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  1. Wow impressive for Shang Chi. Doing more than I thought it would without a pandemic. PA should hopefully be dead and so too 'day and date'. I don't even think 45 days is long enough, the old system worked fine, but I guess that's the best we can expect moving forward.
  2. Are you suggesting that December 4th was when it hit? Not sure what your point is, it's not like the tail end is much lower than the peak. Plus Missouri is the state which hit the headlines for doctors not putting covid on the death certificate to save face or some crap. Wouldn't be surprised given how political it is.
  3. If true about Pfizer, what a scam they've pulled. After all the hullabaloo about AstraZeneca, the one vaccine being produced/sold at cost (or thereabouts), Pfizer not only also has a small % of side effects that the media didn't bother to cover (whilst they bashed the FO out of AZ), now their vaccine also wanes the fastest and they want to charge more for booster shots. Maybe they should give them out free since they've already made a killing? Greedy fuckers. I've always felt the AZ bashing was political in nature. Even though it's a Swedish company, since it was develo
  4. Also ironic that Disney is also responsible for a movie proving theatrical exclusives do well. I mean, they don't deserve the credit considering all these are leftover Fox movies which I assume are contractually obligated to be exclusive releases. But lame that even in these times Disney is still #1. Ugh.
  5. What misinformation are you talking about? Veering wildly into fake news here. Are the full pediatric ICUs in Florida a sign that people should not be worried about their kids who aren't approved to take the vaccines? Movies whose target audiences are demographics that have been vaccinated & without dependents should do well if left as theatrical exclusives, but when no animated movie has topped $60m yet, there's obviously hesitation. Yes, most if not all of them have been available on streaming platforms, however if they weren't, you still wouldn't be seeing the bl
  6. You should take it unless you have a death wish. At least the rest of your family has, but do you want to leave them grieving? Did you know the leading cause of bankruptcy in America is medical debt? How much is the vaccine? On the other hand, how much will it cost you if you end up in the hospital for weeks? If you die, will they chase your family for the debt? If you're asymptomatic, would you want to pass it on to your friends or your nephews and nieces and one of them dies instead? Don't play stupid games if you don't want to win stupid pri
  7. So HT4 being sold off for only $100m. Do we think that that's a good deal for Sony? Apparently it only cost $65m which is dirt cheap for CGI films - not that the HT films have ever looked good. I never watched any of them but the trailers look awful. If so, Sony is basically taking $35m - I guess there's the marketing cost, though not sure how much they did advertise. Seems pretty damn bad to accept only $35m for one of their few franchises. But then, no CGI animated film has managed to cross $60m since the pandemic started so perhaps it is a good deal. Tha
  8. Shang Chi looks like a generic superhero movie and Eternals currently looks like a bad space opera. The atmosphere in the latter is just dead. Hope Free Guy can hold well next weekend despite Delta so that we can have more evidence on why being a theatrical exclusive is good. And obviously it has to be well received so not like Snake Eyes.
  9. Paramount should have sold Snake Eyes to Amazon instead of The Tomorrow War. Pratt is a star, Golding is not. Worldwide potential for sci-fi blockbusters is huge, for flailing has-been franchises it's not. Disney were smart to start planning for a global streaming platform early and start to expire their film rights. Paramount+, Peacock and WB/Discovery - how are any of them realistically going to expand? All of them are owned by bigger companies - well I suppose WB/Discovery is now sort of free from clashing objectives/perspectives but I thin
  10. What sucks about the WB decision was that it was made presumably by AT&T clowns who then washed their hands off of it within a few months, but the consequences of that are massive. Fucking brainless executives. When has an executive ever done anything with considerations of anyone besides themselves and the mythical shareholders?
  11. How to tell someone you're actually not for the vaccine without explicitly saying so. Warped logic from start to finish. People like yourself will be the reason for America's eventual implosion. Also, dogwhistling is allowed on this forum then? Heck, not even really dogwhistling, pretty obvious. Round up the minorities and begin the ethnostate you so deeply crave. Fly the flag proud.
  12. Also btw Home video sales were up to $21b alone in the height of its popularity in 2003/2004. Today's marketing including subscription streaming is only at $13b. So not only is it way down, but streaming is also eating into box office, pay TV windows etc. So for those still arguing that streaming makes the studios more money - that is definitely not the case. It's one product eating into everything else that generates revenue. There will be an optimal point in the future, but day and date is not it. And Premiere Access will either shoot up dram
  13. Something to note is that a panel/userbase/etc. can be overindexing certain demos. Something like Mortal Kombat getting 3.8m seems like that. Normally you can't really tell until it happens whether the index is skewed. If anyone knows about App Annie, their metrics are all over the place. They have a panel as well, but wildly overestimates. How does Nielsen know which demograhic is watching to properly attribute? and also given that these are from a sample - how is it no one who is part of it has ever found their way to one of these forums to gi
  14. You guys know the person who released it was that woman aligned with Iger. She was meant to be leaving too.
  15. And whilst we ponder about this pandemic affected BO - there's really no guarantee in our lifetimes that anything goes back to normal. When covid finally subsides - if it does - will there be another pandemic? Climate change just continues to get worse. The way these movies are made won't last forever. All those dystopian films are a lot closer to reality than once thought. And obviously no one is watching movies in those. I know it's off topic, but it just kind of hit me that we're all hankering for a normality that will not return. You can't go back to 2019 no matte
  16. They may be part of the entertainment industry but their model is different to that of the studios. It's the studios trying to copy them not the other way around. Except with the studios, they already had all kinds of legacy revenue that their current movies look bad compared against older movies. This statement makes 0 sense. What does "make it at a loss" even mean? The only place these are played, and have been played, is Netflix. Subscription revenue is the only place to pay for their budgets. You're getting your wires crossed. Well, you could a
  17. I think the UK has a better handle on vaccination than the US though. Florida has like record cases which is a fucking joke when we're 2 years into the pandemic and vaccines have been available for 6 months. Also re: CinemaScore - has it changed much? Back when BOM forums were still alive, or maybe the start of these ones, there was a scandal when CS was revealed to be like only a few hundred people in a handful of theatres - or maybe even less than that. Maybe they might have changed it because the studios can't have been happy finding out what they paid f
  18. There was a Pixar Canada too that didn't seem to do anything of note before it was closed.
  19. America is way too short-sighted. Nobody can take short term pain so instead things get dragged on forever. Mandate vaccines and stop covid, but nope "muh freedom" nuts will continue to refuse, get sick and die - and that's if we're lucky. If we're unlucky, they will be covid lab rats and something even deadlier might be around the corner and then what?
  20. There needs to be consequences for anti-vaxxers. If they are just incubating new variants, they need to be held liable. Because not all of them are going to die - if that's the ultimate form of accountability, whereas a lot of others will die even though they were responsible.
  21. The only people who have any reason to be exempt are those whose doctors advise them against it for health reasons, whatever those may be. Others who are hesitating may not be MAGA but are hesitating why? At this point, what are they afraid of? There are no good reasons. Distrust from the past is not a good reason because they aren't being singled out to take vaccines whilst others are not. Everyone else has already taken it. People deserve to lose their 'rights' to visit places, travel etc. because they are a threat. Every unvaccinated person is another chance for th
  22. The question is, how stupid are they collectively to have not realized this? It doesn't take a genius to predict that. Driven by shareholders, clueless executives tried to replicate Netflix without any idea of what they were doing. Not to mention, having been part of a legacy company attempting to play in the digital space, they have no idea what they are tracking at first. I would not be surprised if they weren't even tracking the right things knowing how intransigent executives are. Yep, most or all of these digital analytics are extrapolating because funda
  23. Can't wait to see Chapek get fucked. All these useless executives add absolutely nothing of worth.
  24. Because they refrained from releasing numbers for Mulan, Raya and Cruella before. & clearly Black Widow, though not necessarily Jungle Cruise, would've been expected to do more pre-pandemic. Obviously it's impossible to compare, but then everything besides BO gross has been so opaque for so long. They didn't even give any follow up numbers for Widow. Clearly PA is frontloaded. Every additional week it gets closer to being free. Also PA isn't available worldwide and piracy is global especially with OS markets closed or limited. Anyway it's
  25. Love it when shithead CEOs face consequences. Doesn't happen enough. Unrelated to Johansson but CEOs (and other execs) should face criminal charges if they are found to have covered up crimes. The US (but also everywhere else) is pathetic at pursuing them. Has a single CEO ever been prosecuted? None from Big Tobacco, Oil & Gas, Finance, Pharma etc. Perhaps only the Enron guy but that's because he stole from other rich people.
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