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  1. Even still, I’ve seen reports from seemingly reputable sources, i.e. people in the know, turn out to be bogus before. When it’s a movie I’m looking forward to, of course I want to believe it, but I’ve been suckered before.
  2. While that's good to hear since I'm looking forward to it, I'm just curious as to where you read that because test screening reports can be phony.
  3. There were certainly hints of an R-rating.
  4. Quoted for future reference in case you try to pull some revisionist history bullshit and say it was never a Cameron movie.
  5. It should really be “double head tap” because two shots to the body won’t do anything. 😉
  6. The announcement of her in talks to join Cowboy Ninja Viking always seemed fishy to me. It was too conveniently timed around the engagement reports.
  7. Jay Beezy

    Isn't It Romantic over Second act DOM

    In because this is very low risk.
  8. Well, Priyanka certainly enjoys playing the PR game. 😆
  9. Even Stateside, studio comedies don't seem to be doing the blockbuster business the past couple of years like they used to.
  10. She has an extensive resume of Bollywood films, doesn't she? Doesn't that speak to her starpower there? Or am I missing something?
  11. Problem is people aren't going out to comedies like they used to even if they're good.

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