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  1. @Jessie was predicting Avatar 2 to flop with a disastrous $200m OW. Even back in 2011. Tragic.
  2. Yeah I have no clue who Mr Roger's is outside of references on other TV shows. This shit looks like overly sentimental sappy nonsense. Like... my eyes were stuck to the back of my head.
  3. Just wanna add that, after seeing the trailer in the cinema and a less compressed version from Apple Trailers on my TV, the cat design has real potential to grow on people (similar to Aladdin). There’s a lot of time for people to suck it up and get used to it.
  4. White publications love finding one random tweet and then acting as if it's a big deal. Like... they're talking about a tweet with 844 likes.
  5. Pop in the Blu Tay for the Original movie and you have something that looks as if it could’ve been made last week. Sadly this CG remake’s issue isn’t that it might be forgotten, the issue is it’ll look like shit in 10 years time. Technology will progress pass the point where this Lion King remake could be accepted as being “life like”. It happens all the time. Remember when Disney’s Dinosaurs was the height of technology? Or Final Fantasy The Spirits Within?
  6. So this falls into the "Beauty and the Beast" column. We will all see it, we might watch it again on tv, but by next year we'll probably forget it ever happened and when someone feels like watching The Lion King they'll just watch the original. The movie dulls down all the fun of the original. 'Just cant wait' goes from being a childs imaginative and vivid fantasy sequence and is now just 2 lion cubs running through a small field of animals. 'Be Prepared' goes from an over the top, ridiculous, colourful villains' funny war song and is now just a lion strolling around on some grey rocks giving a speech. The film then ups the ante by exacerbating the flaws of the original. Most people can ignore or accept the flaws of the original film because it's cartoon, this remake is "live-action" so the story's issues are harder to forgive. The break-neck pacing is really felt here. Everything up to Mufasa's death and everything after the moment Simba meets Nala again feel far more underdeveloped than the cartoon and even though they're both incredibly similar. The movie adds 20 minutes of new content which honesly feels like "live action" completed versions of the unnecessary deleted and extended scenes you would find on your old DVD extras. They come across as damn near unnecessary, as if the movie just came to a halt, rather than something that could help break up the pacing. (also 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight" is just as forced, random, and bizarre as always but for reasons unknown to me the sequence is performed in the daytime... can you feel the love TONIGHT). Most of the time the movie tries to make up for the lack of interesting and attention grabbing visuals of the cartoon by just throwing more animals on the screen. It doesnt work. Things like Planet Earth work because I'm looking at a real animal, all the animals here are CGI and frankly once you've seen one life like CG animal the effect stops being impressive. It's 2019, visually this movie looks like what I would expect from this kind of film. The movie is far better at showing Simba's carefree life with Timone and Puumba but that's about it. At the end of the day it's still The Lion King, it's ok. I'd be shocked if anyone comes out hating this thing (and if you did I'm guessing you were either way too into the original or didnt like the original either). Truthfully I will probably forget I ever saw this thing in about two weeks. C+.
  7. Can anyone confirm the plot to this thing I just read on Wikipedia? its seemingly a bunch of different characters introducing themselves one by one for 2 hours with an ending stuck on. If there’s a story then I can’t find it.
  8. Looks like a leftover from the Cheaper By The Dozen/Yours Mine & Ours/ The Game Plan era of trash cinema.
  9. How does Eric Robert's get himself into these movies? Look how sad his eyes are? How much money does he owe?
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