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2.9 "Second Chance"


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  1. 1. Which two players will be resurrected?

    • Avatarfan (eliminated Week 7)
    • The Dark Alfred (eliminated Week 2)
    • Electric (eliminated Week 4)
    • InFamous (eliminated Week 3)
    • RichWS (eliminated Week 1)
    • riczhang (eliminated Week 8)
    • Schumacher FTW (eliminated Week 8)
    • Tawasal (eliminated Week 3)
    • Townzy89 (eliminated Week 4)
    • Whichever player is eliminated this week

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A couple of important developments will unfold this week. It is important that you predict this week more than ever before this season because this may be, for some of you, your last chance. And for a few others, you may have a second chance.

Season 2, Game 9

Deadline: Friday, August 3 at 2:00 P.M. Eastern (1:00 P.M. Central)

1. Predict Total Recall's two day gross (it's total for Friday and Saturday combined; do not include Sunday's gross!!!)

2. Predict The Babymaker's per theater average

3. Predict Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3's gross difference between Saturday and Sunday (e.g. if it makes 5 million Saturday and 4 million Sunday, your answer would be 1 million)

4. The Dark Knight Rises made 8.16 million this Monday. Predict the difference in its Friday gross (this weekend) and that 8.16 million on Monday. Subtract the lower from the higher.

5. Predict The Watch's percent drop for the entire weekend

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"Second Chance" - Game 2.9

Ten people, two positions.

This week's game determines who will move on to the Top Ten. Currently, we have 9 players left standing on three teams, and we have 9 players who have been eliminated. Riczhang and Schumacher's eliminations last week brought to an end the long runs of "The Crimson Knights" and "Epic Sensation", but their partners live on this week on the three remaining teams. And now, riczhang and Schumacher, along with 8 others, will have a chance at redemption.

But before we get to that, I must first discuss this weekend's game. The results were the lowest of the season by far, with everyone averaging a 0% on Question 2. It wasn't dropped this time, though. No one player eclipsed 70%, making this the lowest scoring game in the history of "Box Office Alliance." Also, this week, because we have only three teams, only the top scoring team is immune from The Challenge. This means that the three members on that team will be the first to go on to the Top Ten.

Now, to explain what we have forthcoming this week. A Challenge will be held between two people, with one elimination. That player who is eliminated will join the other nine eliminated players in a Second Chance Challenge, which will determine the final two spots of the Top Ten, and the Top Ten games will start with Game 10 and continue until we have 1 player left standing.

Onto the results:


DoctorWho: 69.38% +4 (+2 2nd individual, +1 highest Question 3, +1 highest Question 5)

XenoZodiac: 69.38% +4 (+2 2nd individual, +1 highest Question 3, +1 highest Question 5)

Totem: 37.55%

AVERAGE: 58.77% +8


acsc1312: 63.88% +3 (+3 1st team)

CEDAR: 63.88% +3 (+3 1st team)

Goffe Recall: 67.17% +3 (+3 1st team)

AVERAGE: 64.98% +9 (IMMUNE)


Fakhir: 61.70% +11 (+10 won Challenge 8, +1 highest Question 4)

JackO: 46.98%

Sims: 69.83% +6 (+5 highest individual, +1 highest Question 1)

AVERAGE: 59.50%

And so "The Shadowkillers" will be the first three members to enter the Top Ten. The other six players are elligible for The Challenge. The cost of immunity will be +12 points.

Who will be eliminated? Who will be resurrected? Find out this week!

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The Challenge - Week 9

"The Shadowkillers" ranked the other 6 members to see who would go into The Challenge. Totem, DoctorWho, and Xeno each purchased immunities. Fakhir also purchased an immunity, but both JackO and Sims declines to purchase immunities so they will be going into The Challenge.

1. Predict Total Recall's Tuesday gross

2. Predict The Dark Knight Rises' total through Tuesday

3. Predict Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3's Tuesday per theater average


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Now obviously there's not going to be a game this week, which means I have more time to flesh out the Second Chance Challenge. It will now be a more competitive process and hopefully more exciting. But first, I will shortly reveal which of the two players in this week's Challenge will be eliminated and will join nine other players in the Second Chance Challenge.

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The Challenge - Week 9

Sims and JackO of "Team Incredibles" are both facing The Challenge this week, turning from friend to foe in the 9th week of the season. Only one will survive, and the other will have a chance to compete in the Second Chance Challenge over the next few days.

Here are their results:



An impressive score, but is it enough to beat Sims?



Sims won with the highest averaged ever posted in a Challenge before. Totem held this title for two weeks only with his 99.26% average that he set in Week 7's Challenge. Sims stays alive, but even though JackO has been eliminated, he has a chance to come back for a second shot at victory. JackO will join the other nine members who have been eliminated this season in the Second Chance Challenge.

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Phase 1

The Second Chance Challenge will have three phases because of the extended amount of time available to hold it. Here all the first set of questions. 6 players will move on.

1. Predict The Bourne Legacy's Monday percent drop

2. Predict The Campaign's gross through Monday

3. Predict Hope Spring's Monday per theater average

4. Predict The Dark Knight Rises' Monday gross


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Phase 1 Results

Up first, riczhang has opted out of the Second Chance Challenge. This brought our number of contestants down from 10 to 9. Secondly, of those 9, four did not participate in Phase 1. Thirdly, of the 5 that did participate, one scored 90%+, two scored 80-89%, and two scored 75-80% overall. On question 1, 3 players scored above a 90%, while the other two scored over 80%. On question 2, all players scored above 90%, 3 scored above 95%, and one scored at almost 100%. On question 3, the highest score was below 80% at 79.28%, and two players scored below 50%. And on question 4, 3 players scored above 90%, and the other two scored in the range 80% to 85%.

Now, the four players who scored 0% overall on Phase 1 are:

Avatarfan, InFamous, RichWS, and Townzy89

Unfortunately, these four players will remain eliminated and will not advance to the next phase of the Second Chance Challenge, which will be the last phase (kind of).

Now we move on to the five standing contestants vying for reentry.

In fifth place, with a score of 79.14%, is

Schumacher FTW

In fourth place, with a score of 79.59%, is


In third place, with a score of 85.87%, is


In second place, with a score of 86.96%, is


And in first place, with a score of 93.41%, is

The Dark Alfred

But this does not mean the two players ranked highest will be the ones moving on. One more set of Challenge questions will determine our two resurrected players. And here it is


Phase II

1. Predict the Tuesday percent drop (from last Tuesday) of Total Recall

2. Predict the difference in Day 26 grosses of The Dark Knight (2008) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). The Dark Knight (2008) made 3.52 million on its 26th day, and TDKR's 26th day will be this Tuesday

3. Predict how much less than 50 million The Bourne Legacy will be at with Tuesday's gross added in (in other words, add its Tuesday total to its current 42.00 million total, and subtract that from 50 million to give me an answer)

4. Predict Hope Spring's Tuesday per theater average

5. Predict Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Day's Tuesday gross


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And here we go...

Phase II Results

Five players were left to compete for two slots. Two will advance on to be re-admitted as a new team based on the results of the Second Chance Challenge. To be eligible, you had to compete in both phases of the Challenge.

So, firstly, two players are now eliminated (or remain eliminated) from this Challenge. These two players did not predict in the second phase of the Challenge and will not be moving on. They are:

Schumacher FTW and Electric

This means just three players were left to vie for the two slots. One would remain eliminated, and the other two would move on. Before I disclose the results, I will start by saying averages on the Phase II were much lower than they were on Phase I. All three players averaged between 65% and 80% overall. The scores would have been higher except that two of the players posted 0% on one question each (Question 1 and Question 4) because, I assume, they read those questions wrong. This shakes things up. On Question 1, the other two scores were in the range 85-90%. On Question 2, two players scored in the range 80-90%, and one player failed with a sub-65% average. On Question 3, two players scored in the 70-80% range, while the third player scored in the 95-100% range. On Question 4, one player zeroed, one scored in the 80-85% range, and one scored in the 90-95% range. And lastly, on Question 5, one player scored in the 80-85% range, and the other two scored in the 95-100% range.

Ok, first up, let's see who came in first place on the Phase II Challenge. That player is...

JackO! (with a 78.27% average)

Brace yourselves. In second place, with a score of 73.79%, is

The Dark Alfred (who zeroed on Question 1 because he predicted Total Recall's Tuesday percent change from this Monday, but the question asked for its Tuesday percent drop from last Tuesday)

Which means in third place, with a score of 67.52%, is

Tawasal (who zeroed on Question 4 because he placed $700,000 for a question asking for Hope Spring's PTA, which was $886. I assume he misread the question)

BUT...The Second Chance Challenge consisted of two phases. This means that for these three players, I will be averaging the scores from both phases to determine who will move on. So let's see who sits in first place and will definitely move on.

First place is:

THE DARK ALFRED. Alfred averaged 83.60% for the two phases of the Challenge.

The final slot is a close call. There are still two players left. Tawasal scored higher than JackO on Phase I, but JackO scored higher than Tawasal on Phase II. So...who's moving on to join Alfred?

...eliminated, with a score of 77.24%, is

tawasal. Sorry man, you did well and were close, but you just missed it.

Which means, moving on to join Alfred with a score of 78.93%, is

JACKO! Congratulations

The Second Chance Challenge is over. The two resurrected players are JackO and The Dark Alfred. They fill in slots 9 and 10 on the Top Ten. This means we have only a handful of games left, and things will be more challenging and riskier in these coming weeks. Alfred and JackO will now be placed on a new team...Team Destiny.

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