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  1. So Glass almost doubled it's number of ticket sales at akvalley compared to when I looked there ca. 12 hours ago. I also don't see a weekend under 40M. And hopefully it's true that Glass will have lots of walk ups. So far it's at 78% at RT and 4/5 with 300-400 more votes than yesterday evening but of course could be mostly fan votes. MT after the first update: #1 Glass 27.8% – Halloween had at that time a little bit over 50%, that's still only a bit over the half for Glass, but it's nice how fast it climed after only 12% yesterday at that time; Fantastic Beasts 2 had 41.5% at the same time but than decreased #2 Dragon Ball 15.4% #3 The Upside 9.1% #4 Aquaman 5.1% #5 Spider-Man 4.5%
  2. The first trend from insidekino.de: #1 Der Junge...300k #2 Glass 275k (Split had 271k/with previews 294k) - a little bit under the expectations but not bad #3 Second Act 125k #4 Immenhof 125k - both Second Act and Immenhof with previews #5 Aquaman 100k #6 BR 80k And some Thursday actuals (Blickpunkt:Film): The new releases: Glass (released in 563 theaters): 34k/347k US$ - so at least #1 of all films yesterday Second Act/Manhattan Queen (370): 10k Immenhof – Das Abenteuer eines Sommers (581) 5.5k Mary Queen of Scots (185): 4.4k → 45k OW in the first trend The Front Runner (103): ?k → only 2.5k OW The holdovers: Der Junge muss an die frische Luft: 28k (actuals last Thursday 34k) Aquaman: 9k (16k)
  3. That doesn't sound too good. But one review from a moviegoer here (it started already today) gives me some hope: The guy writes that the film has not much action and lots of dialogues, but that the slowly growing tension and atmosphere would be one of the film's biggest strengths. And he liked the showdown very much. Glass would be an intelligent, captivating film and a very good completion of the trilogy (8.5 of 10). As a member said, so many different opinions. By the way, I didn't like Unbreakable that much when I saw it the first time because I expected a second Sixth Sense. Now I would rate it much better.
  4. el sid

    Creed2 OS

    Will very probably stay #1 in France and should have 500k further admissions in week two (Glass will be #2 with 430k admissions, Les Invisibles #3 with 310k admissions; source: cine-directors.net). Creed II had 832.553 fans in its first seven days (up 29% from the first movie; source: jp-boxoffice.com).
  5. Glass entered the Top 5 of MT: #1 Dragon Ball 16.7% #2 The Upside 14% #3 Aquaman 9.8% #4 F2: Fun and Frustration 6.1% #5 Glass 5.5%
  6. Pulse on Monday always 8:35-8:49 EST: Glass: 16/15 minutes - e.g. Bohemian Rhapsody (not the same genre of course but a bigger film which was also very anticipated) had at that time 57/15 minutes, Halloween had 71/15 - that seems low for Glass but it had so far even before the reviews no great presales and on Monday it gained a little bit speed for the first time. Pulse on Monday always 11:05-11:19 EST: Glass: 41/15 minutes - BR had at that time 82/15 minutes, Glass came a bit closer. Pulse on Tuesday always 8:35-8:49 EST: Glass: 31/15 - so Glass increased ca. 100% compared to yesterday but OTOH that wasn't difficult. Pulse today always 8:35-8:49 EST: Glass: 113/15 minutes - BR had 142/15 one hour later (which means that counting was in favor of BR), Halloween 158/15, The Mule had 43/15, Widows 27/15; increase compared to Tuesday 362% And Pulse today always 10:50-11:04 EST: Glass: 136/only 13 minutes - BR had 201/15 at that time, The Mule had 48/15, Widows 34/15, I have no numbers for Halloween. Glass improved a lot today but no idea where it would be with good reviews... Anecdotal: In Germany „Unbreakable“ was broadcasted in the prime time on Sunday and had good TV ratings for one of the smaller (and with a younger target group) but still main TV-stations. Directly after the film (I mean without advertisement in between) they showed 2 or 3 minutes out of „Glass“ which looked really interesting and had more viewers than „Unbreakable“ before. That's what I call intelligent marketing!
  7. I agree. I was interested since the announcement. After these bad to mixed reviews my interest decreased but that it's said to be a bold film which polarizes makes me indeed pretty curious again. Now I want to see what could be meant...and rewatching Unbreakable yesterday also helped.
  8. el sid

    Creed2 OS

    So in France it managed to get ca. 1.5x the result of Creed (3.95M OW). That should be good for more than the predicted 750k admissions in one week; the first one had 644k admissions in seven days. Edit: It will be around 800k admissions including tomorrow (update of cine-directors.net today). In Germany (release is January the 24th), the best guru, Mark_G of insidekino, also predicts an increase compared to the first one and that it seems like Glass (as sad as the reviews are) will not own the whole month should also help. But it's still Germany with lots of disappointments, so I will wait till I see the reservations and so on.
  9. Night School had 1.35M in previews (27.3M OW) so 1.1M seems to be quite good, no? Expected number for Replicas.
  10. MT after the Friday update: #1 The Upside 12.9% - Night School had 15.1% two hours later/in two hours #2 Aquaman 10.1% #3 A Dog's Way Home 8.5% #4 OTBOS 7% #5 MPR 5.7%
  11. And some very unspectacular Thursday actuals (Blickpunkt:Film): The new releases: Robin Hood (released in 432 theaters): 12k/116k US$ Kalte Füße / Colt Feet (a German comedy, 373): 7k → 75k OW predicted in the first trend, I hoped for more Polaroid (210): 5.5k → 52.5k OW predicted Heavy Trip (under 100): 2.8k Ben Is Back (75): 1.3k The holdovers (no school holidays anymore so the drops look worse than they will be over the whole weekend): Der Junge muss an die frische Luft: 34k (actuals last Thursday 85k) Aquaman: 16k (60k) BR: 10k (?k) 100 Dinge: 7k (32k)
  12. Pulse always 10:35-10:49 EST (my normal counting time, I'm just too late with reporting): The Upside: surprisingly well 130/15 minutes - the problem with comparisons with Night School is that I counted only 5 minutes back then where Night School had 61 sold tickets in five minutes, this time it were ca. 12 minutes real time which would mean that The Upside is only very slightly behind; other comparisons would be The Mule which had 100/15 minutes and it's also doing (a lot) better than e.g. Mortal Engines which had 33/15, both same time and day On The Basis Of Sex: 47/15 A Dog's Way Home: 43/15 Replicas: terrible 6/15 And MT: #1 Aquaman 11% #2 The Upside 7.2% #3 A Dog's Way Home 7.1% #4 Spider-Man 6.1% #5 OTBOS 6%
  13. el sid

    Creed2 OS

    Now the projection of cine-directors.net (France) is 750k admissions in its first week, so even a bit better than what was predicted after the first séances. If I got it right Creed II had yesterday, its first full day, 163.607 visitors which is 68% above the first one which had 97.271 admissions OD. Probably the prediction for the first week is a bit conservative because of possible frontloadedness.
  14. MT (I think) before the update: #1 Aquaman 11.5% #1 MPR 6.7% #3 Spider-Man 6.2% #4 On The Basis Of Sex 5.4% #5 The Upside 5.3% After the Thursday update: #1 Aquaman 11.5% #2 MPR 6.6% #3 Spider-Man 6.2% #4 The Upside 5.5% #5 OTBOS 5.5%
  15. Saw the trailer for "Kalte Füße" today, really not bad, quite funny. Reviews are also ok so far, not overwhelming, but not hurting if the film connects with the audience. And we know that the aspiration level of the audience here is not the highest . My guess is that it will have more admissions than Robin Hood, especially in total admissions.

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