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  1. Wait what? https://io9.gizmodo.com/spider-man-will-no-longer-be-shared-by-marvel-and-sony-1837416155
  2. Also this wouldn’t have any impact on stock at all. Like.... none.
  3. It wasn’t, but having a greater hand in things like design (5 costumes in 3 years. The old movies had 1-2), and 3 crossover movies expanding the opportunities to exploit the character came from that deal.
  4. Sony paid the movie budget and did all the promo. Disney got to sell merchandise without splitting profits with Sony (they also have to pay Sony a fee every time Marvel chooses to merchandise one of their films). Disney lost time and resources that could be used to make movies they actually make money from, and potentially good release windows allowing SpiderMan MCU movies to make bank.
  5. Another little tidbit Marvel were paying Sony upfront to merchandise these movies. Also buy this book. It’s fantastic, a lot of stuff about Sony before the hack.
  6. It was free, and Sony got also got out of paying Marvel the fees they would pay whenever they made a SpiderMan movie or spin off got made (eg Marvel still got paid from Deadpool 2, but they didn’t get paid for Venom).
  7. They made SpiderMan movies for free and gave Sony exclusivity to what’s gonna end up being their biggest game of the generation. I mean... Disney had a reason to claim a stake here.
  8. How fast are Marvel gonna yank those SpiderMan sequels from Playstation?
  9. The fact they dont see enough value here to release this thing in any other month but January should tell you all you need to know.
  10. My guess is it's due to whatever licensing agreements Disney and Fox already have in place (mostly with sky). They're probably waiting for them to expire.
  11. It's like they release an Alien knockoff once every other year. Anyone remember Life with Jake Gylanhaal?
  12. Americans don't know what's going on in their own backyard let alone what's going on in Hong Kong. The movie will be fine.
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