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  1. So with Spider-Man Homecoming at $108 million as of Wednesday, how possible is it that it can get to $120 million total?
  2. Now it's at $861 million. It'll pass Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in a couple days to be the highest grossing Superhero movie of 2017.
  3. So with a $3.1 million Friday and about a $6.9 million Saturday that would bring it up to $10 million. So it should clear the $12 million that was predicted it for easily right? Maybe $14 million?
  4. An 8.2 is low? What's it out of? 50?
  5. Is this going to make enough to pass Spider-man 3 worldwide?
  6. Looks like it will pass $330 million domestic but I don't see it passing Spider-man 3.
  7. Maoyan says 49.4 million and Cbooo says 54.9 million. Entgroup only has it at $6.8 million for Monday though.
  8. It's at 44 million according to Cboooo
  9. Movie now stands at $823 million so it's surpassed Wonder Woman and Spider-man, Spider-man 2 and The Amazing Spider-man now.
  10. Looks like it's done about $28 million or so today up to yet.
  11. Are you guys using a different website because I'm using Maoyan and that's only up to 127 million.
  12. I just wanna double check I have this right. On Maoyan the number displayed says 9815.08. Is that ¥98 million and would that be correct to say that it's made about $15 million so far based on Google exchange rate?
  13. So let's say it does $70 million opening weekend. What does that do for its total chances?
  14. It does seem like it will pass Batman vs Superman but passing Guardians could be a bit of a push.
  15. It's at $737 million worldwide now. It could still do $850 million in China if it can make $100 million or so there.

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