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  1. 3-4 mill more should be very likely. Sales are looking good. But its very hard to predict. Covid is still very much a factor here. Nope. Only DK
  2. Denmark did around 3 mill before it closed down. We open again on sunday and sales are looking very good for NWH
  3. really hard to predict these days. Could go either way here. There is still masks, corona passport and limited seats pr show. But im hoping for 3-4 mill atleast
  4. Danish theaters will open again on sunday and NWH will have all the attention and big screens nationwide. Will surely add a few extra OS mill to the total
  5. 3-4 mill more from DK is likely IMO. If we open soon
  6. For now it looks like theaters will open again on Jan 17th i Denmark. If it does that NWH will surely add a few million more
  7. Im sorry to break this to you but 317-297=20…. Not 30
  8. Ahhh. The good old Transformer trick. How much was it then? Did not read that post
  9. Yeah.. I did`ent really this movie. It was`ent bad. Not at all. But i never captured the universe and all the names ect were very confusing to me.
  10. A big f**k you to the 2021 modern society adt wierd movie that needed to be told. But will anybody listen?
  11. That new trailer…. wow.. Im 100% on board in this.. This will be the first DC film i see more than 1 time in theaters
  12. No plans for closing theaters in the UK?
  13. Hawkeye turned out to be the best MCU show yet for me.. It was small, personal and i loved it fra start till finish.
  14. Andrew Garfield and Williem Dafoe was MVPs for me in this movie. Their acting lifted the 2nd part of the movie.
  15. Yes. But cases are times 3 or 4 = more in hospitals and more deaths.
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