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  1. Ralph 2 and Frozen 2 were such terrible movies. Strange World was better than both and that bombed. Will see Wish whenever it comes out on Disney+.
  2. Reworking a DTV series to a film doesn't seem like a good idea. They probably only did it after Wish tanked too, so they have less than a year. Iger is stealing a living.
  3. So where can I read a balanced and spoiler free analysis of the Marvels flopping? Context: Although it looked more of the same to me (and almost like Shazam 2 with cheesy gods appearing) that never stopped Marvel before. And I also disagree with the Reddit/Blu-Ray.com sentiment that post-EG has been worse than pre-EG since I've never been a diehard fanboy but a casual watcher throughout the whole series there are many, many average films pre-EG. The bigger issue is that post-EG films don't seem linked to a bigger story (not that they need to be) but having EG happen just destabilises them fundamentally. I also don't know why Ant Man 3 was so badly received since it was like 1 and 2 which were decent/enjoyable. My feelings haven't really been similar to the masses re: MCU for most films so it is peculiar as to what straw broke the camel's back. Disney+? Endgame being the ending? More right wing Americans?
  4. Yeah I hated DS2. But I also disliked Wandavision. They just destroyed her character for seemingly no good reason. And they've done the same here with Secret Invasion, killing Maria Hill and Talos, making Nick Fury a joke, rewriting Rhodey's history. Enough of this crap.
  5. I've lost interest after the trainwreck that was Secret Invasion. If that's the narrative direction they want to take this, count me out. Will put them on streaming in the background if I have nothing to do.
  6. It's another bullshit push from the know-nothings of Clown Street and their marionette CEOs. Ironic because the streaming mess was created by the same bunch of fools. But you'll never get grifters who depend on the failing capitalist system for their wealth to change course. Billionaires building/buying prepper bunkers is peak delusion of how they think global destruction will not affect them and they can somehow live out their days in peace.
  7. It's a dud of a movie honestly. The reviews are giving it undeserved credit. Didn't even feel like an MI movie, just another paint by numbers action flick.
  8. Seems like a Blue Sky movie in tone, but the animation looks a step up from Illumination's usual stuff.
  9. Why do people like yourself always like to resurrect the corpse of communism? Systems are not binary although the US political system tries to educate otherwise. The world as we know it is being driven to extinction and capitalism is the cause. There's no getting away from that.
  10. It's not like the characters are as iconic as Buzz and Woody. Plus you could always argue she's gone through puberty or going through puberty so the voices sound different. Don't even like Mindy Kaling anyway.
  11. This looks like Ruby Gillman - a low budget Dreamworks concept and movie.
  12. And he'll leave with golden parachutes. He's just another parasite.
  13. Americans are too propagandised to worship capitalism for that to happen. The world is already burning due to it and yet the majority still are wedded to it - not just ignorant blowhard conservatives.
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