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Creed OS THread

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Yes, I thought the same. The first weekend of Rocky Balboa in Spain was much better from box office numbers and also admission-wise. But the final result was „only“ 6.7M so perhaps Creed can make up ground (a little bit).

Overall a 7.5M weekend is better than I thought. With better exchange rates (the higher ticket prices don't compensate that problem) the final OS numbers would have come very close to Rocky Balboa.
I wonder why the difference is not bigger given the fact that Rocky Balboa did much better in some big marketplaces like the UK, Germany and Japan. Perhaps because Creed works better in several smaller markets? And France, Australia and probably Brazil are helpful too.
With now over 160M WW I lift my WW prediction to 175-180 :).

According to actuals Creed had 305k admissions in Germany and made 685k US$ in the Netherlands so far (220k over the weekend, -37%, Rocky Balboa made 525k US$ total there).


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The Movie Market has slow down since 2006/2007 in Spain...

For exemple, Sar Wars 3 has made 5 M admissions there only.

In France, it has made 10 M

Overall the movie market has dropped 30 % since 2006 there.

This and the exchange rate explain the low figure for CREED despite it's number one in Spain.

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BoxOffice ‏@BoxOffice 2 Std.vor 2 Stunden

CREED: $58.5M Overseas Total / $167.5M Global Total #Creed



Chile and Hong Kong are still coming. So 180M WW is doable I would say and with some luck even 185M.
Edit: I shouldn't exaggerate. So 180M WW.

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