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  1. @IronJimbo I’m starting to think you’re making new accounts to get your numbers up. Where are these CamFans coming from?
  2. Wait.... Did they CGI the shirt???? Is the whole character CGI?
  3. You love Doctor Strange. Stop it.
  4. Its good at being boring...
  5. Better than his old boss, Rupert
  6. Who’s in for this being the biggest comic book movie flop in history?!?!?!?????
  7. And now I need to go to Amazon and order the Princess Bride.
  8. The Rock responds to the Skyscraper Box Office
  9. My Lord. This place is managing to attract even more delusional Cameron fanboys. All is lost.
  10. Hes worth $20b. The smart thing to do would be to marry him. Have his weird faced baby. And divorce the bastard.
  11. He looks so sad and tired on the first poster. Zoom in and just look at his eyes EDIT: so this is actually just a Romeo and Juliet knockoff that has someone compare the story to Romeo and Juliet in the trailer for those that can’t pick up on it. its coming to select theatres and On Demand in September. Sad.
  12. Read the leak. Sounds like trash, but more fun than the 2014 film.

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