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  1. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Mrs Maisal is fine as hell. I’m kinda shocked I’ve never seen her in anything before. edit: Google says she’s 27. I thought she was a really hot 40-45. I’m conflicted.
  2. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Iger has awoken. Disney-Columbia deal announcement next week
  3. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Just started 911 Episode 2 There’s things involving a rollercoaster so cartoonish... so unintentionally funny... almost Incredible... this show confuses me.
  4. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    So does Mollys Game Or was that whole thing meant to be less transparent?
  5. This thing’s been shot?
  6. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Dear Americans that have seen Molly’s Game What regional accent was Idris Elba going for? Because that man sounds like a modulated Bugs Bunny and I need answers. Thank You Kindly AJG.
  7. Rocky V is better than no movie. Surely this is a mistake.
  8. @CJohn @grim22 Dear Mods. Let us have this club Sincurly AJG
  9. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    North Koreans do watch western media that get smuggled into the country from the South, but it’s extremely risky.
  10. Rocky Creed Rocky 2 Rocky 4 (Fuck you. It's awesome. It's what Fast Five is to the Fast and Furious franchise) Rocky 6 Rocky 3 Rocky 5
  11. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    It’s like how everybody pretended not to have known about R.Kelly He wrote a song for a 15 year old girl called Age Ain’t Nothin But a Number and had the AUDACITY to be creeping on her on the goddamn album cover (Look at the bastard. He wanted you to know) Everyone knew he was a freak, but nobody cared.
  12. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    How does this guy have money to just give away? Ain’t he new?

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