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  1. Not only that, but they gave it a couple extra days by putting it on a Wednesday. Hoping to get more with a 5-day opening.
  2. Would anyone have expected anything else here? Either you're with this or you're not. And I'm so with this.
  3. First reviews have come in. They’re leaning positive so far based on the ones I found via Google, but you can probably guess what the positives and negatives are.
  4. My point is "getting people back to theaters" is not a viable strategy when there's no guarantee of safety. When Tenet opened, we were certainly not in the clear of this thing. Now as you say, we'll arguably be in a better position than we were then. How much better should determine whether keeping it in its current release date is viable.
  5. For me, the time travel mechanics are arguably similar to the first Terminator movie in the sense of past and future events being co-dependent on each other. So in that regard, I accept it. The biggest issue for me is the Protagonist: He’s a blank slate of a character who only exists to serve the plot and that gives us no reason to care. He’s given no motivation whatsoever. Was that Nolan’s point, considering he’s only referred to as the Protagonist?
  6. I'm interested, though not overly excited. Antonio Banderas as the villain gives me some hope that they'll be leaning more into the comedic aspect, whereas the first film jumped back and forth between comedy and straightforward actioner.
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