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One Cut of the Dead (2017)

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the first act i was like "this is pretty cool that they did this one take so low budget. feels kinda overhyped though". Second act i was like "huh? this is a fun spin on it but it's a little bit corny now. the stock music score is lame" and then third act i was like "ok this rules" probably the last 30 minutes or so was the most fun i had watching a movie last year. it's a long walk to get there but all the set up is important. really smart move to show the finished product at the start.

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I actually really enjoyed the first part.  Yes, it felt "low budget" and "rushed" but it was still a lot of fun even if it had its so called problems.  The second act was kind of slow but the third act, like @CoolioD1 says is one of the most entertaining things I've ever seen.  And not only that, after you put it all together, like the Sixth Sense, it makes you want to watch it again.  


This is a film that has me wanting to see more films recommended by the international community.  I can't tell you how much I love his film.



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Man I was kinda let down by this movie. I heard nothing but good things about it and it seemed right up my alley. I went in knowing there was some sort of big twist halfway through and to avoid spoilers and that was about it, but I was still expecting a horror movie, and it really isn't at all. I think that's something people should at least know going into this, or I wish I had known, it's not a horror movie. The second half of the movie is a clever little "let's put on a show" comedy, which was fun but I just felt let down because I still wanted a zombie movie.


Also the second half twist is pretty obvious, it's been a few months since I watched it but it didn't really seem like the filmmakers were really trying to "fool" the audience into thinking there was a real zombie attack going on. The fun was more in watching how it played out. Don't get me wrong it's a charming movie, just not what I was expecting.

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You could swear that this is yet another iteration of the Japanese low-budget comico-gore zombie movie, but fortunately, it's more than that *. The galloping buzz, from its success in Japan to our festivals, is not without reason: One cut of the dead is a nice surprise.

The first half hour finished, that is to say the mowed short film typical of the attack of zombies in a dilapidated factory, if not carried out in only one plan of 30 minutes and disturbed by "real" zombies the assault on the filming team, we witness helplessly at the end credits which leaves quite dubious ... "er, is that the super original thing? ..." But we can see that there remains a hour and that the expected base is already finished. "But then, what are they going to say? ...". The story then starts a month before the shooting, better filmed and with plans edited this time, and offers to follow the team and what motivated them until the shooting itself. First reaction, mmmouais.

However, from then on, One cut of the dead takes a comic turn and an unexpected relief, quite remarkable, of an invigorating innocence under its visibly reflected design, from where escapes a freshness and a certain revival which is very pleasant. with jaded lungs.

The three-layer film, if we include the final credits, is the demonstration of so many new levels of understanding of its images. Things happen that are hard to imagine during this first half hour in fact. Things only understandable with another camera which gives a broader and therefore more precise vision of the situation and the characters. Young star actor jaded, Pop Idol typically choubidou, director turned on and his wife, former actress ... invested, pickup sound pickup and zombie in hilarious glasses mix to reveal a film much more fulfilled than it seemed Getting there could not be better to transmit the passion that can inhabit this kind of reduced film crew, who fear nothing.


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