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  1. I hope Hunter Killer is as a wonderful as Geostorm
  2. Because Kenny Powers is one of the writers. Seriously that blows my mind
  3. On a related note I’d really like to go to bed. Okay I’m in bed, more sleep
  4. I look forward to him being a clubhouse cancer
  5. Okay we really need to start taking climate change seriously https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/15/health/beer-barley-climate-change-study/index.html
  6. Trust me the bigger high in the state is the Brewers.
  7. Packers really needed this game because coming up Rams and Patriots
  8. Packers keep playing like this they might get permanent status on the small tv
  9. A bit crude but it will have to do
  10. I'm going to buy a second tv after work with for the purpose of watching both the Brewers and Packers tonight. Then I'll decide if I put the new tv in my basement or bedroom.
  11. Just saw a commercial for the new Grinch
  12. ASIB is pretty pretty pretty good

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