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  1. Are the visuals that great? They look like a dated HTTYD and the song seems to be from Moana. I guess it doesn't hurt to mix the best of DW with the best of WDA, so we'll see.
  2. They'll hide the actual votes because no one will care to rate on RT. I'm not in the US, but surely with Fandango owning them, there could be better ways to incentivize and incorporate reviews/RT etc. For some reason, people just stopped bothering with rating.
  3. Is it though? Ghost Protocol was meant to be the end wasn't it? And fair play to Cruise and gang for pulling off quality, but it doesn't mean it was really anticipated.
  4. wut? Keanu can't act, Jackman can. Keanu needs really, really specific roles for him to shine and overcome his otherwise lack of ability.
  5. Well, though with Hollywood execs it is unlikely, perhaps this underperformance will encourage them to do better on the quality of the movie. Pokemon design-wise, nailed it. Acting, awful. Story, even worse. Director, hack. I want to say it has nowhere to go but up, but actually that wouldn't be accurate. Lots of other ways to get worse than what we got. I don't necessarily want them to go full casual, and there will be plenty of people who wouldn't be interested mainly because Pokemon are Pokemon and not animals or robots, but I'm sure there is a talented scriptwriter out there who can meld the two better.
  6. You might already have to close the club if JW3 doesn't make it this weekend. Beyond that, has this kind of streak been rare? I think you've overpredicted a lot of films there, but they will still make $50m so doesn't hurt your club. MIB is the riskiest outside of this weekend.
  7. Hey, good to know you're OK. Recognize your screen name from BOM. Heal up quickly mate! As for EG, I will just echo what I said yesterday. Its legs are disappointing, but its total is not. This just points to an admissions ceiling for modern film, and SW just had arguably the best release date that took advantage of infrequent cinemagoers to get that high.
  8. Pity no one saw this. It's fucking laughable that it got such an awful critic score and yet Captain Marvel and Black Panther are lauded to the high heavens. I'm glad it was made because it's a great feel-good blockbuster. They don't make these anymore. Problem is, no one cares about the source material and I don't know how they would have sold a blockbuster without the "brand" name, but they obviously couldn't sell it to the audience and that's tragic. American critics though need no reminder what a farce they are. The incredible bias toward superhero flicks (and I loved EG) is disgusting, but predictable. After all, superheroes are American. America proud! A
  9. Endgame legs have been disappointing. If Pika had opened to a much larger amount, then that would be a fair drop. As is stands, from opening $100m+ over IW, by its 3rd weekend they were already on par. I get that there is frontloading and the series finale would have exacerbated it, but still it's a fantastic movie and it is just dropping off at a rather rapid rate and will now come in far below TFA. Perhaps, there is indeed a capacity audience over a movie's entire run. I really can't believe that more people would've seen the awful TFA, but its amazing release date had ensured near $750m by holiday's end which would have probably captured the masses who never watch movies. At least EG will beat Avatar WW to make up for this loss to an inferior and distinctly average product.
  10. Monday morning quarterbacking going on here. I don't think its release date was the main problem. Yeah, Avengers was bigger than expected, but the online hype seemed massive for DP. It is just sobering to see that actually the fanbase isn't that great and didn't really grow even with Pokemon Go in the public consciousness. That, for a bloody good marketing campaign, people just didn't care to go see it beyond remarking "Those Pokemon look cool in live action.". I'm not sure what the next move will be honestly. Certainly the movie wasn't great, which makes it harder, but perhaps Legendary/WB/Pokemon Company should have treated their debut with more respect and not hire Hackerman to write and direct. Also, they need some sort of creative genius, which I think they do not have, to mastermind a story that will capture the attention of casual moviegoers, but be part of the Pokemon universe- and after this performance, I don't think any of the ideas thrown out; Red/Blue, Ash etc. will work. Those close off people even more. For the poster who mentioned, either here or the weekend thread, that Pokemon Go died in 5 weeks and was a fad, I don't think that is necessarily the case. I mean, yes it was a fad for most people, but the game itself was terrible which led to the drop-off rate- though having said that, drop-off rates are really high in that industry. Perhaps that first experience didn't set them up well enough. Either way, what is now extremely clear is that the fanbase is nowhere as big as we think, it is another online beast but real life mouse and for any translation into a GA monster smash, it really needs a visionary storyteller. Is it possible? I hope so, but the returns worldwide have to be seen as massively disappointing. Why did it bomb in South Korea? Anyone know?
  11. Great post. Yeah, they've pretty much retired the OG6- and that's a great thing honestly. It gives an air of finality and seriousness and stakes to the entire spectacle. However, in terms of whether the next characters can take on the mantle...that remains to be seen. RDJ was the charisma of the franchise. I never thought Evans was that great, but a lot of people did and they wrote CA in such a consistent way that it's hard to fault Evans for anything. And tbf, Thor only came unto his own with Ragnarok- before that only people like me vaguely liked the Thor franchise. However, as well as the other movies have done, honestly their leads haven't been very interesting or the movies themselves very good. CM and BP are really, really overrated and the characters are bland. BP was upstaged by Shuri- actually almost every character in his own movie. CM still has nothing to work with. Tom Holland seems to be the breakout star with the youth audience. Partly because SM has been such a fixture in the last 2 decades, but also he has done some brilliant work. Probably the best outside of RDJ. But he isn't the leader, so who is? As for the remainder, is Wanda still part of it going forward? You can't have Hawkeye's daughter for a good few years and is anyone really attached to War Machine, Falcon or Bucky? They relied on their interplay with stronger characters. What they need to find are their new titans and what are their characters like? RDJ/Evans or rather Stark/Cap were good foils. Thor, Hulk, Nat and to a lesser extent Hawkeye added to that flavour. Right now, Ant Man is kinda like Star Lord. BP and CM are non-factors. Who really is the MCU about moving forward? As for me, I'm mostly excited by Asgardians of the Galaxy because of Hemsworth's work in Ragnarok. Don't really like Star Lord, but lots of possibilities for that franchise. Currently not interested in most of the other tentpoles. FFH if it gets good reviews because Holland is quite an actor. I haven't even mentioned DS2. I love Cumberbatch but once again the movie (DS) wasn't great and a lot of his great moments came interacting with RDJ who is now gone. As a character, he's still really up in the air.
  12. I agree with most of this. Nat had a great movie. She held it together, it's her that gives them this opportunity. Not Cap, not Iron Man and definitely not Thor. Don't understand the backlash (if any) to the gay character. You see that same scene all the time, except the character is hetero. This is what it means to be accepted into public consciousness, when no one cares that he is gay. I was OK with it and I hope others are too. I love the Thor-depression arc because it's real. People experience pain differently and it was a bold choice. Much respect. Especially when he doesn't automatically become buff once returning, and that Rocket's pep talk still had him an anxious mess and not automatically recovered like most movies would have done. I do have my qualms with whether or not it undoes the Ragnarok arc, but I'd have to see the latter again. Don't understand the objection to the female line-up shot. No one would complain if it were just men. Hell, the Assemble arc showed all of them and everyone thinks that's epic. I loved it. You could maybe say it might be fake or unearned, but hey, I think the strength of Gamora, Nebula and Nat showed that this wasn't some token unearned shot.
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