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  1. The Monday update: #1 Sing 2 320k (225k without previews) #2 NWH 182.5k/3.745M total admissions - I would also guess it reaches more like 4.25M because with another good week it already comes close to the 4M mark #3 The King's Man 62.5k/317.5k - another good hold #4 Scream 60k/175k #5 House of Gucci 45k/967.5k ... Nightmare Alley 20k
  2. Bad Moon Rising is such an earworm. Terrible 😉. Maybe it's because I'm from Germany and Emmerich etc. but I don't have such a bad feeling. At least I'm looking forward to track it (and after the underperformance of Matrix 4 I'm warned when it comes to IMAX screens - but this movie won't get only 1 or 2 shows/day and has no damn HBO Max competition). I also guess with its 150M production budget (according to imdb) and sadly under so bad circumstances it doesn't have a real chance to turn into a hit. But IMO, this has more of a MEG feeling (if only the conditions would be
  3. There's still no weekend thread, no? Or did I overlook it?
  4. It was frustrating to count today . The King's Daughter had today with the same showtimes as yesterday 12 tickets sold for today and 14 tickets sold for tomorrow. I agree that a sub-1M OW could very well happen. Redeeming Love had today 112 sold tickets for today and 110 (yes, it decreased) sold tickets for tomorrow (also with showtimes in 5 theaters on both days). Comps: Overcomer (8.1M OW) had 91 and 34 sold tickets (final count on Thursday of its release week), American Underdog (5.9M OW) had on Saturday for Saturday 206 sold tickets in the same 5 theaters, The 355 (4.6M OW
  5. The King's Daughter now indeed has showtimes in 5 of my 7 theaters (for both Thursday and Friday) but only whimpy 4 respectively 10 sold tickets at the moment. Completely dumped and overlooked as it seems (and the story doesn't even sound so uninteresting IMO). Redeeming Love gets also showtimes in 5 theaters and had today 106 sold tickets for Thursday and 118 sold tickets for Friday. Comps: Overcomer (8.1M OW) had 91 and 34 sold tickets (final count on Thursday of its release week) and American Underdog (5.9M OW) had 39 sold tickets on Thursday for Friday (= also 1 day left) a
  6. I looked for it yesterday but it didn't have showtimes in any of my theaters so far. I read that it will be released in ca. 1k theaters so maybe it's at least listed in some AMCs tomorrow. If I'll report it.
  7. I can't help much because I couldn't find a release date for Germany so far but there must have been some kind of buzz not long ago. I never heard of this film until it appeared ca. 2 weeks ago on the Most Anticipated Movies list of thenumbers. And it stayed there till today. Probably because of people like me wondering what The Devil's Light could mean 😉.
  8. The Monday update: #1 NWH 245k+ - beats Avengers - Infinity War (which had 3.457.546 total admissions) #2 Scream 95k+ #3 The King's Man 75k/237.5k #4 House of Gucci 55k/902.5k #5 Clifford 42.5k/430k - 7th weekend which is better than its release weekend #6 Matrix4 35k/507.5k #7 Spencer 35k #8 Encanto 27.5k/562.5k
  9. Maybe I overlooked that these couples were already mentioned (but I didn't see them). The mentioned Terminator relationship reminded me of: Another update: Rocky: Rocky and Adrian Die Hard: John and Holly McClane Color of Night: Bill Capa and Rose (an underrated Film IMO) Basic Instinct: Nick and Catherine Gone With the Wind: Scarlett and Rhett The Thorn Birds: Meggie and Pater Ralph (never ask your family for more suggestions , but it's a TV-series, I don't know if this counts) Cleopatra: Cleopatra and Mark Antony Doctor Zhivago (1965): Lara and Juri
  10. When I saw the Friday number of Scream I was a bit disappointed too. But than I thought about it in an objective way and it's just so stupid to be even slightly disappointed. 30M+ (and close to 40M 4-day) for part 5 of a franchise which is almost older than its audience, with a not too well received part 4 which also opened to less than 20M, released in January, with Omicron fears, with restrictions in Canada ... it's a great result. Probably I hoped that if this movie breaks out it will rekindle the theatrical movie business in general. But that's not the problem of this movie. If o
  11. Only one bigger change in the second trend: #1 NWH 225k/3.495M total admissions #2 Scream 95k #3 The King's Man 70k/230k #4 House of Gucci 50k/897.5k #5 Clifford 40k/430k #6 Matrix4 35k/505k #7 Encanto 27.5k ... Spencer 30k (with previews I guess) Ps: It's change of course, tsk tsk.
  12. Will be very interesting to track. Does anybody know when the pesales start? So far it's status "Remind Me". Some cast stories have reached normal movie websites in Germany (which is not the norm) but as I said there, A. Hammer plays Simon, an ambivalent character to say it nicely. Helps enormously. The story itself is great and so is the setting. My advice for any interested person who is lucky enough not to know the plot is: Just stay uninformed! You won't regret it. It's sad to see that a movie which would have done great worldwide without Covid and other probl
  13. Sorry for being so late. Scream, counted today at 11am EST for today: NY (AMC Fresh Meadows 7): 196 (5 showtimes) Miami (AMC Sunset Place 24): 179 (3 showtimes) Grand Rapids (AMC Grand Rapids 18): 90 (3 showtimes) Austin (AMC Lakeline 9): 19 (2 showtimes) Tempe/Phoenix (AMC Centerpoint 11): 115 (6 showtimes) San Francisco (AMC Metreon 16): 205 (6 showtimes) LA (AMC Universal): 777 (17 showtimes) Total tickets sold in 7 theaters: 1.581. Up 21.5% since yesterday. So its jump was worse than those of my comparison films below but better than yesterday (15.5%) and it stayed in front of
  14. Scream, counted today at 11am EST for tomorrow: NY (AMC Fresh Meadows 7): 155 (4 showtimes) Miami (AMC Sunset Place 24): 157 (3 showtimes) Grand Rapids (AMC Grand Rapids 18): 55 (3 showtimes) Austin (AMC Lakeline 9): 14 (2 showtimes) Tempe/Phoenix (AMC Centerpoint 11): 86 (2 showtimes) San Francisco (AMC Metreon 16): 183 (6 showtimes) LA (AMC Universal): 652 (12 showtimes) Total tickets sold in 7 theaters: 1.302 (+173 seats). Up 15.5% since yesterday. Comps: The Forever Purge (1.3M from previews) had on Thursday for Thursday (= 0 days left) 241 sold tickets, Halloween Kills (4.85M
  15. Scream, counted today at 10am EST for Thursday, Jan 13 (2 days to go): NY (AMC Fresh Meadows 7): 118 (4 showtimes) Miami (AMC Sunset Place 24): 138 (3 showtimes) Grand Rapids (AMC Grand Rapids 18): 41 (1 showtime) Austin (AMC Lakeline 9): 9 (2 showtimes) Tempe/Phoenix (AMC Centerpoint 11): 74 (2 showtimes) San Francisco (AMC Metreon 16): 165 (6 showtimes) LA (AMC Universal): 584 (11 showtimes) Total tickets sold in 7 theaters: 1.129 (+125 seats). Up 11.5% since yesterday. Comps (It 2 comps again tomorrow): The Forever Purge (1.3M from previews) had on Thursday for Thursday (= 0 da
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