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HALLOWEEN ENDS OS Thread | 39.5M overseas ● 102.9M worldwide

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Halloween Ends

Two weekends ago, Universal’s horror sequel Halloween Ends debuted with $40.0M in first place, with a simultaneous day-and-date release in cinemas and on Peacock. That was below pre-release projections, which were around the $45M-$50M range.

In its second weekend, it dropped a steep -80% to $8.0M and fourth place. That’s the #7 steepest sophomore weekend percentage drop of all time for a film playing in 1,000+ theaters, behind only:

  1. 2017’s Collide (-88.5%)
  2. 2016’s Jane Got a Gun (83.5%)
  3. 2003’s Gigli (-81.9%)
  4. 2019’s Replicas (-81.5%)
  5. 1991’s Return to the Blue Lagoon (-80.8%)
  6. 2009’s Friday the 13th (-80.4%)

And among films playing in 2,500 theaters, it’s actually the single steepest sophomore weekend drop of all time. (Ends was playing in 3,901 theaters.)

Now in its third weekend, it falls -52% to $3.8M and fifth place.

Through 17 days, it’s earned a $60.3M domestic total. Through the equivalent point in release, that’s:

  • -29% below 2021’s prior installment Halloween Kills ($85.8M), which also debuted day-and-date simultaneously in cinemas and on streaming
  • -59% below 2018’s Halloween ($150.2M), which debuted with theatrical exclusivity
  • -38% below this year’s biggest horror movie, July’s Nope ($97.9M)
  • -44% below last year’s biggest horror movie, 2021’s A Quiet Place Part II ($109.3M)
  • -15% below Smile ($71.3M), a result that few would have predicted pre-release

Overseas, Ends has earned $34.3M in 76 markets, for a $94.6M global total. Top overseas market totals include:

  1. U.K. ($4.9M)
  2. Mexico ($4.7M)
  3. Germany ($3.5M)
  4. France ($2.7M)
  5. Australia ($1.6M)
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