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  1. Top Gun’s audience isn’t going anywhere near a cinema. Move that thing to 2022.
  2. “Within a month” “They might not do it”. Thats her way of saying “in a month from now you guys would’ve forgotten all about this and we are never speaking on it again.”
  3. SonyLeaks. Sony were aiming SUPER high for directors for this thing
  4. OT but with the Olympics now scheduled we might finally get some updated movie release dates.
  5. Will this be what we need to convince the world that Grace Randolph is a lying clown with no connections to the industry at all?
  6. Yeah... this film is fine. It’s competently executed. You get from point A to point B without many problems. It’s short and I was entertained for the most part. The action is well done but not memorable. It should play well on television, whenever a channel needs to fill a time slot, for years to come. The biggest thing holding this movie back is the fact that it’s 2020. If this came out between 2002-2005 I could see it being almost acclaimed, it would’ve certainly built a cult following. The film now just feels like another scrap from the mid budget sci-fi action pile. Aesthetically everything you can expect from one of these movies is there e.g we spend a lot of time in a CG ‘futuristic’ office building. I wouldn’t watch it again but if you see this on TV at 11 PM and you've already missed the first 20 minutes I don’t think you’d be disappointed if you watch the rest.
  7. Online CBM fanboy community shares a lot in common with the online video game fanboy community: they’re filled with kids and mentally ill adults. Click on the twitter accounts of people that respond to Randolph posts on twitter. It’s never regular degular people. It’s anonymous accounts making 50+post a day shilling their fave franchise. These people are sheep. They make it easy for people like Randolph to build an audience.
  8. Seriously.. this article Fast and Furious has been delayed by year already. Video games can get delayed for 4+ years. Delays happen. Fanboys are morons. And people tnat feed into them for internet fame are pathetic.
  9. This movie isnt going online unless Disney was on the verge of total collapse. Also whatever money could be generated by this films release onto VOD isnt going to help Disney in any financial turmoil they might be in. It makes no sense for these big franchise movies to go VOD no matter how anyone spins it. Trolls 2 is a special case.
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