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  1. Great list overall. But I will always object to this being the name.
  2. Swordfish-Still ridiculous. Still entertaining 1776-First time watching. Thought it was interesting a bit long. Strange to see a musical with such a big gap between songs. But overall I liked it Hamilton-Very very good The Black Hole-I know I saw it as a kid but couldn’t remember much. Now I know why, it’s boring as hell
  3. To anyone still shooting off fireworks scaring those with PTSD and our four legged friends
  4. Finished my Sopranos rewatch. Played even better this go round. If I had to rank the seasons 3 6B 5 1 2 6A 4 Also I miss Gandolfini.
  5. Movies Batman Forever- Tommy Lee Jones’s Two Face is rough. And Chris O’Donnell as Robin is pretty bad. Still Jim Carrey as the Riddler is worth a watch. Not to mention it has a killer soundtrack The Parent Trap 1961-Never saw this. Actually enjoyed it. Also teared up w bit. TV Sopranos season 5 and 6A. 5 was a terrific season. 6A however was probably its weakest season so far. I hate to say it but the Vito was gay storyline didn’t work because he just wasn’t a compelling character
  6. Movies: Princess Mononoke-Gorgeous film. Probably my favorite of the Miyazaki that I’ve watched so far Jungle Cat-One of those old school DisneyNature films. Always good to have in the background while doing other things Artemis Fowl-Oof it’s a rough one Da Five Bloods-Good flick maybe a tad too long Treasure of the Sierra Madre-Had to watch a Five Blood influence. Still an all time classic TV Sopranos Season 4-The first half is pretty rough but it finishes off pretty strong.
  7. Movies Kiki’s Delivery Service-I know there’s a lot of high praise for this but I thought it was just fine. Porco Rosso-This one I totally dug. Keaton’s voice work was great. TV Over the past week or so watched the first three seasons of the Sopranos. On the rewatch it seems a little underrated. Maybe it’s been taken for granted. But there’s some impeccable stuff. That third season is as good as any. As an aside I’m five episodes into season 4 and it’s a noticeable step down
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