nothing if not consistent in getting over/under hyped in the weeks leading up to OW and having whack takes divorced from reality.
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