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  1. I haven’t seen or heard one reference to a single MPR song yet. Did they include any in the trailers?
  2. “I can’t believe the British aren’t that bothered about watching a movie about a fish-man created to improve the reading skills of poor 5 year olds in the 1940’s!”
  3. Americans have been in this thread displaying a very strange inability to grasp that not every country are losing their shit to see the eighth comic book movie of the year and that a musical might take priority over a superhero film. Fanboyism needs to die in 2019.
  4. Now I remember why I stopped using this site for a while. New people with no profile pics that come for CBM's and leave once they're run is done.
  5. It’s a Disney film and they don’t like Disney (Roseanne, James Gunn, Star Wars). Reddit also seems quite chill about this movie. This ain’t them.
  6. I had lunch with a guy i used to work with that does analytic work (for and about social media "influencers") and he explained what was wrong with RT. The "want to see" score is made up from written "want to see" comments, however you can still score it without commenting. All the "want to see" scores are what makes up the opening Audience Score. Theoretically you could influence the audience score months or years before a film is released. It used to be that you would have to leave a written review and give a film 2-Stars. 2-Star reviews are what allegedly triggers the score to drop (this is why there are pages upon pages of 2-star reviews on Black Panther and Solo) but I'm guessing they got rid of the "written" requirement (and thus got rid of the pages of 2 Star reviews). RT would rather have the appearance of legitimacy rather than sort out the problem. His guess is they're getting pressure to do something about it and they would 100% do something, but with RT's login and accounts so tied into Facebook they would need a full overhaul of the site and it's not yet worth it. (They could cut the “Want to see” feature but that reduces engagement with the site. They could wait until a certain amount of votes are cast for a film before displaying a score but some films may never actually reach the threshold of votes etc). Also he suspects YouTube's trending page tried to display trends like Twitter, and is moving away towards being handpicked and corporate... so there's that.
  7. And it’s just not Disney movies: First Man and Widows both got hit.
  8. The RT audience score thing needs to get reworked. There’s bot reviews for Last Jedi on Shape of Water. The movie Gotti had its score inflated by the studio. First Man got targeted. Mary Poppins has bot reviews with stuff like this popping up: With IMDB there’s a better system in place. It makes it harder to sway the score in one direction (and I’m guessing they’re harder for bots to access).
  9. It's just fascinating. Literal basic knowledge of advertising could've avoided this, yet here we are. It adds to my theory that there are some movies that studios want to flop. They want it to flop. I know the truth.
  10. Some guy says something on twitter, let's sit and wait for white-media to act as if these are the thoughts of millions of people and start labelling it as "controversy". Here's a DailyMail article that's pretty much a solid example of this kind of "reporting" Five out of context tweets = every millenial on earth.
  11. Then why would they put these images out? What's going on over there? They need to fire somebody. Like... the rollout cant be this level of garbage.
  12. They pick these photos months in advance. They had the time to work on one still and one shot alone. They knew they were gonna get shit and thus put that statement into the article. What we're seeing now is probably a very very strong indicator of what we're gonna get.

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