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  1. So it's not going to do worse than Dumbo then?
  2. How did go from making about $1.5 million overseas last week to over $4 million this week?
  3. Do $15.1 million opening day in China. Is that good?
  4. So it's a bit better than Beauty and Beast. Can it do better than Jungle Books $150 million?
  5. So is it $13 million or $19 million? And how does it compare to Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin?
  6. This looks great to me and I hope it makes bank but I am a bit concerned by how little emotion they've shown too. They don't express much when talking so what about the songs? They haven't shown them even singing yet. How are they gonna do I cant wait to be king? Where you had animals stacked up on each other? I just can't picture them singing or Scar being fabulous like in the gif above.
  7. How did it increase by 129% in Australia when it lost about two thirds of its theatres?
  8. So is this making another $27 million or are they gonna find some other way to shoehorn it over?
  9. Wow people actually thought this could beat The Lion King? What were you people smoking?
  10. Nobody cares about that and isn't what most people would even see. They knew this wasn't going to pass Avatar so they're releasing this completely pointless new version out of desperation for it to take the #1 spot. Anyone with half a brain knows exactly what they're doing.
  11. This just reeks of desperation because they knew it wasn't going to beat Avatar normally.
  12. But not worldwide, Avatar was the more successful movie than Titanic adjusted for inflation worldwide. And this is about the worldwide figure. If this movie is going to get shoehorned over Avatar, because there's no way it could do it naturally, then it doesn't deserve to pass Avatar.
  13. Completely different example entirely. Most those records have been made by a trickle. That's how it's always been and how it works for any kind of athletics. That has not been the case here. Titanic didn't just beat Jurassic Park, it doubled its run and Avatar made half as much again as Titanic. It trounced them so soundly that it took a decade or more for either to be beaten. So now you might have Endgame and at best it might trickle past it to nab the record. One that's stood for 10 years would be beaten purely by a trickle and because of inflation. It'd be #1 and yet would still be nowhere near as impressive as Avatar. Avatar should remain#1 until something soundly beats it just as was the case when Star Wars trounced it's domestic record.
  14. Becoming the biggest movie of all time by trickling past the current leader is lame. You want something to smash Avatar not trickle past. Like how Avatar smashed Titanic, Titanic smashed Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park smashed E.T etc.
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