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Late Night with the Devil | IFC Films | Opens wide 03/22/2024

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12 minutes ago, Eric Atreides said:

Ain’t this the one where they used AI art? Scummy stuff!


I dunno but I don't really care for the "All AI = bad" platform anymore and I don't appreciate my effort to promote a low budget film being undermined by it. They apparently used it for a few interstitials. In retrospect probably for the best that this flew under my radar until it was about to be released.

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It (Well, it looks like) a small-budget production, so I understand using AI, but I do know small horror movies love to use art by local creators.


It's just weird for people making a piece of art to go "You know where we're going to cut corners? The art part."

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Superb. Really really enjoyed it. It felt like a fresh take on the genre. Even though it's only 1h20, it takes its time to get you settled in, enjoy the show, laugh, while in the back of your mind it's building tension towards a horrifying climax. It also puts you on the same level as the characters, being ambiguous as to what's real, playing with your perception of reality.


It feels really authentic as a period piece as well. It's completely believable as a 1970s late night show in the production/aesthetic and also with how jolly and slightly creepy the host is.


David Dastmachian(?) is fantastic. The character is complex and juggles a few opposing traits, and feels like a genuine person.


Also I absolutely love the poster. Gonna get one of these for my bedroom wall. I can see this becoming a cult classic.


This is the horror film to beat in 2024!



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1 hour ago, AniNate said:

This flew completely under my radar, but apparently critics were over the moon about it and it opens in wide release this weekend




Late Night with the Devil | Rotten Tomatoes

Wow this trailer is way too spoilery.


I recommend watching this knowing as little as possible.

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This was fantastic. Scariest film I’ve seen in years. 

The AI thing is a non issue. It was filmed years ago, before the strikes etc and it’s three intersectionals. They shouldn’t have done it, but there’s no point getting knickers in a twist. 

Side note: the amount of financier company logos at the start of the film got laughs from my audience lol, I think there were 8. 

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So I just watched this and mostly found it rather boring and probably not something worth dying on a hill for. Rather unsurprising demonic possession narrative and the late night framing pretty much the only thing that gives it an interesting hook. Did think there was good chemistry between the host and academic lady, maybe it could've been an interesting romcom premise.


Definitely have reached the limit of my support for the AI boogeyman platform though, it's way down the list of things that should piss people off with the world today.

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