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  1. Does anyone know what’s up with the Kingsman films? Disney own the film rights, Netflix apparently own the IP through Millarworld. Is this a Xmen deal where they have to make a movie to retain the rights?
  2. Part of me wants this film to never come out. It could be the new “lost film” that our grandchildren speak about.
  3. Logan is in the DOFP ending timeline. This film is in a new timeline stretching from First Class. Maybe...
  4. My wife said more viewers would be backing Sansa if the actress playing her wasn’t so terrible. I honestly believe her.
  5. I feel as if this new trailer was the exact same as the last trailer.
  6. Does anyone know if Thugs of Hindostan worth a watch?
  7. Nope. The entire Xmen Origins movie leaked and I don’t think that affected it’s BO at all.
  8. Tracking came out for this and nobody cares? Says a lot.

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