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  1. HBO Max could be a top level streamer if the app properly functioned. It's a damn shame.
  2. Throw in the the B+ Cinemascore too. The IMDB score is the worst for a Marvel film since… the first Venom.
  3. not really. Sony faked those views and any press release declaring record breaking trailer views is meaningless PR spin (I’m also pretty sure most of the trailers in Sony’s YT channel get boosted views). Remember when Apple used to boost their trailers and the trailer for On The Rocks somehow got 24 Million Views?
  4. Nope. It’s not incompetency. Warner likes to do these ‘damage control’ announcements after the Opening Weekend of their HBO movies. They’ll announce the movie on Monday alongside the films “record breaking” HBO viewership.
  5. A live action Avatar movie would do better than a James Cameron Avatar sequel in 2022.
  6. Amy Pascal, casual racist and associate of disgraced producer Scott Rudin, now admits she ATTACKED King-of-Cinema-and-All-That-Is-Good Kevin Fiege with a sandwich over his request to produce a Spider-Man movie. https://thedirect.com/article/mcu-spider-man-kevin-feige-sandwich-producer-argument
  7. Kl so I've seen this shit twice now. It's a digestible sci-fi film. I think all the talk of it being 'Star Wars for adults' is doing this movie a disservice. I can understand how the movie being a tad bit more colder than Star Wars could be mistaken for maturity but I wouldn't class it as being more mature than films from the YA era like the first two Hunger Games and Maze Runner. I'll say the film could've done with a bit more of a setup so we have a better understanding of these Houses, The witches, and the politics of it all. It just pushes you straight into it. Fortunately
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