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  1. Random Thoughts Zoe Kravitz scenes were well done but absolutely ridiculous once you think about it. Newt Scamander is annoying. For the life of me I couldn’t tell you why Queenie turned evil. I kinda forgot she was in the film Nagini turning out to be a human seemed really pointless I genuinely don’t care about anything Credence does. The only two black characters randomly being related is funny as fuck and reminded me of when The Simpsons revealed all their black characters knew each other. Who the flying fuck was that old man in that house? Why did they just jam in this completely new character in the last 20 minutes? The last big twist of the movie had about 0 impact in my cinema. Nobody cares They need to throw that whole “5 film series” idea out the window. I refuse to believe that this story couldn’t be wrapped up in just one more movie.
  2. Cool. So I’ve seen all the HP movies and read all the books as a child however this movie feels like what I would imagine watching an Avengers movie without seeing more than one of the previous MCU films (if that makes sense). It feels like a random assortment of loosely connected characters all doing their own thing, and it’s hard to grasp the significance of plot points and revelations. I couldn’t help but wonder if I would’ve received the movie differently if there had been series’ of different films preceding it: a Fantastic Beasts series where they actually explore and discover new creatures; films about the Aura’s stopping magical crimes; and prequel family films about 20th century Hogwarts and young Dumbledore.
  3. Im gonna try and start using this site less. I want to cut off (or at least limit) my nerdom. I’ve already stopped visiting some of my nerdy news sites, and unsubscribed from my most of my movie news related YouTube channels. It’s just a bit too much. Seeing grown men passionately complain about She-Ra (a Netflix cartoon for little girls) in my YouTube recommendations was the straw that broke this camels back. I’m tired of the comic book movie cycle and debate. Honestly I’m starting to think all these big budget “fan” event movies have started to erode the culture. Watching grown adults angrily vent their political frustrations and insecurities through poorly thought out critiques of media intended for children, and seeing people just acting like it’s normal is mind blowing and I’m sick of it. This place is a pretty great and fun community though. I just don’t want to know or hear about how Star Wars is now “sjw propaganda” and nonsense like that. Even in nice online communities there’s always discussion on the nonsense and for me now that’s too much. I’ll pop in to give opinions on some movies I feel like discussing, as well as see opinions from some other members, but aside from that I’m gonna try and be gone.
  4. Not to be a dick but I feel as if reactions from fan screening were always bound to be positive,
  5. Im thinking my problem with biopics might be due to the how big a star the subject of the movie was. Movies like Notorious and Rhapsody centre on people whose stories are already laid out. Not only can I read about these artists in depth, but their story have already been so heavily publicised that it feels as if I know them even if I have little interest in the celebrity. A recent biopic (bio-series?) I really enjoyed was BET’s “New Edition Story” (about the R&B group that spawned Bel Biv Devoe and Bobby Brown). It’s told across 3 TV movies. While it does feature its fair share of biopic cliches, I think the fact that so little of the stuff in the movie was publicly known as well as the fact that the overall length of the thing let us spend time and get to know each member of the group, played a huge factor in my enjoyment of it.
  6. TAKE THE FREE MONEY!!!!!!! Literally nobody will judge you taking that money.
  7. Movie is dull as hell. Features every single biopic trope under the sun (the moment of musical inspiration quickly followed by full performance of the whole song trope is repeated about 4 times). The focus of the movie is Freddie, the rest of the band get to be perfect little angels in the background (which I'm sure they demanded as producers and rights holders). Freddies story is the standard rise-fall-redemption arc. No real exploration of sexuality, drug use, disease, and mental health. The movie is afraid to take any real risk (maybe out of respect). The most novice Queen fan will learn nothing new, and the most hard-core Queen fan will be able to point out the made up parts almost instantly. Overall it's still a cohesive nice-looking film with great sound and concert sequences. Old people will get a kick out of it. The movie feels 'safe in the same way NCIS feels 'safe': all the topics they'll expect are present but presented in such little detail they won't feel uncomfortable. Honestly you'll have a better time seeing this on the big screen then waiting for home release. If I saw this on TV I probably wouldn't be able to finish it. It's a shame but I'm not mad at it or anything. It's not All Eyez On Me level garbage.
  8. Random. But this movie just leaked out of China. It's only been out for 2 weeks.
  9. Nah. I can just feel the energy. There’s no hype out here.
  10. They were truly selling the soundtrack on cassette tape for £15 (a fiver more than the CD). They’re not making a big deal about it or anything, it’s just on the shelf.
  11. Anybody that cares about those two factors were probably gonna watch this movie even if they weren’t in the film.

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