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  1. Dennis Rodman’s life wasn’t highlighted enough in Last Dance. He’s an action movie star, WWE wrestler, the US ambassador to North Korea.
  2. Justice League DARK: Apokalypse War: LOW RENTAL DC tried to make a universe of animated movies. They Made about 10 before pulling the plug abruptly and dropping this thing to close it all. It’s essentially an Avengers knock off, but it plays out like DC fan-fiction. We throw around the “fan-fiction” insult quite a bit here, however this film includes every staple of online fan-fiction aside from the complimentary gratuitous sex scene. Cameos: check. Random and unnecessary swearing: check. Heroes turned villains: check. Writer’s OTP hookup only they care about: check. Humour they stole from The Simpsons: check. ‘Who would win’ fan fights (Harley v Lois Lane): check. Overly detailed ‘mature’ blood and gore: check. Shock romantic pairings(Constantine and King Shark):check. THIS MOVIE IS FUCKING FASCINATING. It must be seen to be understood. If it were live action it would be amongst the worst superhero movies ever made. But it isn’t. It is, however, one of the absolute strangest. HULU’S Solar Opposites: 6/10 It’s the new toon from the creator of Rick and Morty that isn’t Dan Harmon. It looks IDENTICAL to Rick and Morty. It’s not a creator signature style choice like the similarities between Futurama and The Simpsons. It looks 100% the same (almost like a spin off). It sounds the same. The voice acting is the same. The main character is a Rick clone. But the writing is off. The characters are not as interesting. The humour doesn’t land as often. The scifi isn’t as fun and dynamic. A couple episodes flat out suck. Look... The show is short. It’s fine, just don’t go in expecting your new favourite thing. The Matrix I liked it. So many other things have borrowed from this film and our understanding of tech has increased in the last 21 years making a lot of the time they spend explain stuff feel long-winded, but aside from that (and Trinity’s weird “I love you”) it was an entertaining time. It still looks great for a 21 year old film. The First Half of Alita Battle Angel. This movie is weird. I should like this movie more. All the pieces are here, they just don’t click with me.
  3. Now that Disney own Fox (and they don't have to split the sales), Marvel are finally putting out X-Men movie toys (they haven't had toys since First Class). https://twitter.com/OriginalFunko/status/1260963197424672774?s=20
  4. Similar to us then. From my understanding all the HBO produced stuff goes to Sky and NowTV in the U.K. All the kids originals go to CN, and all the originals produced by other studios can be sold off to whoever wants it.
  5. Yep. They’re way of grading films is great. I like that it encourages people to still at least try out a movie even if it isn’t the best thing out.
  6. Wonder Woman: FULL PRICE This is one the better super movies to rewatch. Just a nice Sunday movie. I also completed my rewatch of Star Wars Star Wars Ep 1: BORING Star Wars Ep 2: HORRIFIC Star Wars Ep 3: KINDA BORING but last 20 mins kinda great. Star Wars Ep 4: a FINE adventure movie Star Wars Ep 5: a GREAT adventure movie Star Wars Ep 6: meh Star Wars Ep 7: BORING and LONG Star Wars Ep 8: BORING but last 20 mins are KINDA COOL Star Wars Ep 9: a FINE movie, it can get boring but it’s fine. In conclusion, Star Wars is a very long and mostly unremarkable franchise and the fact you people have been losing your minds for 40 years over this thing is fucking weird. I can go a good 20 years before I ever want hear some this music or look at a stormtrooper again. It’s ridiculous. Stop it. Also who the fuck was this: This person showed up in one of these movies quite prominently and I’ve not seen or heard of him since. Is he a big deal? Why?
  7. The content is also way too overproduced and demanding for casual viewing on public transport. I can watch YouTube, TikTok, and social media junk on the bus because I dont have to be glued to the screen. I can look away, be aware of my surroundings, make sure no one will grab my phone out of my hand etc. Quibi 'premium' content calls for more attention than a Youtube hot-wings interviews. Also in todays Quibi news: Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Quibi Cries “Shakedown” As Bossman Named As Defendant & New Claims Added In TurnStyle Tech Dispute https://deadline.com/2020/05/quibi-lawsuit-jeffrey-katzenberg-defendant-eko-turnstyle-1202932467/
  8. The guy arguing that the Ozark would be better on Quibi...
  9. But what about the actual stage production? Will people pay to watch a show they can see better at home?
  10. The show has too much forced "adult" swearing. They've toned it down in this season.
  11. Comes out 10 days early in the UK to avoid Bond. I imagine it may change elsewhere too. https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a32443501/black-widow-uk-release/
  12. How bad is the outlook for musical theatre for this to happen? ‘Hamilton’ Course Change: Disney Sets July 3 Streaming Release For $75 Million Lin-Manuel Miranda Musical https://deadline.com/2020/05/hamilton-movie-july-3-streming-release-disney-plus-75-million-lin-manuel-miranda-1202932220/
  13. Reviews have not been kind. That's great for me though, there's way too much TV and free time so I'll take any excuse to NOT watch a show at this point.
  14. Neither did I until someone alerted me to a 5 minute Post Credit scene on the episode. I don’t check post credits for anything outside of Marvel so leaving such an important scene in this manner seems really strange to me.
  15. I remember when Westworld was meant to replace Game of Thrones. Now it feels as if most people stopped caring. At best the concept would be a fun a movie (the original film was ok). But you can tell they were straining to make content for a multi-year TV show out of this thing, much like Jurassic Park has struggled to make interesting sequels. Season 2 tried to cover it up with a ridiculous storytelling choice and became a disaster. Season 3 went more linear and exposed the show as one of the most cliche things on TV outside of Anime. How they’ll get more seasons out of this show is beyond me.
  16. I honestly thought the fact that they were speaking was incredible. I remember some kids at school not believing me when I told them.
  17. FX's DAVE S1 Funny show. Effective cameos. And some touching moments. Watch it. Amazon's Upload I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW. It's an extended Black Mirror episode but without all that forced grim-ness. It's really touching (often unintentially). The romance angle is also something i can see being troped and copied in sci-fi movies for years to come.
  18. This sentence is what fanboys that are overly analytical about superhero movies sound like to regular people.
  19. I owned the original Tom and Jerry Movie on VHS. They talked the entire time and had whole musical numbers.
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