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Issac Newton

Weekdays Thread | #THU - Nun II $925K, Equalizer 3 $580K, Barbie $315K | Dumb Money Week 1 $310K at 8 Locs!! PLA $38,734!!

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On 9/19/2023 at 8:15 AM, Giorno said:

Can Barbie go $8 or so this weekend with imax?

Does the general public even know Barbie is coming out on IMAX? I feel like it isn't going to make much.


The blu/4k release is rumored to be Oct 3, but WB hasn't announced anything yet. I feel like many people are waiting to own it on video.

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I have to say, I'm extremely impressed with The Nun II's drops so far. I thought it would be on a similar path that The Nun had, but it is holding much better. And it'll have another weekend of basically no competition so it should have another solid drop. I think it'll end up grossing around 85M domestically or so. Which would be great considering the drop off OW from the original movie. 

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On 9/19/2023 at 10:15 AM, Giorno said:

Can Barbie go $8 or so this weekend with imax?

Not even close. I am hoping for 4m, but even BO.com is expecting under that and a drop overall weekend to weekend. 


Can definitely tell we have hit the fall doldrums, little movement in the thread lol. 

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So, since we're in a lull, let's talk a movie that hit a lull - I finally watched Flash over the last 2 nights (fell asleep in the middle the 1st night, so decided to finish the 2nd - yeah, not a good sign).


Ummm, I don't know what those "greatest CBM movie ever" folks watched, but that was so wildly off base.  Of the DC supers this year, Flash was worse than Blue Beetle and Shazam 2.  Of all the supers this year, only Ant Man 3 was worse.


It was repetitive (did anyone watch the Flash tv show - did we have to do that same plot line AGAIN), tonally awful (it was like Thor L&T in whiplash tone changes) - it couldn't decide if it wanted to be funny or serious and screwed up both, had an awful unredeeming ending with nothing learned, and was boring for large stretches (see me falling asleep).


I think I'd give it an overall C-, but that ending with Clooney keeps dropping things for me as I think more and more about it.


So, watching it, no surprise at how terribly it did.  Man, it's been a rough year for DC supers.  Black Adam was better than all 3 this year, so it's no surprise at this year's 3 box offices.

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