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  1. John Wick 3 | May 17 2019

    You need to unload some silly string.
  2. John Wick 3 | May 17 2019

    I'd like to see that as well, even though it's said she's not the villain.
  3. John Wick 3 | May 17 2019

    Angelica Huston looks like she's gonna play what Tilda Swinton was sought for. Asia Kate Dillon looks like she fills the Adrianne Palicki/Ruby Rose mold. Tiger Chen makes sense considering his friendship with Keanu. Mark Dacascos is a hell yes. Jason Mantzoukas?! That's hilarious, but not in a bad way. Bummed there's no mention of Common or John Leguizamo.
  4. MCU was long overdue for the dark factor when Infinity War came about, especially after teasing the dark factor with so many of their movies without really delivering. Plus Infinity War was tons of fun before the dark factor.
  5. So it's safe to say at this point that 24-hour presales doubling Black Panther's was just initial rush and presales have taken a dip since then.
  6. How are Solo presales now? There was all that jazz over it beating Black Panther's first 24 hours, but there hasn't really been anything since. It's unfortunate Deadpool 2 didn't grow upon Deadpool 1. I can agree about it being an acquired taste, which I thankfully have. The second film plays out more like a glorified niche film. Deadpool 1 had the benefit of opening on a 4-day holiday weekend that had two holidays. Deadpool 2 didn't.
  7. A bit underwhelming OD number at the moment, but hopefully it goes up as the day goes on and more people get out of work to see it at night.
  8. I was actually kinda joking. I meant that it's going to go in the opposite direction.
  9. There's no way this is gonna be a Sausage Party-level hit.
  10. I got a kick out of watching Rogue One and realizing that everyone who complained about why the Rebellion could destroy the Death Star like that finally had their answer. Agreed on Solo. In terms of cinematic canon, there's a sense of enjoying it if you see it, but ultimately not missing out on anything if you don't.

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