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  1. Love it when shithead CEOs face consequences. Doesn't happen enough. Unrelated to Johansson but CEOs (and other execs) should face criminal charges if they are found to have covered up crimes. The US (but also everywhere else) is pathetic at pursuing them. Has a single CEO ever been prosecuted? None from Big Tobacco, Oil & Gas, Finance, Pharma etc. Perhaps only the Enron guy but that's because he stole from other rich people.
  2. Or it could just tell you that most people have already seen it. How many times do we need to bring up piracy? I haven't brought this up on this site I think, but the analogy is this: Compare the ease of availability of finding a stream for the Champions League or World Cup final as opposed to a CL qualifier between an Israeli & Azerbaijani team or a WC qualifier between Fiji and the Cook Islands. Yes, everything can be pirated, but big movies are more widely available and of course we have the pandemic as another filter, but as others have said before
  3. Black Widow did not have a bad reception though. It has a 92% on RT audience, all the rest of those movies are below that, in some cases far below that. Old is the worst with 52%. I guess RT may not be as useful as it was before but you can still compare it within the same year. Why are people so invested in day & date streaming being a success? Do you own Netflix and Disney stocks? Anyway, I hope Johansson wins. So much for any PA profit lol. If you didn't know the Amanda Knox story, you'd wonder why on Earth anyone would make a
  4. Nah, the Green Knight may not have been sold as action heavy, but it was still sold like an epic medieval fantasy. Maybe that may not be true, but audiences don't have many points of reference. I wonder if I'll like it, but these bait and switch campaigns are only good for opening weekend, if that. Re: the window. They should really keep it at 45 days. 30 days, or basically a month, is enough for a person to say, they'll wait for streaming. 15 days doesn't seem like a lot of difference, but I think in the human mind it is.
  5. You just hope that another variant doesn't arise from all this hesitation. We've had ones in the UK, South Africa, Brazil and India, who's to say another isn't coming? And it might be worse if the virus is trying to battle its way past vaxxed people. Rich countries have the ability to reduce the risk of this by just getting vaxxed to begin with and cutting off circulation. If China is still taking blame for the pandemic, then the country that allows a variant to evolve by hesitation should be blamed for any resurgence or setbacks.
  6. Hope Disney are somehow compelled to reveal those streaming numbers. Wankers.
  7. Idris Elba should have got the Bond role years ago. I still think he'd make a good Bond, but not sure whether he is too old for it now given that he's only 5 years younger than Craig. But anyway, Bond as a series is pretty overrated. After seeing Casino Royale, I loved it. Then when I tried to watch it again 5 years later it was a slog to get through. In fact pacing as a whole is pretty awful in this franchise. Many/most of the old Bonds are a real drag.
  8. Suicide Squad $40m? Even in normal times it looks bad enough that it might barely make $30m. Add in HBO and the pandemic, maybe it'll be as bad as Snake Eyes. Also, yet more proof executives are stupid - Paramount sold off Tomorrow War and kept Snake Eyes, Sony sold off Mitchells vs the Machines and kept Peter Rabbit 2. Was the guaranteed cash really that good? I don't think Amazon and Netflix would not have paid for the ones they ended up keeping. Did they think Golding and GI Joe were stronger than Pratt? And did Sony really think that a sequel to a thro
  9. Is BW the Marvel fan's sacrificial lamb which they can point to and say "No, I didn't like this particular movie, so I'm level-headed and the rest of my opinions are fact." Because it's better than most of the Marvel catalogue and much better than the likes of Black Panther, Captain America and Captain Marvel.
  10. Nah, they need to find the optimum point, but if it's 15 days, then box office will be decimated. That's a completely unsustainable window. I assume 45 days is going to be the standard now? Down from 3 months? What's the standard window now?
  11. The Rock has charisma. Henry Golding used to be a TV show host. I suppose that doesn't disqualify him from being a good actor, but he was the worst one in CRA and hasn't done anything to change that perception since.
  12. Americans think democracy means having the right to be an antivaxxer, spread disease and be a factory for variants. China had record breaking box office numbers and life was back to normal for nearly a year already, but China bad, communism etc. Until America deals properly with the cancerous GQP - and that means actual consequences, things will continue to deteriorate from here. No, you just need to get the balls to ban antivaxxers. Treating them like they have a valid point of view is political and moronic. How many times d
  13. Come on people. This is a box office site, why have such amateur takes? Of course the quantum matters. BW opened to more than Raya and Cruella made total. I'm not really a Marvel fan, but MCU is clearly the biggest global franchise. This matters because people will want to see it ASAP and when half the world is in lockdown and a HD copy is available on day 1, of course they'll see it. That's literally the only option. Of course we're talking about the US, but I think it's the same. People like to say the pirates won't have watched it anyway, and whilst that
  14. 103 films though and the majority didn't even make much money. MGM has like thousands. I guess if you look at it as a permanent acquisition - and the fact that most are widely unknown they could be sold as new, maybe it make sense in a market where content is premium, but still seems super expensive. I'd think they'd be worth less than 1B.
  15. They aren't worth that. How many movies do they even own?
  16. They are the same thing. Do you have a right to watch it for free? Whether it is culturally acceptable or not, it's illegal - and not for political reasons. You may feel entitled, but it's not your right to do so. That's another stupid analogy. You don't come across movie files, you need to actively find and download them. People feel entitled, but they are being subsidized by the paying audience. Eventually we'll hit a point of no return & it will affect content if it hasn't already. You don't want it to happen, yet pirated a blockb
  17. No it isn't. People used to go for repeat viewings. Now you've paid $30 for yourself and your family, and your extended family, and your buds and they can see it as many times as they want. Disney only gets $30 instead of how much more? So all of what you quoted actually is compatible. It did hurt OW, it does hurt legs and PA legs are bad because it's a countdown to being free in 3 months anyway. Also as I laid out in a previous post, you can't compare a 4 quadrant film with a family movie. The 'collateral damage' is theoretically way higher and probably
  18. A 40% drop from Saturday as laid out by Deadline is pretty awful. I mean, who knows what's the cause but you could argue almost counterintuitively that the bigger the film, the worse it is for PA/digital etc. You might want to bum Cruella or Raya or whatever off of someone else, but then no one paid for it either whereas BW might not be the same. Plus, this is after mask mandate was removed & most vaccinations, so higher chance you'd watch it at someone's place as an option. It would be mainly families watching Cruella and Raya together, but Widow is meant to be a
  19. Why would they be expected to beat BW? Shang Chi looks super generic. Without the pandemic I don't think it would have beaten Doctor Strange. The Eternals also looks really meh. The jokes all fell flat, and from a non-comic reader, it looks like it's trying to replicate Guardians of the Galaxy except that was a comedy and this just looks like a plodding overwrought sci-fi film that doesn't do very well at the box office. When have you ever been objective about Disney? You shouldn't worship corporations.
  20. My first impression was that $60m for PA was massive. But once you start to dig deeper, it's actually not great. This is basically a one-time boost of $60m - and then those who did shell it out can, if they so choose to, keep rewatching it for no extra charge and also share it with others. But what is the trade off? Reduced box office gross in all major markets and undoubtedly a boon for pirates in other markets. Obviously at least its $60m compared to Warner's functionally nothing. I'd say Sony and Paramount have probably made the best deals selling thei
  21. You do realize that the studios are already paying them so that they can release movies earlier? It's not like the theatres said sure play day and date and we'll sit here and twiddle our thumbs. Unless the studios want (and they do really want) to kill off that revenue stream completely, the theatres can just say no.
  22. This is something that I think should be obvious and yet it seems people need to be told. Besides the Irishman, all of those were intended to be theatrical movies. Soul received a lot of marketing teasing its multiple release dates. Borat was boosted by politics more than anything. Hamilton was already a phenomenon - but solely in America. The other two have limited impact. The best comparison are all Netflix's streaming only films. All of them have had no cultural impact despite dominating for one weekend lol. I mean, this is obvious. The marketing campaign
  23. What incentive is there for theatres to play ball? Even now all of the studios had to make deals with the theatres to be able to do their experiments. Warner turned out to be the biggest shitshow. I wonder how much they are actually losing after having to pay off all the talent based on grosses they didn't actually hit and the majority of subscribers already being subscribed to HBO Max in the first place. In fact, it is the hubris of the American CEO that has led to all these streaming platforms without seemingly any real plan. Netflix was visionary. That
  24. $30m would've been amazing. I think it could've hit $100m with that, but now they got $0. So that's a braindead excuse, and not sure why it's even being made. Yeah, but now they got $0. As above, it's a braindead excuse. Disney leadership trying to force streaming, that's it. Exactly. Dumb excuses from Iger or whoever. It's not like they haven't been accustomed to that already with The Good Dinosaur, Cars 3 - Onward was never going to have great legs anyway, pandemic or not. Luca was better and could've got a decent total, if n
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