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2.7 "The Dark Knight Rises Special"

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It's time for the seasonal Special. A time to rack up more points, earn more gains, and just wipe the slate. A game that poses to change the rankings and alter fate...if you have what it takes. And of course, this week it focuses entirely on The Dark Knight Rises.

As a forewarning, some individual questions here will have certain prizes attached to them...but others may have certain punishments.

This season's Special Edition will truly be "special". Expect surprises galore!

Without further ado:

The Dark Knight Rises Special - Game 2.7

Deadline: Friday, July 20 at 2:00 P.M. Eastern (1:00 P.M. Central)

1. Predict The Dark Knight Rises Friday gross

2. Predict The Dark Knight Rises Saturday gross

3. Predict The Dark Knight Rises opening weekend (and give its rank on the all-time opening chart for extra)

4. Predict The Dark Knight Rises per theater average on Sunday

5. Predict The Dark Knight Rises Saturday share of its weekend gross (e.g. if you predict 50 million Saturday and 200 million OW, your answer should be 25%)

6. Predict the difference in opening weekend grosses between The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). The Dark Knight opened to 158.41 million.

7. Predict the difference in opening day grosses between Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (2011) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012. HPDH2 opened to 91.07 million opening day.

8. Predict how much (percent wise) of the weekend top 12 gross will come from The Dark Knight Rises (e.g. if you predict TDKR to make 150 million and the top 12 to be 200 million, your answer would be 75%)


This is due Thursday, July 19 at 6:00 P.M. Eastern (5:00 P.M. Central):

What will The Dark Knight Rises gross at its midnight release?

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The Dark Knight Rises - Extra Bonus Question

A certain amount of points will be rewarded to the winner(s) of this question, but it is not part of your weekend score.

Predict The Dark Knight Rises' percent drop on Monday.


Also, as a tease, this is the third Special Edition I've ever hosted in BOA/Box Office Obliteration, and on the first two Xeno's team always came in first place with exceptionally high scores. Will history repeat?

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I would appreciate some weigh in from the players on this.

I said earlier that there will be surprises attached to various questions. I still have every intention of offering certain rewards on certain questions. But my original intention was to have some questions be booby-trapped with punishments, e.g. the lowest scoring person on that question would face some sort of obstacle (won't get more specific than that). However, in light of the Aurora incident, I ponder if there may have been an unexpected damper to TDKR's box office, and all the questions this week concern that. Now predicting is never a 100% science, but even then it is unfair to judge a prediction based on some totally unforeseen tragedy like what befell the other night. So your predictions may represent what could have happened were there no tragedy.

Many of you weighed in that you are uncertain how this will affect box office. I too do not know if it will (or did) have an effect on TDKR's box office, but it very well may have. I mean it seems to me that it definitely made more news than TDKR itself did, so it probably had some effect, and that skewers your predictions and results.

So I'm asking you if you think it fair for me to still penalize certain questions? By all means I will go ahead with some of those darker twists I had in mind if you guys feel it is alright to do so, but the circumstances do call for some discussion, in my opinion.

ALSO...the rewards I have planned for certain questions will remain in effect.

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Hmm, well my plan originally was for a double elimination challenge or something similar, whereby two people would be eliminated this week, getting us closer to a final ten. If I cancel The Challenge, though, I would need more input from others cause that's definitely a bigger move.

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"The Dark Knight Rises Special" - Game 2.7

This week's game was the seasonal Special and it focused on "The Dark Knight Rises." All questions (of which there were an abundance) were centerred on some aspect of the movie, from Friday gross to weekend percent share. But we had a tragedy this weekend, and it is uncertain if that may have affected the box-office, but from the looks of it, it did. And because of that, the scores were all over the place this week. Everyone predicted high numbers, but the movie came in well below everyone's prediction, so the Aurora incident may have had some impact.

In light of these circumstances, I have decided to be a bit more lenient on some of my surprises this week. Some of the questions were to be rigged with booby traps, which would "detonate" on the players who scored lowest on those questions. Not many of these booby traps will remain in effect, though, in light of the cirumstances. However, some questions were also rigged with confetti-laced explosives...those will still be in effect, and they will reward the winners of those questions.

This weekend brings about some changes, but without further ado, I would like to take a glimpse at this weekend's scores. As a note, Question 6 was dropped for all players, and players who answered the Optional Midnight Question had that score weighed in in place of a lower score.


DoctorWho: 89.34% +6 (+2 2nd individual, +3 1st team, +1 80%+)

XenoZodiac: 88.24% +10 (+1 3rd individual, +3 1st team, +1 80%+, +1 highest Question 1, +1 highest Question 3, +1 highest Question 4, +1 highest Question 7, +1 highest Question 8)

AVG: 88.79% +16 (IMMUNE)


riczhang: 87.54% +3 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest Optional Question, +1 80%+)

Totem: 77.46% +1 (+1 3rd team)

AVG: 82.50% +4 (IMMUNE)


Fakhir: 65.42%

Schumacher FTW: 77.61%

AVG: 71.52%


acsc1312: 80.39% +3 (+2 2nd team, +1 80%+)

CEDAR: 80.18% +4 (+2 2nd team, +1 highest Question 5, +1 80%+)

Goffe Rises: 89.49% +10 (+5 highest individual, +2 2nd team, +1 highest Question 2, +1 highest Question 8, +1 80%+)

AVG: 83.35% +17 (IMMUNE)


Avatarfan: 71.06%

JackO: 65.16%

Sims: 77.22%

AVG: 71.15%

And so "The Black Stallions" won again. This marks Xeno's third win in a Special, if you count the short season of Box Office Obliteration on BOM last year. Also, Xeno unlocks the first surprise. He scores first place on 5 of the 8 questions. In fact, I'm certain he would have scored 90%+ had he answered the optional midnight question. But as it is, he scored first on those 5 questions, so here is Surprise Number 1:

Xeno can choose to move just ONE player who is listed as immune this week to non-immunity, whereby that player will still have to purchase immunity to abstain from The Challenge.

Also, as a note, just a Challenge will be held this week.

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