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AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! The Hitman's Bodyguard over 90M DOM club - The club's doors have closed

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3 minutes ago, Kingp0va said:

im speaking comedy movies


which comedy with bad critics has smashed lately?

Which comedy with an RT score like that opened to over $20M? 


Its not about what the critics think. Its about what the audiences think. And audiences like it. 



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5 minutes ago, Kingp0va said:

im speaking comedy movies


which comedy with bad critics has smashed lately?

Bad moms had a 58% RT score and some of the best recent legs, comedy tend to be really trailers dependent and that trailer scored huge.

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6 hours ago, Kingp0va said:

wasnbt this club 10m at first? anyway FAIL

You mean 100m I imagine ? I don't think so, quoting a part of the first message:


The Hitman's Bodyguard has been my stan of choice ever since I saw the trailer (besides War For The Planet Of The Apes). And I'm calling it for a 90M+ DOM total. You may be asking, "why not 100M?", well, because I wanna shoot fireworks and not feel disappointed that it didn't reach a higher mark. If it does make 100M, you can tell me to kick myself in the balls all you want, but I'll see it as a great topping already.

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THB on 39.6 after a 10.05 weekend.


If this Mon-Thu shows a 45% drop from last Mon-Thu then it will make 4.5 more for 39.6 + 4.5 = 44.1 cume


The 4-day LD weekend should stay flat (10% drop/bump) from 10.05, so 44.1 + 9-11 = 53-55 cume.


Then 2x the 4-day is the most it should do imo. So 53-55 + 18-22 = 71-77 dom.


Bad in context of the club but strong performance otherwise. The prod budget is only 30.


As far as legs go 71-77 dom will give it a 3.3-3.6x multiplier which is also very good.

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On 8/21/2017 at 1:40 PM, Barnack said:

Looking at let's be cops legs:



It does seem to soon to make it officially dead. Let's be cops made 56m after the Sunday (17th august) of is first weekend and that opened a Tuesday night, THB opened the regular Thursday and need to do 68.4m (122%).


Considered that is sunday was 108% the size of let's be cops, it is very unlikely but possible.

Since is first monday

BodyGuard: 21.247m (total of 42.63)

Let's be cops during the same period (first monday to tuesday of week 2): 21.166m


Bit lower than that 108% of is Sunday, very comparable.


So if it continue to do exactly like Let's be cops, it would finish around 77m for an excellent 3.6x multiplier, would expect the total to be around 77m +/- 5%



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