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Hits (over 50m) with terrible multipliers?

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13 minutes ago, TombRaider said:

Let's name some


Friday the 13th (2009)'s first weeknd (40m) was 62.4% of its entire run (65m)

7 minutes ago, MCKillswitch123 said:

With a whopping 1.58x multiplier, The Devil Inside. 53.2M off of a 33.7M OW. Congratulations to that, I guess.


Also, rocking an amazing 1.99 multiplier, BvS




5 minutes ago, ChipMunky said:

Civil War

Yeah, I see where this thread is headed. Sorry.

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Not excusing Friday the 13th's multiplier but we all know why it had such a shitty multiplier.


It opened on Friday the 13th

Valentine's Day was the next day


So it had two massive days of box office.  And I guess it didn't do itself any favours by not being liked all that much by people outside of its fan base.

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