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  1. Brewers shockingly score 19 runs today. And would still have lost to the Braves
  2. Even though it’s a 23% most of the reviews submitted for New Mutants so far seem to be in that 2-2 1/2 star range. Just something very forgettable
  3. Ok so what I have a watched lately. On the tv front I haven’t really dedicated much time to anything. Lot of movies though. Here’s what I’ve watched in August so far Everything is out of five Before Sunset **** Double Indemnity **** Before Sunset **** 1/2 The Train ****1/2 Richard Jewell ***1/2 Sunset Boulevard ***** Palm Springs *** Modern Times ****1/2 Birds of Prey**1/2
  4. Two things I used to do every Monday. Read the box score from the Packers game. And read the Life Section of the USA Today for its story on the weekend box office. I kind of miss that surprise of waiting until Monday to see how a film did
  5. This is a blend of the last few weeks It Happened One Night-Very fun. Great chemistry between the two leads Forbidden Planet-Awesome Before Sunrise-Very Good Double Indemnity-I liked it but of the Wilder I’ve seen I prefer Sunset Boulevard and Stalag 17 Doom Patrol-Finally finished season 1. I mean any show that features a scene where just about every character including a sentinent street have a simultaneous orgasm is definitely weird
  6. I assume that would be Eastern time for the US?
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