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  1. Honestly I watched the Hamilton recording on Disney+ and he’s a mediocre singer and is also so clearly the worst actor on the stage. Definitely a guy who should just be working behind the scenes but his ego won’t let him. I mean casting yourself as the great genius every woman on the show wants to fuck, c’mon man.
  2. If James Corden had his role in Mary Poppins 2 it would've been the hit people were predicting it was gonna be.
  3. I think what we can all take from this is that Lin Manuel Miranda should be banned from movies. Send him back to the annoying theater nerds.
  4. Haven't movies got shorter? Big movies anyway. 3 hour+ movies are so rare these days. we should have more.
  5. yeah i know what you guys mean i remember when i was in my film studies class and we were watching a lot of boring movies and then we watched persona and there's that scene where bibi andersson is talking about a sexual encounter on the beach and i got a boner and i was like wow they're not even showing titties and i'm aroused and that's the power of cinema
  6. Kinda think this is just gonna be a super play it safe Force Awakens soft remake type thing with the Wachowskis trying to save their career after 15 years worth of bombs. would love to be wrong though.
  7. Yes, I believe in the leaked original plot he was supposed to cuck Brad Pitt.
  8. Matthew Fox could've had a big movie career but he made one huge mistake everyone should avoid... he crossed Alex Cross.
  9. About halfway through The Underground Railroad; the first three episodes are incredible, top tier work from Barry Jenkins but episodes 4 and 5 were total slogs. The Joel Edgerton character just isn't interesting I don't get why he's suddenly the main focus. Hope this shit picks back up.
  10. nikki and paolo were fine. kinda harmless sidekicks and their own episode was a lot of fun. people were too OTT about them.
  11. They never announce the full line-up at once. Always a couple films that get added in later. Thierry Fremaux was still teasing a blockbuster announcement in the press conference after announcing the rest of the line-up. he said it's a fall film that's not Dune, Bond or West Side Story. IMO top gun makes the most sense since it was supposed to play there last year but could be this i guess.
  12. They do sort of address this and make a joke out of it with Eve saying it's a psychological thing that they don't get recognised. Kinda just hand waving it away but whatever.
  13. Watched all of Mare of Easttown in the past two days. Have some boring logic quibbles with how they wrapped up the mystery but overall very good. Might be Kate Winslet's best performance.
  14. I do think they made the right choice making Mugen Train the movie (obviously it's paying off). It's like 90% fighting so it's pretty hype to watch in a crowd. The spider family were more interesting demons but mugen train has more dynamic action. action sequences set on trains are always cool. trains rule.
  15. I just watched the Demon Slayer show and movie too. The movie rules, it's a lot of fun but not as good as the best arc in the show (the spider family stuff)
  16. It's because the original Ancient One is seen as a racist oriental mystic stereotype. I remember when she got cast everyone was like "ah yes, what a clever work around for a problematic character" and people didn't really get mad about it until after the fact.
  17. So NBC has a time slot to fill... Time for the BOFFYs to shine.
  18. Kinda fun. Messy editing and a little more convoluted than it needed to be (seriously just give me a tournament), and the fights are 50/50. The two sub zero/scorpion fights were highlights but there's a few lame ones in the middle. The main character they made up for the movie sucked but everyone else was a good time. Bad acting but in that charming B-movie kinda way. '95 movie >>>> this tho.
  19. "wow this server verse is crazy. Are you telling me i can see all these incredible characters and more on HBO Max?" - Lebron in this movie, probably.
  20. No. Watching big buildings get smashed is a core tenet of Kaiju cinema. Doing it underground that's lame as fuck.
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