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  1. They called it ‘Unsane’... The nerve. The disrespect.
  2. I doubt that would matter much for MGM/WB, nowadays the licensors (Square Enix in this case) fight to keep the merchandise rights for these films. Sony got nothing from the Smurfs movies, it’s why Dreamworks flat out bought the Trolls IP before making their film.
  3. I take it that @Guy1996 was just one of those new accounts that sign up, stan for a new movie, and jets once it flops, right?
  4. The guy that plays superman has one more chance before I add him to the bland actors list. edit: I can’t remember his name for the life of me. Mark Something?
  5. This shit is in cinemas TOMORROW and I’ve not heard a bloody thing about it. The same thing has happened to Game Night, sub $50m comedies are just getting the shaft over here.
  6. Is the trailer trending in the US? It’s not over here, but I don’t know how often YT update their trends.

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