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  1. Have we heard any inkling of Wick numbers?
  2. I was little surprised to see Grumpy Cat was only 7 years old.
  3. Best word to describe the Big Bang Theory finale.....pleasant
  4. So both Robert Downey Jr and Jon Faverau were announced as Disney Legends this morning. That's probably a thank you for making us a shit ton of money award
  5. Oh yeah I'm watching Chernobyl too. It's great but very unsettling
  6. Yeah I liked Umbrella Academy. I did a trial with the DC Universe. Titans was bad. And watched the first episode of Doom Patrol. It was okay but I wasn't really motivated to continue. I've watching Bosch on Amazon It's pretty solid, Titus Weliver is always good. Netflix I'm on season 4 of Mad Men(started back up after taking a break) HBO I'm watching Thrones and Barry, the latter is my favorite show on TV right now. And thus ends the what DAR is watching report
  7. Yeah I can't do 22+ episodes a season anymore. Even 13 is pushing it for me
  8. I don't know if I've ever seen a episode of Supernatural.
  9. So Big Bang ends tonight. Whether you liked the show or not, I kind of fell off the last two seasons. We're probably not going to see many network shows anymore that will get the ratings it did
  10. We had people sign a petition because they didn't like how a story about a woman riding a dragon was told. I put nothing past humanity
  11. Wasn’t pretty but counts the same
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