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  1. MT update: #1 CRA 28.1% #2 The Meg 11.9% #3 CR 7.9% #4 M: I6 7% #5 Mile 22 5.5% Edit because this half an hour later makes things look better and the comparisons were also taken at 9-9:30 EST: Mile 22: 53/5 minutes. Comparisons: Equalizer2 138 tickets, The Meg 170 tickets (both same day and daytime). Alpha: 32/5 minutes
  2. el sid

    BO Germany/Austria: M:I6 stays on top

    The Thursday actuals from Blickpunkt:Film (and sadly it just doesn't work with only one report, almost every bigger movie went down): The new releases: The Equalizer 2: 33k - the estimate looked too good . Still not bad, the first Equalizer had 32k OD and was released in October, a more favorable date Christopher Robin: 16k Breaking In: 3.5k → 27.5k OW The Darkest Minds: 4k → 20k OW Ein Dorf zieht blank/Normandie Nue: 1.4k → 7.5k OW The holdovers: Mission: Impossible - Fallout: 20k (actuals last Thursday 36k) Sauerkrautkoma: 20k (33k) HT3: no Thursday numbers but 75k OW predicted in the first trend, -56% The Meg: also no Thursday numbers, 70k OW predicted in the first trend, -55%
  3. el sid

    BO Germany/Austria: M:I6 stays on top

    The Thursday estimates for the whole country (last Thursday most estimates were below the actual numbers): The new releases: The Equalizer 2 (released in 501 theaters, the first movie had 207k admissions OW and a total of 862k): 48.5k - would be a very good number, looks almost too good Christopher Robin (498): 7.5k - evening only The Darkest Minds (306): 3.5k Breaking In (240): 2.5k Ein Dorf zieht blank/Normandie Nue (100): under 1k The holdovers: Mission: Impossible - Fallout: 28.5k (36k) - nice Sauerkrautkoma: 25k (33k) - also Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: 16.5k (31k) The Meg: 10k (30k) - was strongly underestimated last week Ant-Man and the Wasp: 9k (estimated 13k) The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society: 3k (5.2k) Hotel Transylvania 3: 1k evening only (estimated 3k evening only, 32k whole day) Sadly we get no South-West-reports in the next weeks which would be urgently needed as control measurement. If the estimates are too far away from the actuals I have to think about something else or to pause. Mark_G from insidekino.de predicts 200k admissions for The Equalizer2 and 100k admissions for Christopher Robin. The holds should again be nice with only -25% for each movie of the Top Ten. Only The Meg (-40%) and Ant-Man and the Wasp (-50%) could drop harder. 63% of the federal republic have school holidays.
  4. MT update: #1 CRA 29.3% #2 The Meg 14.4% #3 CR 7.6% #4 BlacKkKlansman 5.9% #5 M: I6 5.8% Pulse: Mile 22: 53/5 minutes - not that bad (comparisons: Equalizer2 82 (same day and daytime), Sicario2 44 (also same day but 6 hours later) Alpha: 23/5 minutes - at least way better than Slender Man (10 tickets) last week or The Darkest Minds (6) but so far I don't have any good comparisons of Pulse counting for this kind of film...
  5. MT now with CRA: #1 Geetha Govindam 18.3% #2 The Meg 17.3% #3 M: I6 9.8% #4 CR 7.5% #5 Crazy Rich Asians 6.3% And 5 minutes of Pulse: Mile 22: 9/5 minutes Alpha: 6/5 minutes
  6. el sid

    BO Germany/Austria: M:I6 stays on top

    The Monday update, as often it looks a bit better for most movies: #1 M: I6 200k/600k (only -21% without previews) #2 HT3 167.5k/1.525M #3 Sauerkrautkoma 160k/180k (read that the 20k out of its previews were originated from only 20 screens!) #4 MM2 157.5k/1.430M #5 The Meg 155k - again an increase #6 Ant-Man and the Wasp 90k/585k #7 The First Purge 27.5k/570k #8 Deine Juliet 27.5k/52.5k #9 Duck Duck Goose 27.5k #10 JW2 22.5k/2.330M #11 Catch Me! 20k/125k
  7. el sid

    BO Germany/Austria: M:I6 stays on top

    The second trend looks similar: #1 M: I6 175k #2 Sauerkrautkoma 170k #3 HT3 140k #4 MM2 140k #5 The Meg 125k #6 Ant-Man and the Wasp 80k #7 Deine Juliet 47.5k #8 The First Purge 25k #9 Duck Duck Goose 25k
  8. MT (now with all three openers): #1 The Meg 28.5% #2 M: I6 11.7% #3 CR 10.5% #4 Slender Man 6.2% #5 BlacKkKlansman 5.6%
  9. el sid

    BO Germany/Austria: M:I6 stays on top

    And the Thursday actuals (Blickpunkt:Film): The new releases: Sauerkrautkoma: 33k (the predecessor "Grießnockerlaffäre" had 22k OD) → 150k OW with previews The Meg: 30k - it went up! The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society: 5.2k → 45k OW Duck Duck Goose: 6.6k → 25k OW The holdovers: Missions: Impossible - Fallout: 36k (actuals last Thursday 50k) Hotel Transylvania 3: 32k whole day (42k whole day) Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: 31k (41k)
  10. MT update: #1 The Meg 21.8% #2 CR 13.6% #3 M: I6 13.3% #4 MM2 5.5% #5 HT3 4.5% I'm surprised that BlacKkKlansman didn't enter the Top 5 but it can't take much longer. Maybe with the next update. Pulse – always 5 minutes of counting: The Meg: 159 and the second time 142 tickets sold. Comparisons: Skyscraper 56 tickets sold, Sicario2 57, The Equalizer2 121, M: I6 averaged 250 (all movies same day and daytime as now The Meg). BK: 43 and 49 SM: 35 and 27 – slightly improving
  11. el sid

    BO Germany/Austria: M:I6 stays on top

    The Thursday estimates for the whole country look like that: The new releases: The Meg (to my disappointment it gets only 333 theaters; the reviews are very mixed, some are really bad, some ok (e.g. from the biggest moviewebsite) and some critics liked it): 21k, at least slightly above Skyscraper and that with far less screens The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society (319): 6.5k Sauerkrautkoma (197 because it's only released in the South of Germany like all of these local color crime comedies based on books of Rita Falk): 28.5k – good number and bad weather already now and tomorrow in Bavaria, fits . Duck Duck Goose (373): ?k The holdovers: Mission: Impossible – Fallout: 41.5k (actuals last Thursday 50k) - very nice Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: 20.5k (41k) - seems a bit low, was underestimated last Thursday Ant-Man and the Wasp: 13k (25k) The First Purge: 3.5k (estimated 4k) Hotel Transylvania 3: 3k evening only (5.5k evening only, 42k whole day) JW2: 2.5k (6.5k) Catch Me!: 2k (estimated 3k) The South-West report was missing last week, so now I have no comparisons. The new releases had in the selected theaters 612 (Sauerkrautkoma) and 798 (The Meg) admissions (e.g. Skyscraper had only 292 on its first day, The First Purge 1.059). Strange, here The Meg looks much better than Skyscraper. I hope the actuals will go up a bit. And the holdovers: M:I 6 had today 1.065 admissions (1.767 last Friday, so I guess that number too shows a good hold), MM2 697, Ant-Man and the Wasp 415, The First Purge 123 abd JW2 91. Mark_G from insidekino.de predicts 150k admissions for Sauerkrautkoma and 100k admissions for The Meg. I hope both will come in a bit higher. Despite that the weather is only tomorrow and only in the South predicted to become bad the holds should be nice with only -20% for M:I 6, MM2, HT3, JW2 and -30% for Ant-Man and the Wasp. 73% of the federal republic have school holidays.
  12. Pulse – 5 minutes of counting: The Meg: 97 tickets sold. Comparisons: Skyscraper 56 tickets sold (but later in the day), Sicario2 44 (also a bit later in the day), The Equalizer2 82 same day and daytime (but The Meg is probably more frontloaded (?)). BK: 28 SM: 11 And MT (not much change): #1 CR 16.4% #2 M: I6 16.1% #3 Meg 11.6% #4 MM2 7.1% #5 HT3 5.5%
  13. MT update: #1 CR 16.8% #2 M:I6 16% #3 The Meg 10.8% #4 MM2 7.1% #5 HT3 5.4%
  14. We will see . So far I'm happy that it's obviously no letdown (if somebody likes that kind of films) especially because I expected almost nothing.
  15. Can only "help" with the first German review which is a 4/5. To my big surprise. I'm sure it won't go on like that and others will be worse but I trust that site a lot when it comes to having good times in theaters (moviejones.de). They say that the film has atmosphere and that the introduction is pretty solid. The whole film would be a surprisingly well made mix of action and fun but also quieter moments and that the storyline (loosely guided by the first book) isn't oscar-worthy but also not too thin. The film actually would have a plot and because of that it wouldn't become boring. Good collaboration also of Western and Far Eastern actors and not only J. Statham gets something to do, in fact it would be pretty even between several actors. The effects are good but not completely overwhelming and they wished it would have had (even) more effectshots. Overall the biggest plus of the film besite the fun would be the fine balance between the humor (often with a wink) and the seriousness.

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