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  1. My parents haven’t seen Green Book but I’m sure they would like it They did finally see Bohemian Rhapsody. My dad loved it. My mom not so much
  2. Finally saw Green Book. I liked it
  3. One of those opinions has value. The other is Futurist
  4. The real movie event of the year
  5. My Florida Man story only comes up with a story about a man in Texas
  6. This is why Twitter sucks. Cindy McCain posted something from a woman named Tiffany Nicole. It actually came from FB messenger but the Twitter mob go after the right person? Of course not
  7. And a lot of movies were made on coke
  8. Probably not what some want hear, but the Disney Fox merger doesn't really move the needle for me either way. I certainly feel bad for those who are going to lose their jobs. But other than that I'm just like alright.
  9. They'll put in the Little Mermaid ride

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