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  1. starting tuesday i think Presales here are like i never seen before. Its crazy
  2. Presales in Denmark are INSANE. It just started. I just spend 1,5 hour online waiting for OD tickets. I think Bond 25 will sell more tickets today in presales than Dune 4,5 OW total. Last time it was this crazy was for Potter 8. Not even Endgame was this rushed
  3. Still. Must be only 50k tickets. Sounds frontloaded from what i saw on wed/thu presales
  4. As an example. If you`re a 18 year old student and help at a restaurant or a movie theater you get 22-25$ pr hour 12,5% on top of that for when you want to take a day of or take a vacation 5-10% pension When you`re sick you get full salery So as a imployer you pay around 30$ in total for a person in student jobs. Now you all know why its so expensive here
  5. Here in Denmark we get HBO Max in a month. But they won`t release day and date with theaters like they do in the US for new movies. ”Its an american thing” they said in the press release
  6. No no. A regular screen for a movie thats over 2,5 hours long are around 20 EURO. IMAX is more
  7. I may get tickets for Sep 29th(or Sep 30. At latest). So that sounds about right
  8. Yep. Caught me totally of guard. I had no idea it could be this big. It will have a HUGE opening here. 100k is surely in the cards with a great sunday. Weather is a little rainy so late walkups could be great during the weekend Ohh. And ticket prices for this are HIGH. look for 22-25$ pr ticket. So 2 mill+ OW are more likely IMO
  9. Im going too next year😀 were flying to Keflavik though. Have a great trip. Its amazing up there
  10. I know And we saw a difference around 70% vaccinated plus 5-6% with antibodys from Covid. So there you go. 75%
  11. Looks like. But some restrictions are still needed apperently. Looks like 75ish % is the magical number to let your gards down
  12. No. We haven`t used any force at all here. All is volentary and it will crawl to around 80% in the next couple of months. Around 83-84% if 6-11 year old gets approved here in Oktober.. If that plus 5-6% that have antibodys from Covid is not enough..
  13. Could look like the bare minimum to keep Delta down. Infections went down after 70% of entire population were fully vaccinated, but its still out there not giving up. Deaths are up a bit because Pfizer begins to fade after 6-8 months among elderly and weak. So we started giving 3rd dose to those 1% 99,3% in hospitals under 50 years old are unvaccinated. Yes. We have idiots in Denmark to
  14. From today there are no longer any restrictions i Denmark. No masks no nothing. 86% of all over 12 years old are vaccinated 75% of the entire population are vaccinated 96% of people over 50 years are vaccinated we hope to add a few more % but things are looking good so far
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