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  1. What acronym is that? DCOM? Yep, doesn't help that Mackie has starred in quite a number of bad streaming movies or at least it seems like he has. As I mentioned earlier, Netflix is spending billions and how much value is retained? They need to figure out how exactly they can make their movies more valuable long term. The erosion of popularity IMO is much higher than a similar movie that was released theatrically. Personally I loved 6 Underground, the Michael Bay/Ryan Reynolds action movie on Netflix, would have seen it in the cinema - b
  2. But Paramount also sold off rights to most of their other films. Of course we don't know their critical reception yet, but if any of them were going to be hits, they just lost themselves IP in an IP/content war. People like JamesWorthyClap think they represent more people than they actually do. What kind of idiotic take is that? But Twitter is full of that and what makes Twitter a joke is that so few people are actually on it, that the "hot takes" are actually functionally single takes. Another example of how Western media amplifies certain viewpoints when it's reflective
  3. And people still want to argue that streaming only movies have the same value as theatrical releases. They don't. It doesn't take a genius to see it - but movie execs seem to be idiots. Many of these "streaming" films in the past year and a half of covid only have carry-over prestige from being initially a theatrical release and having those marketing efforts etc. DTV movies have been around for decades and hardly make any dent in public consciousness or awards or anything really. Do we really think that stigma has gone away in a couple years? Until the st
  4. Falcon & the Winter Soldier is terrible. Super generic and Mackie and Stan aren't exactly great actors either. Contrast that with Hiddleston in Loki's first episode. Night and day. The first two are side characters and it really shows, but the material was also pretty bad. Reminiscent of all the bad Marvel and superhero movies. Really B-grade TV. If they continue with FATWS quality, it will only hurt the brand. Probably doesn't help that there are 'superhero' series like The Boys (which I hate tho) and Umbrella Academy. I would mention the Marvel TV shows but I have
  5. Do you have a link to the article or thread? Tried searching for it but couldn't find it.
  6. This is Well there's that rumour or maybe actual articles that have Pixar employees feeling affronted that Soul went to D+ for free (and Luca as well) but Mulan and Raya and now Cruela got PA. So those films can still be attributed a profit whereas Pixar's can't and obviously the marketing or data teams aren't going to let Pixar employees know how well their film has done. It's a definite morale tanker going straight to streaming when it was produced for theatres. I wouldn't be surprised if HBO Max higher ups have no idea what their data means. It's great to
  7. Just needs to be the biggest of the pandemic so far for me. That should signal the impending return of the box office.
  8. They will revert to premiering in theatres because streaming is just a non-event for movies. Anyway, subscriptions is just an extremely poor way to judge whether a movie is doing well, if I wanted to watch Raya or Cruella or Black Widow, I could have subscribed at any time after they made the announcement - not just on OD. Or I could subscribe after a month? 3 months? Whenever it is it becomes free to watch instead of PA. Also, take HBO Max for example, they announced the whole year's slate in December. So should all subs be attributed to WW84 or would it be other movie
  9. I saw this last week. Didn't like it that much, but hope that it can ignite the US box office with the amount of vaccinated steadily rising. Still don't think it'll do much better than any of the pandemic movies so far but hope I'm wrong.
  10. Good to see grosses inching upwards. Hopefully Disney backtrack on Luca's release.
  11. I mean, it's not really calling me out is it? It's your opinion that the statement is too harsh, and mine that it isn't. After all, they did thank the Xinjiang government for help with filming Mulan and tried their best to pander to the CCP and still got rejected by the Chinese audience. All that for nothing and yet they still did it because they thought they'd be swimming in $. You could make an argument that Disney is the top virtue signaller since Mulan was rejected for a complete misunderstanding of the audience. They did fire James Gunn for bad jokes. They still do
  12. They are hardly going to admit it wasn't successful. Use some critical thinking please. The only way to stand by its success is to release the numbers. Mulan still hasn't been released.
  13. WB might have fucked their relationships with their content creators, but it was a consumer-centric move if ever there was one. Yeah, you could say validly that they just wanted HBO Max subs mandated by AT&T and even that it was a test run for what they would do post-pandemic but it was undeniably pro-consumer. All the backtracking and deals struck just hurt them for their idiotic planning but as a consumer with no covid end in sight, it was a superb annoucement. Disney OTOH have not only moved releases entirely to streaming multiple times, but then also tried the
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