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  1. Why not have new trailers for both? 😏 EDIT: I take that back. The amount of trailers attached to Endgame should be limited for obvious reasons.
  2. What's the word on John Wick 3? It's the other May release I'm looking forward to.
  3. Aggressive marketing isn't always indicative of a hit, though. What matters most is when reviews hit and how good they are.
  4. The directors of You, Me & Dupree just directed the Marvel Cinematic Manifestation of Destiny. You never know who ends up where.
  5. More than that, a prequel spinoff like Solo would have benefited more if directors like Lord/Miller had been allowed to do their vision.
  6. There's also a lower interest without the Rock and Statham now, so Fast 9 is going to take a hit as well. Hopefully Vin and Rock work out their shit in time for Fast 10.
  7. They've shown us the entire movie in this trailer, but that hasn't stopped this franchise before. 😆
  8. A movie's relative success or failure never amounts to just one thing. There's never one smoking gun or, in Star Wars parlance, blaster.
  9. It would have done better had it released before Last Jedi. But how much better considering it was a movie no one really asked for in the grand scheme of things? For me, if there was a younger Han Solo movie that needed to be told, I would have absolutely accepted someone else playing him. The problem is my introduction to Han Solo is no earlier than that introduction in the Mos Eisley Cantina.
  10. They literally made Jumanji a video game for the second movie. I thought of the first Taken movie in that fashion as well.
  11. There’s The Losers. Get me an 18 man fire team in 12 hours.
  12. Loved the integration of the heroes individual themes at the beginning. I *think* Iron Man had his IM3 theme if I'm not mistaken, since they've switched them each time.

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