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  1. Okay so Vin did post a congrats for Rock and Statham for Hobbs & Shaw, as well as Rock’s wedding.
  2. Where's the post from Vin that Rock was talking about? Did he misspeak and it was actually a message?
  3. Is this movie like The Book of Henry or Life Itself, i.e. emotionally manipulative melodrama? When I saw the trailer for this, it gave me those vibes.
  4. Kinberg seemed more interested in getting the tone what he wanted over getting the story and characters right.
  5. With a 24M-25M 2nd weekend, it looks like Hobbs and Shaw is the newest blockbuster to fail to reach John Wick 3 domestically. So weird.
  6. I think self-indulgent is a better descriptor than self-aware. 100% self-aware is something like Jump Street or Deadpool and this ain't either.
  7. That’s fair. I guess I did word it improperly. What I should have said was when it comes to those elements, in order for them to be effective, they need to be significant to the movie as a whole, which is why Joe Russo’s Endgame cameo was *not* the MCU breakthrough he says it was. And I feel like Scott feels similarly to Joe Russo in terms of inclusion and representation.
  8. This 100%. He wants feminism and diversity even when it's at the expense of good storytelling. Martin Freeman said it best when it comes to these sorts of things: "In the end, it *has* to be a good film. Because if it's an important thing and it's not a good film, then who cares?"
  9. Starts off fun, but devolves into self-indulgence as the movie goes along. The comedy cameos were hammered in to the point of annoyance, though at least Ryan Reynolds started off funny. C+
  10. What fans have responded to the most in this franchise is the family element, thus they don't want to take sides. Same reason Fast 9 will take a hit no matter what new names they bring in. So for Fast 10, it needs to be all available hands on deck.
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