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  1. But aren’t most people only as good as their most recent set of movies? What was the last good action blockbuster he’s made?
  2. When do tickets go on sale for this? When the embargo drops this week? I tried to buy a ticket after I bought my Star Wars ticket but found there was nothing available.
  3. This movie can't be some generic moneymaking spinoff. It should connect to the Fast movies.
  4. The Godfather hath spoken. Tyrese no longer had a safety net.
  5. Paul Walker definitely wouldn’t have had fights, but he would have been the best possible peacemaker if any of these beefs came up. The Rock spoke about how he was on edge one day and Paul took notice and talked things over with him.
  6. And Tyrese thinks Paul Walker would have taken his side. If Paul Walker were still here, none of these beefs would have happened.
  7. I still prefer the Fast movies as the big ensembles with this cast. I like the idea of Vin, Rock and Statham together in a movie and leave behind my individual opinions of each of them (I like Statham the most out of the three right now). But my god, Tyrese. Calm down. This is absurd. Maybe you should try and find a different movie to work on before Fast 9. If anyone's gonna hire you for this behavior.
  8. An inherently disturbing premise on a $20M budget and they make it PG-13? Good lord, how stupid were they.
  9. Yeah, love it when a producer tells me I care about the one-note characters and sloppy dialogue instead of me deciding for myself whether I liked it.
  10. The only sequel likely to reach that height is the first one. Whatever new visual allure these new Avatar movies bring will only apply to the first sequel. After that, if no one cares about the story (and who cared about the story of the first one; typical modern James Cameron), then don't count on the sequels making as much.
  11. Plus it didn't even focus on what was popular about the show.
  12. It was somewhat amusing last year when he was calling himself that while promoting Baywatch, when we thought the movie would live up to common sense expectations. Now we know better than to entrust Dwanta Claus with presents we want.

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