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  1. I like ThatOneGuys username more than “aabatery”. So 1 point to That One Guy.
  2. Shit like this is why I had to cool off on new anime. Japan is weird.
  3. Looooool was is it in the same cinema?
  4. The movie is beautiful. One of those rare films where I’m upset I only saw it at home and not on the big screen.
  5. I bet they tasted extra good. PETA are pissed http://www.peta.org.uk/blog/firefighters-save-pigs-eat-them/amp/
  6. Superman truly came out 40 years ago...
  7. Thats what I’m thinking, they’ve got the rights to all the 2Pac songs (which, given the quality of this movie, is a goddamn miracle), but I think some of the background tracks had to be swapped last minute.
  8. I see no iPhone but I hear music from this decade... in a film about hip hop set during the golden age of hip hop. It’s a strange choice.
  9. Nah it flopped. $44m on a $40m budget. Also has the 2nd largest Second Weekend drop of the year. It’s like watching one of those Lifetime Biopics the shit is surreal, I’m halfway in and it’s on the way to being one of the worse movies I’ve seen this year.
  10. This 2Pac Movie... it’s like watching one of those in-game videogame cutscenes. Like something made by someone that’s seen a lot of movies but with no understanding of how the results of those films were achieved.
  11. Mayweather easy. I'm so certain he'll win that I'm debating whether or not I stay up until 4am to even watch the fight.
  12. Fox own the film rights. Netflix own the character and everything else. I think it’s just like the old Marvel deals.
  13. Saw this story 2 minutes ago and the whole thing has already been resolved. I imagine I'll forget this happened but tomorrow.
  14. Time for this Your Name anime movie thing. Excited. Haven't seen a great anime movie in a while.
  15. It’s a movie with a wonderful 29% RT.
  16. The powers that be need to stop all live action anime in the US as well as Japan (live action Attack on Titan was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen, I’m sure Fullmetal Alchemist will be just as horrible). It’s never worked, it will never work. Let it go. Shut it down. Stop the madness.
  17. Hollywood celebrity has affair! Why am I meant to care?
  18. My wife said it’s basically a show about dicks acting like dicks. She didn’t like it.
  19. I thought we were gonna get some good satire of superheroes and superhero movies with this last episode, instead I got comedy that could’ve been in anything and everything else.
  20. Watching this new Batman/Harley Quinn movie... For some reason I don’t understand Nightwing (Robin) and Harley Quinn have sex. Afterwards Batman walks into them having a literal tickle fight. Truly there was a tickle fight. I didnt know it could get any worse than the Batman/Batgirl hook up from last year but Bruce Timm truly managed to do it. I don’t know what rating this film has but from the animation I thought this had something to do with the 90s Batman Cartoon Network childrens show. I am appalled.
  21. The worst I’ve ever seen a movie be mis-sold is Sweeny Todd. Here’s the trailer: Without prior knowledge of the property would you have known this movie was a full blown 100% musical like Les Mis? It took me years to rewatch and forgive the movie.

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