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  1. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hollywood-is-increasingly-normalizing-censorship-china-report-finds-1305935
  2. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/hollywood-is-increasingly-normalizing-censorship-china-report-finds-1305935
  3. That NY Post article seemed to suggest he was snubbed in part because of his brand for making movies like Grown Ups. Someone made this suggestion after Jennifer Aniston gave him a shoutout at the SAG awards:
  4. Ditto. But after the massive disappointment that was Sam Smith's song for Spectre, I'm just glad we have a song here that feels purposeful.
  5. I actually like this song because it feels like a song that’s going to set the tone for the movie.
  6. When it comes to introducing Clea into the MCU, I think I would prefer it more if they didn’t make her a love interest.
  7. They've both scored Mission: Impossible films and Spider-Man films. If you're gonna replace an Elfman-esque composer, might as well get Elfman himself.
  8. He was a producer on Don’t Breathe I think. He’s also been developing another non-IP horror movie for himself to direct.
  9. Now we refer to any new shafted non-powered female love interest type as a Rachel McAdams. 😔 It’s sad is that she was the original choice for Pepper Potts.
  10. Her last scene in the movie was before the climax. And her kiss with Strange was more like a farewell kiss than a “let’s get back together” kiss. It felt like Strange was ultimately leaving that life behind by becoming a Master of the Mystic Arts. Seems likely they will introduce Clea. And unlike Thor, her role doesn’t have a heroic makeover. She’s a variation of Night Nurse who doesn’t have interaction with Strange in the comics.
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