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  1. Well everyone knows that Emma Stone or Scarlett Johannsen would have been better for the part
  2. Every time I see this thread on the front page I think the film has been pushed back again.
  3. The first trailer made it look like it would be something bad but kind of memorably bad. This new one just makes it look dull
  4. I read some of those responses. Those are some scary unconnected from reality people
  5. It’s such a crowded field but I would be ecstatic if Murphy got in there. @baumer you would love Dolemite is my name
  6. Is this getting panned? Checks RT 82%. Never change BOT
  7. I honestly didn’t know until two weeks ago there was another Charlie’s Angels film coming
  8. Watched On the Town. It was very corny but I’m a sucker for corny
  9. 1. Mandalorian 2. The Imagineering Story 3. Something from the 60’s/70’s maybe one of those Kurt Russell movies
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