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  1. And some Thursday actuals (source: Blickpunkt Film): The new releases: Johnny English 3 (released in 645 theaters, the first movie had 3.46M total admissions, the successor 1.63M): 35k/ 304k US$ Der Vorname (means The Given Name, a German remake of the French comedy, 250 theaters): 13k The Guilty: 1k The holdovers: Venom: 22k (actuals last Thursday 35k) TI2: 20k (33k) ASIB: 16k (20k) - again very good
  2. I'm still not convinced (so I stay OUT) but I thought about switching sides. And that alone is a big success of this club. I honestly gave this club no chance when it was made and now many members don't know if they should go over/under the also overperforming Venom...
  3. Only going by MT for comparisons of Halloween, The Nun and It: Halloween rose to 44.0% now. The Nun had - same day and time of the day - 44.4% and It 81.0% one hour later. So Halloween is on par with The Nun and behind It BUT both movies faced way less competition, It had almost none and when The Nun was released Peppermint was #2 with 13.4M, #3 was CRA with 13.1M and #4 was The Meg with 6.1M. And a bit over 80% at MT was were It stopped. Halloween could/should reach around 60% tomorrow which would mean ca. ¾ of It and that with Venom, ASIB etc. I'm still not fully convinced but that 80M OW club looks at least much more realistic than I once thought. PS: Venom had 30.8% same time of the day back then and 42% with the first Friday update.
  4. From Thursday estimates (but that's of course only our with a grain of salt-estimates) it looks better for both movies. Johnny English 3 had 33.5k admissions today, Der Vorname 11.5k, Ballon seems to have a good hold again and ASIB too which is neck and neck with Venom.
  5. Does this film have some dated charm or is it complete trash? I'm not sure what to think of it judging from the trailers (let alone this storyline). But G. Butler isn't to blame for the flopping of Geostorm (I think it would have performed even worse with most other actors and WW it grossed almost 188M) and Den Of Thieves was a small surprise this year so let's see what is possible here. I guess the reviews (as far as the target audience is interested in them) won't be the best. So far there's one (very) negative and one positive at RT. Edit: The first German official review is up and also more positive than negative. They say it has from time to time a bit too much pathos and not the greatest character development but there's no pure black and white thinking who are the good and bad guys and below the line it's a good action film with enough tension and visual appeal.
  6. I found some old MT data from "It" and several other movies of 2015-2017 : "It" had a great run at MT but of course a lot less competition - the #2 at the box office back then was Home Again which achieved 8.6M, the #3, The Hitman's Bodyguard, had 4.8M. With the last update on Monday "It" had already 10.0%, then increased to 18.3% short after Tuesday noon (always EST). The highest number of "It" was 84.2% on Friday forenoon. Let's see where Halloween lands. Maybe it can manage 3/4 of that which would be great with the competition of Venom, ASIB and other movies.
  7. And The Nun had only 5.5% around noon on Wednesday and increased till late afternoon/evening to 9.3% (but had very decent increases from Thursday on and the Monday was Labor Day which maybe had an impact). But looking only at MT for comparisons, Halloween is close to Venom which had 5.3% at the same time of the day on Monday (against 5.1%) and Venom's best number on cheap Tuesday was 14.5 % whereas Halloween had 11.7% or 11.9% today. M: I 6 also didn't appear before Thursday morning, with 11.9%.
  8. I'm new to this 'Trailer Impact' stuff from proboxoffice.com but because Halloween is released in a few days, the presales for FB 2 have started and I'm interested in all of the listed films (and of course also their box office runs) I'll post it here: Top Three Trailers with Highest Recall Score Among Moviegoing Audiences - Moviegoers tell us the trailers they most recall seeing at their most recent visit to a cinema, among films opening in the next 10 weeks: 1. Halloween (last week it was ASIB) 2. Fantastic Beasts 2 (Venom) 3. Ralph Breaks the Internet (Halloween) Top Three Trailers with Highest Cinema Interest Among Moviegoing Audiences - Moviegoers tell us the wide release titles they’re most likely to see at a cinema, based on trailers recently played at theaters, among films opening in the next 10 week: 1. Fantastic Beasts 2 - 61.9% who saw the trailer that week say they intend to see it in theaters (same) 2. Creed II - 54.5% (Ralph) 3. Ralph Breaks the Internet - 53.8% (Venom)
  9. The second trend: no change at the top, Smallfoot slightly down, some other movies see little increases: #1 Venom 200k #2 TI2 190k #3 A Star Is Born 120k #4 Smallfoot 105k #5 Klassentreffen 90k #6 Ballon 75k - again with a quite nice hold, only - 23% #7 Abgeschnitten 45k #8 The Happytime Murders 32.5k #9 The Nun 30k #10 Bad Times at the El Royale 25k #11 Werk ohne Autor 25k
  10. Some Thursday actuals (Blickpunkt:Film): The new releases: Smallfoot (550, ok and good reviews): 16k Abgeschnitten (a German crime novel adaption, 200, mixed reviews between 4 and 8/10): 7.5k → 42.5k OW in the first trend Bad Times at the El Royale (221, overall quite good reviews between 5 and 8/10): 4.5k → 25k OW The Happytime Murders (195, mostly modest reviews): 2.5k → 30k OW The holdovers: Venom: 35k (actuals last Thursday 55k) TI2: 33k (40k) ASIB: 20k (20k) - very good Klassentreffen: 15k (20k) → 90k OW Ballon: ?k (16k) → 70k OW
  11. 15 minutes of Pulse four hours ago: First Man: 56 (was also clearly #1 of the new releases in the morning), no good comparison but The Equalizer 2 had 82 Goosebumps 2: 34 - far behind The House with a Clock which had 83 same day and time of the day Bad Times: 20 Halloween: 23 And 15 minutes of Pulse two hours ago: First Man: 89 – not bad now Goosebumps 2: 43 – I think the reviews are hurting, The House with a Clock had 84, Christopher Robin 97, Smallfoot 66 all same day and time of the day Bad Times: 30 Halloween: 32 With the very good reviews and the very probably good WOM and an older audience I can hardly imagine that First Man lands under 20M. And for such a theme and critical reception that's anyway pretty disappointing. Hopefully the domestic total will be more pleasant. PS: Often 5 minutes of counting (e.g. from 9:00am – 9:05am) are ca. 15 minutes of Pulse (shows the sold tickets from e.g. 8:50am-9:04am) but to be on the safe side when the next blockbuster like Halloween comes I will from now on always count the 15 minutes.
  12. 15 minutes of Pulse 4 hours ago: First Man: 19 Bad Times: 13 Goosebumps 2: 8 Halloween: 12 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: 5 Rhapsody: 4 15 minutes 3 hours ago: Goosebumps 2: 26 - that's behind The House With a Clock which had 60 same day and daytime and Smallfoot with 46 First Man: 24 - also still a bit meager: Not the best comparison but e.g. The Equalizer 2 had 51 same day and daytime, M: I6 120 Bad Times: 11 Halloween: 24 Rhapsody: 5 FB 2: 3 And 15 minutes of Pulse one hour ago: First Man: 56 – strange, much better now Goosebumps 2: 35 – The House With a Clock had 40 same day and daytime, so it also improved Bad Times: 25 Halloween: 29
  13. Yes. So far it was always in front this week. Fortunately Pulse became more useful again (for me) than it was over the last days due to the enormous ticket sales of Venom and ASIB (you could wait half an hour or longer for a few minutes of Pulse): Yesterday morning (US time) it looked like that: First Man: 8/7 minutes of Pulse (also not bad) Goosebumps 2: 1/7 minutes (was doing better a few hours before but I didn't count) Halloween: 11/7 minutes. And today, two hours ago: First Man: 7/15 minutes Goosebumps: 7/15 minutes Bad Times At The El Royale: 1/15 minutes Halloween: 21/15 minutes Bohemian Rhapsody: 3/15 minutes. And one hour ago: Bad Times: 7/15 minutes - improved First Man: 6/15 minues Goosebumps: 2/15 minutes Halloween: 13/15 minutes Bohemian: 5/15 minutes. By the way, in this Wendy show they mention ASIB, Creed II, Widows, Bohemian Rhapsody, Halloween and The Hate U Give. All movies get decent applaus but Halloween is for sure the most anticipated.
  14. The Monday update - better for all films: #1 Venom 310k (weekend)/465k (over five and a half day) #2 TI2 275k/1.055M #3 ASIB 135k/170k #4 Klassentreffen 127.5k/695k, -19% #5 Ballon 97.5k/335k, only -9% #6 The Nun 47.5k/825k #7 Werk ohne Autor 37.5k/57.5k #8 Petterson und Findus 32.5k/330k #9 The House With a Clock 30k/240k #10 Das schönste Mädchen 22.5k/410k #11 HT3 22.5k/2.425M #12 Book Club 20k/285k
  15. I still want sunshine, the last winter was so long and dark. But here in Bavaria it rained much more so no problems with the gardens... Some Thursday actuals (Blickpunkt:Film) - and the Thursday numbers are not to blame at all: The new releases: Venom (released in 520 theaters, mediocre reviews): 55k/632 US$ - indeed not bad ASIB (460, overall good reviews): 20k Werk ohne Autor (a German drama, 314, very mixed reviews): 6k The holdovers - very nice holds: TI2: 40k (actuals last Thursday 45k) - that's a really fine hold, Mark_G must factor in great weekend weather for that bad drop, maybe it will improve Klassentreffen: 20k (17k) Ballon: 16k (12k, plus the film had more admissions from Mon to Wed than on its first weekend!)

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