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Plane | January 13, 2023

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5 minutes ago, Morieris said:

Gosh, how could you somehow miss the previous topic with a title so distinct as 'PLANE'????

Right?!? I think you can be forgiven Eric. With THE vanilla title of all vanilla titles this one was easy to miss. 


I kind of want to check this out but the title makes it feel like I'm staring at a bowl of plain porridge and trying to push myself to eat it all.


Pun maybe intended.

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I know it has already been said and talked about a lot, but I really can't get over the title. Titles in general these days aren't very creative but this one is just so annoyingly...well, PLAIN! Like it's actually impacting my interest in the film, it's that boring.


It's the same thing with Pixar titles these days. My nephew's kindergarten class could even come up with something better.

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The director is pretty good so I am not surprised by the positive reviews. Hopefully it somehow stays fresh.

1 minute ago, AJG said:



The movie might also be streaming in 2 days.

Which country is leaking it?

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