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2011 Geekfreek Awards - ALL DONE - All awards are complete....

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Well done townzy..... Speaking of... we onto our 5th and final nominee for the geekfreek award and he is of course Townzy... One of only 3 players who have lasted the distance. Townzy has been with the game from inception (like myself & electric - who is has gone MIA though he invested this year). Townzy has topped the Revenue chart in 2006 (the games first year), 2010 and of course now 2011. He also won the geekfreek award in the games inaugural year (2006). He is clearly one of he strongest players in the game and has a habit of lagging behind throughout most of the year only to chase and pass the leaders as the year ends. (I believe he did this in both 2010 and 2011). He also held of Radier in 2010 in the closest finish the game has ever seen (200k seperated the leaders that year - though Radier of course won the overall). Townzy figured in 4 of this years awards (he also finally did not win the Best Investor award) making him a strong contender for the overall win........

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Now onto Q4....

October finally saw some improvements as the game finally started get rolling again. Townzy took out he first weekend, Jajang rolled the second weekend and Mattrek took the final 2 weekends out. The month would be led by Townzy, Mattrek and Jajang. During this month would also see the final update ever done on Box Office Mojo our home for the past 6 years. Cause sometime around the 2nd November 2011, Box Office Mojo would crash. When the site returned some 2 days later, the forums would be officially closed and inaccessible. As a result of this a number of investments for November were lost (though some were recovered later). The Game didn’t return until the new Home we now have had opened on Box Office Theory (A Big Shout out goes to Shawn for implementing this). Either way, the game did indeed continue though with limited players and investments for the remainder of the year. Sadly this change also has caused the demise of Radier Gammi who has not appeared on BOT since we reopened here. (other players have also disappeared including BoxofficeAce, Lobotomy (E@van), Luciarolando, Steenhart) November saw Mattrek lead the first 2 weekends, and Townzy lead the final 2 weekends. In fact Townzy’s 2 weekends where both over 100m with the weekend Breaking Dawn opened, he made over 170m. As a result the top 3 of the month of November was Townzy (492m), Radier Gummi (359m), & Alfred (290m). December saw Townzy easily dominate all weekends accept for the final weekend when he was pipped by Alfred over new years. Once again Townzy led in December with 599m. Second fell to Alfred and Mattrek rounded out the top 3. By the end of the year, Townzy had taken the lead for the game, Radier had fallen to second and Alfred held onto third.

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And now it has come down to this. After years worth of investing. Results that spanned some 15 months. Townzy won the Revenue Award (one of the key indicators for overall win). Radier Gummi took out the Company Value Award & Best Investor Award. ROI belonged to Mattrek. This Award indicates overall how well an investor played the game and is not just based upon how much he or she earned, but also is a comparison to that what is spent.

The nominees for the GeekFreek Award are as follows:

- Alfred

- Billybobwashere

- Mattrek

- Radier Gummi


- Townzy


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Radier Gummi

in a very tight finish over Mattrek & Townzy.

Congratulations to all the winners. It's a bit sad that we lost a few great players from the game during 2011, but we have now gained a new group of impressive players who continue to dish it up to the old hats the game. Thanks to efforts of Shawn mr amongst others, we now have a good permanant home here on BOT / Boxoffice.com.

Keep on playing everyone! and I'll be back next year to dish another rendition of ............ :P (i'll leave that to your imagination)

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