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  1. Reviews hitting the same day as the U.K. opening did happen for some piece of crap this summer and I know I wrote about it. Completely forgot. edit: it was Deadpool 2
  2. This reminds me of the #NikeBoycott that lead to higher sales and their stock going through the roof.
  3. It’s sad to hear that this movie is an abomination, however, I’m not shocked.
  4. Welp. There goes this thread
  5. How is TellTale games shutting down? Ive never liked those game (bad writing, annoying controls) but I always thought they had an audience.
  6. Me and my wife are watching Atypical and have a problem Jennifer Jason Leigh... Hot or Not?
  7. If Jim was so great how come he hasn’t made a good movie in 21 years?
  8. Unless @ViewerAnon says something than that Reddit post is BS.
  9. Poster didnt leak. Columbia just pulled it really quick. https://torrentfreak.com/columbia-pictures-nukes-holmes-and-watson-posters-off-the-internet-180829/

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