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  1. I take it this was from when people didn’t know that the only reference to Pokemon being the “biggest media franchise” in the world came from a nonsense list from Wikipedia.
  2. I think the kids were done with this one after the first movie. This is another SLOP 2.
  3. Theres also some stuff from the Sony leaks where they were scared to fuck with him. Apparently his father in law is quite powerful.
  4. With all this “twist” talk I’m guessing one of the former SpiderMen pops up in this, if not, what then?
  5. I don’t understand all this Toy Story talk even the “bad” numbers look good. What’s the problem?
  6. It’s gonna be one of those films that goes straight to Amazon Prime but isn’t a Prime Original.
  7. I’m watching this HBO show Euphoria and I’ve got a question: Americans, is everyone that plays some kind of High School sport a massive douche that may be prone to becoming a rapist? It’s like is every show nowadays and I need to know.
  8. It's as great as I thought it would be. Somebody verify this man!!!
  9. Watching Tim Burton’s Dumbo. I... What is this?
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