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  1. A Hulu+Disney+Hotstar+Star Orginal Movie
  2. Hopefully its just silly nonsense like the 90s film (and the games).
  3. I'm getting the sense Chris Evans is coming back as the Human Torch for this movie and Deadline are confused.
  4. The guy on Deadline has been desperately trying to hype up cinemas for the last couple of months. He's talking about the HBO app glitching on Roku like it's Cyberpunk.
  5. Are movies done for the year? Where do we put our top 10 worst lists?
  6. Just checking - if I had a more enjoyable time watching "We Can Be Heroes" does this mean it's fair to call "We Can Be Heroes" a better film?
  7. I can't believe how bad IMDB has gotten. It's not Metacritic bad but it''s getting there.
  8. Netflix get away with it. I've come to expect mostly mediocre yet passable fare from Netflix. They make the movies that no one else makes anymore and they get a pass for that. Now Netflix quality content on a HBO\WB branded streamer = DISASTER. I expect better.
  9. This made me go to her twitter page. You can tell she doesn't like the toxic fanboy nonsense but still encourages it so she can profit off it. She sucks.
  10. 99% of Superhero movies are inherently kids films. I feel like she may have oversteered into the kid lane like George Lucas did with the prequels.
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