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  1. The show is just too boring for me and my desire to get through my backlog means I’ll quit a show maybe too quickly). The show is straight forward but it’s constant spewing of its fantasy lore is distracting, it’s dialogue and voice acting can get really bad, and it’s character designs make many of the characters look damn near the same making the whole thing unnecessarily tough to follow. Im 12 minutes into Carnival Row and I’m already more intrigued than I was after one and half episodes of Dark Crystal (Also unlike Netflix, Amazon keep its UHD HDR versions separate from the standard HD versions for its shows. Just a heads up if anyone is interested).
  2. Is it unnecessarily complicated with dozens of characters that all look identical?
  3. Mindhunter really has me missing LA Noire. I've not played a game like it since. The franchise had mad potential.
  4. So UK launch def before the end of March
  5. I love how this film has one lone stan.
  6. Reminds me of Michelle William's on why she did Venom: they dont teach financial literacy and I got a mortgage.
  7. It's now £12. They sent out the email 2 days ago.
  8. That Mandaloban thing looks awesome.
  9. https://deadline.com/2019/08/the-oa-brit-marling-thanks-fans-says-story-lives-1202703150/ Excuse me?
  10. I feel as if nobody cares that Taylor Swift dropped an album today. Sales will be interesting.
  11. No. I hate when they try the "they've been happy together since high school" thing. Show the kids what really happens: you grow apart from your friends after school and in 10 years you'll probably fail to recognise them on the street.
  12. Delete this before it actually happens.
  13. Wait what? https://io9.gizmodo.com/spider-man-will-no-longer-be-shared-by-marvel-and-sony-1837416155
  14. Also this wouldn’t have any impact on stock at all. Like.... none.
  15. It wasn’t, but having a greater hand in things like design (5 costumes in 3 years. The old movies had 1-2), and 3 crossover movies expanding the opportunities to exploit the character came from that deal.
  16. Sony paid the movie budget and did all the promo. Disney got to sell merchandise without splitting profits with Sony (they also have to pay Sony a fee every time Marvel chooses to merchandise one of their films). Disney lost time and resources that could be used to make movies they actually make money from, and potentially good release windows allowing SpiderMan MCU movies to make bank.
  17. Another little tidbit Marvel were paying Sony upfront to merchandise these movies. Also buy this book. It’s fantastic, a lot of stuff about Sony before the hack.
  18. It was free, and Sony got also got out of paying Marvel the fees they would pay whenever they made a SpiderMan movie or spin off got made (eg Marvel still got paid from Deadpool 2, but they didn’t get paid for Venom).
  19. They made SpiderMan movies for free and gave Sony exclusivity to what’s gonna end up being their biggest game of the generation. I mean... Disney had a reason to claim a stake here.
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