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  1. I just watched this for the first time, not being interested too much after having seen the trailer...it was good, it was really good. Just as good as the new Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King even. The whole box office thing surprises me though. Seeing as The Jungle Book made over $900 million, Beauty and the Beast over $1.2 billion and that the original Aladdin was hugely popular like the original Beauty and the Beast (but more successful) I always figured $1 billion was very likely. Seeing the prediction on Box Office Pro and the predictions here I always found to be strangely low. Now in most people's mind it's gone on to far to exceed expectations but I figured it was probably good for $400 million domestic. You had these three beloved Disney movies, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King, two of which have made over $500 million and then one drastically less and I find that strange but other people clearly expected it to make far less than it actually has.
  2. International actuals increased by about $2 million.
  3. Ok so it's not passing Jurassic World then.
  4. Another $73 million needed to pass Jurassic World. Not including the probable increase that it'll get it with actuals. Made about $30 million in the past week again without actuals. It's probably not going to do it is it?
  5. So overseas actuals increased by $5.3 million?
  6. Well it made $73 million worldwide in the past week, probably more when actuals go up. It needs another $163 million and less to pass Jurassic World.
  7. Is it a lock to pass Jurassic World yet?
  8. They've updated the numbers as of 8/21 or Wednesday. It's now at $964.4 million overseas. So it added another $24 million overseas in just three days. Worldwide with Thursday's domestic figure it's at almost $1.466 billion now.
  9. But I never said I couldn't stand superhero movies, I already said the two Avengers movies as well as the new Spider-Man and The Dark Knight were good movies. Doesn't mean they don't have a number of flaws and most of them are the exact same children's movie over and over. For every Deadpool you get like five Guardians of the Galaxy 2's.
  10. There's nothing juvenile about it, I watched Shazam yesterday and yeah of course it's kiddie. The movie practically turned into Power Rangers at the end, a bunch of kids turning into adults wearing different colour suits but still acted like small children while fighting ugly monsters? It was even more kiddie than the actual recent Power Rangers movie. The only reason Endgame had heart was because people like and have grown familiar with Iron Man. Same thing with Logan. Characters who've been in over half a dozen movies in over a decade and it's still less emotional and memorable than Mufasa's death from the original movie when he had less than 10 minutes of screen time. Otherwise there was nothing emotional about Captain Marvel, Aquaman, Black Panther, Ant-man, Justice League, Doctor Strange etc because they're all the same. Not a shred of emotion in them but instead a huge amount of silly jokes and pop culture jokes. You know what actually is juvenile? Guardians of the Galaxy 2's humour, "Oh I have sensitive nipples", "I have famously large turds", "You shouldn't have squished my Walkman!" and people say this is one of the funnier ones. It's gone that bad that an actual cool character like Thor has now been reduced to a fat slob who plays Fortnite because the kiddies sure love that Fortnite! You can like them if you want and movies for kids aren't necessarily bad but these superhero movies are kiddie as all hell and they're all the same mediocre movie almost every time. Something like Man of Steel comes out and people actually complain about it because "Ewww it's so dark, why aren't there any jokes in it!" Which because of that we know had to have the corny joke fests that are Justice League and Shazam.
  11. The Dark Knight isn't which is why it's still to this day the best superhero movie of them all by a huge margin. Infinity War however was cookie cutter crash bang just like almost the rest except it was pretty good for once. Same with Endgame. The only reason why that wasn't as formulaic was because it was split into two movies. Otherwise Captain Marvel, Shazam, Dark Phoenix, Aquaman, Venom, Ant-man and the Wasp, Justice League, Thor Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is just the same mediocre action figure kiddie material you get constantly. Pretty much the same movie over and over with different characters. Aquaman and Black Panther were just the same movie except one was underwater.
  12. Because that's what it is, it's a remake of another movie. People didn't want to go to see this The Lion King to see something widely different from the previous The Lion King. People wanted to see the same scenes redone and the same songs redone, that's the whole point. Superhero movies though, even though they have the chance to be anything that they want, still almost all end up being the same cookie cutter mediocre crash bang kiddie drivel.
  13. They don't have any heart, it's the same predictable kiddie drivel over and over and over again for every movie. There's been what? Five superhero movies this year? Captain Marvel, Shazam and Dark Phoenix all of which were the same mediocre drivel you usually get. Spider-Man which was pretty decent but again the same movie yet again and then Endgame was again just pretty decent and was only carried by the fact that it was the last one and that Iron Man died but otherwise was still worse than Winter Soldier from years back. There's no creativity in these movies, you see one of them and you've seen pretty much all of them, they all follow the same formula and tone from movie to movie with a few exceptions like Deadpool.
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