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  1. The delays have been interesting for kid actors. The little girl from "My Spy" keeps changing height every time she pops up in something. I cant imagine they could release Stranger Things 4 without reshooting episodes.
  2. This is like that He-Man Netflix show for me. It looks like it's meant for kids but seems so attached to the old stuff that I can't really pinpoint why kids are meant to care.
  3. The Telegraph are just upset that film delays and this hesitancy from large international companies can be considered a knock against their Tory overlords and and their COVID efforts
  4. It also helped that they flat out removed the American flag from the overseas posters and artwork. Overseas promo also downplayed the patriotism. Here's the US version And Heres the UK version
  5. An American sci-fi army that introduced a character called Sgt. Slaughter in order to normalise and positivly recontextualise Americas war crimes to an audience of children.
  6. Would GI Joe be fighting to stop the January 6th terrorists or would GI Joe be inside the Capitol building alongside with them? Think about it
  7. A US military unit of Diverse soldiers invade foreign nations to fight a sci fi battle which they probably helped cause and protect America's capitalist interests overseas. This aint flying in the 2020's.
  8. Counterpoint: GI Joe is a terrible IP that's too America-Centric and hasn't been on Kids TV for 10 years. Does anyone under 15 care about GI Joe?
  9. I've seen more posters for 50 Cent's StarzPlay Power Spin Off - Raising Kanan - than I've seen for this movie around London. Disney want this movie dead.
  10. The Twilight/Justin Bieber hate train is probably one of comedy's most embarrasing moment of the last 20 years. 2008-2012 stand up was a bunch of old men complaining about things they could've easily ignored.
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