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  1. I know this movie won't make a big impact, but I hope it ends the summer on a "light" note instead of a dour one.
  2. A good chunk of romcoms seem to be going to Netflix as well.
  3. They blew their entire load with that explosive trailer and buzz has been dry since. Shoulda figured they were dropping a dirty bomb.
  4. All that interest after the trailer and then nothing. Now we see why. Good thing Deadpool 2 came out on blu-ray this week.
  5. We're already seeing the negative effects of this capitalist mindset of government. The tax savings that corporations are getting are going to shareholders, not employee/wage growth.
  6. Problem is there are too many people in government who are too advanced in their age to expand their mindset.
  7. Wouldn't you think a class focused on global capitalism would be biased against socialism? Socialism is not a concept of the devil as the impulsive shitweasels would have you think.
  8. This is the dynamic we need to see in this movie. Because Emily Blunt at her feistiest looks like the only actress capable of taking no shit from the Rock.
  9. Two credited screenwriters are Kelly Marcel (first 50 Shades) and Will Beall (Gangster Squad). That explains the shitty dialogue.
  10. How many people heard laughs or snickers in the theater when Henry Cavill reloaded his fists?
  11. Jay Beezy

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    Making the mock room was an epic callback to the first one. Speaking of the first one, if I'm not mistaken, White Widow said her mother was named Max. At least she referred to a Max as a she.

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