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  1. Bit at the end was funny. Of course, some are going to complain that a certain someone isn’t in the trailer enough.
  2. I can't help but be curious now about the PG-13 Deadpool and how that affects it.
  3. Maybe we compare them to their previous movies and we come to the conclusion that their schtick looks stale now. I wasn't expecting higher for this, but it still looks bad.
  4. Their first two movies have a thing in common which this one doesn't. Year One is satire flop that came to mind for me after watching this trailer.
  5. Yikes. Can the third RDJ Sherlock get here quicker please?
  6. I know this movie won't make a big impact, but I hope it ends the summer on a "light" note instead of a dour one.
  7. A good chunk of romcoms seem to be going to Netflix as well.
  8. They blew their entire load with that explosive trailer and buzz has been dry since. Shoulda figured they were dropping a dirty bomb.
  9. All that interest after the trailer and then nothing. Now we see why. Good thing Deadpool 2 came out on blu-ray this week.

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