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  1. I've seen no comments here about this movie. Keep it simple for me. Do people generally like the movie or not? More or less so than TLJ? This supposed $194 million opening is that better or worse than people were expecting? Where are people expecting this to finish? More than Rogue One? Surely less than TLJ?
  2. Well it's going to pass $250 million and Dark Phoenix at least, I recall some thinking that wouldn't happen.
  3. I saw there was a thing going on over at Reddit called TheBOMRebuild but I guess that's already over with huh? Now that the initial kneejerk reaction is over, I suppose we'll be stuck with this now.
  4. Overseas actuals increased by $876,000.
  5. Why are the week to week drops so small?
  6. Next time (if that even happens) they should go back to the more low budget action horror approach of the original.
  7. Surely it can make more than just another $53 million? It could make another $15-20 million in Japan. Another $20 million in US. With all the rest of the world it can pass Dark Phoenix.
  8. The only reason the scores aren't better than they are is because people are butthurt over what they did to John Connor. Otherwise it's far superior to the last three movies.
  9. Is that good or bad based on where it was last weekend?
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