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Captain Craig

Ghost Rider: The Return to Marvel Studios or a Sony GR3

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With Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance coming out this past February that now restarts the 5 year clock on Sony. They now have about 4.5 years to do something with Ghost Rider or the character returns to Marvel Studios.

The film made $51.7m domestic and $134m worldwide on a $57m budget. Not a total failure from a bottom line perspective. If we use the old cliche a film needs to do around 2.5x it's budget to be considered a success then GR:SoV target was $142.5m, fairly close at less than ten million off the mark.

It's first week DVD/BR saw it bring in another $12.9m, just the first week.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, which also made its debut. Johnny Blaze had a combined DVD and Blu-ray gross of $12,969,233 on the strength of 703,142 units sold.

That initial DVD/BR gets it over that 2.5x mark and theoretically the other mantra "saved by DVD" is now in play.

So in the intervening months it's continued to make coin even if it's trickling in.

This isn't a thread to rehash your thoughts on the movie. We have a grading review thread for that. I'd like to use this thread to gauge/track any news or rumors on what Sony plans to do with the property. Does anyone know what the hard deadline for the property to revert is? Since it came out Feb '13, using 5yrs lets assume the bar is tentatively Feb '18. They need roughly 1.5 years to make this type movie so a GR3 or Reboot GR would need to be in production around Oct '16 give/take a few months either way.

Sony has time to see if Fox's plan using Millar to make a tighter MCU with their properties works. If it all looks good might we see Spidey and Ghost Rider(rebooted) sharing a joined universe?

Keep in mind Marvel already has Punisher, Blade and Daredevil/Elektra back. DD just went back. However, with their plate full relating to Avengers characters the darker street characters, like Ghost Rider, are going to keep sitting stagnant. I for one would rather see an attempt at something with Sony having hopefully learned some lessons of what to do better with the property than it sit idle like Punisher and Blade are going to keep doing.

Let the tracking begin.

Deadline: Feb '18

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