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The Box-Office RECORDS thread

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This is an idea that @setna mentioned to the staff: a thread where all sorts of box-office records can be listed. Mojo has many of the obvious ones already taken care of, but there are more obscure/esoteric ones that are hard to track down with investigating or crunching the numbers on your own, so this thread is a place for people to offer up some of them.


Every so often, the staff will go through the thread and copy/paste the actual posts listing the records into a archived thread in the Numbers/Data forum -- that way people can discuss things here, and check the archive if they're just looking for something.


@kayumanggi has a thread which tracks records broken year by year:


Once the archive thread starts, I'll post a link to it here as well.

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I start wth my input in this very interesting thread of box office records. My first contribuition is about movies with most consecutive days with at least 1 million. I got the data from BOM and i couldn´t find numbers from movies that i´m pretty sure that would be in the list like Lion King, Forrest Gump, Home Alone, and others from the 80 and 90´s.

With the current information, this is (i think) the most accurate list, enjoy it!  For sure, any adding and correctiosn are welcomed.



                                                                Movies with most consecutive days with at least  1 million in the USA  since 1982



           Movie                                                                                                           Days                                  



1.        Titanic                                                                                                          101  


2.        E.T.                                                                                                               80 


3.        Avatar                                                                                                           80


4.        Star Wars ep. I The Phantom Menace                                                            61 


5.        Finding Nemo                                                                                                 59 


6.        Back to the Future                                                                                         54


6.        Ghost                                                                                                             54                                                                                        

6.        Jurassic Park                                                                                                  54                                                                                          

6.        Shrek                                                                                                             54                                                                                            

6.        Shrek 2                                                                                                          54  


11.      The Hangover                                                                                                 52                                                                                             

11.      The Avengers                                                                                                  52



13.      The Passion of the christ                                                                                  48


14.      Frozen                                                                                                              47                                                                                           


With 45 Days     Batman,  The Sixth Sense, The Blind Side, Spiderman, Toy Story 3, Jurassic World and Inside Out       






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bad quality of the post
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On 17/05/2016 at 11:17 AM, setna said:

what a mess... i don´t know what happen, when i wrote it before share it, everything was o.k...  :(


Try using an online text editor and then copying and pasting it from there maybe?

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