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  1. And who’d have thought Bad Boys would do it better?
  2. At least Marcus has a line that was on point.
  3. Why hasn’t Rotten Tomatoes put the Certified Fresh badge on this yet?
  4. Was definitely missing that Bayhem level chase featured in Bad Boys II, but I was pleasantly surprised by the level of personal stakes in the movie. Did feel a bit too long and was a bit disappointed in the amount of CGI towards the end. Hopefully the next one gets a budget bigger enough to allow for more practical action in the climax. I didn’t hate the film at all. Most of the action worked and the humor worked as well. I’ll say this: In Bad Boys II, when Tapia reveals he’s taken Syd hostage, Marcus says “shit just got real” to Mike. In Bad Boys for Life, when Mike says the bad guys are his ex and his son, I said “shit just got real” to myself. B+
  5. I myself appreciate they tried to keep things practical for the most part. Obviously the bit where the helicopter crashes is CGI. I guess it's just a logistical thing. Anyway, I'm just trying to fathom this world where a new Bad Boys movie gets better reviews than a new Star Wars movie.
  6. Who could have expected a Bad Boys movie to get a fresh rating? 😆 Now I’m definitely checking this out as well.
  7. I read that Chiwetel Ejiofor is directing his first movie so it seems that he may only have time to make a brief appearance. Truthfully, I could do without Rachel McAdams returning, not because of Rachel, but there’s really nowhere for that character to go.
  8. It dropped only 18% from last weekend. Clearly the C+ Cinemascore is only from Christmas audiences wanting a feel good movie to see that day.
  9. Yeah, I mean the dialogue itself in terms of what the characters are trying to say, they're not trying to crack jokes, it's just how they talk. Was he another person thinking he was getting a Sandler comedy?
  10. What was bait and switch about the marketing compared to the movie? Marketing definitely did not tease a typical Adam Sandler movie.
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