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Season 2 Week #11.2

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Week #11.2

Hi there. This is technically week 12, but we'll just say 11.2. Much better participation this week and everyone scored over 80%!


The Collection- 3.10

Killing Them Softly- 6.81

SLP- 3.09

Life of Pi- 12.15

Rise of the Guardians- 13.39

Red Dawn- 6.50

Breaking Dawn 2- 17.42

Lincoln- 13.38


iceroll- 81.43

CJohn- 86.13

Spaghetti- 88.68

ClaireHolt- 89.69

The Creator- 81.42 (placeholder)

This week, Claireholt (previously santanalopez) jumped to the top! Since CJohn scored highest last week, he will also have immunity for the week. Please submit a vote and SUBMIT SECOND IMMUNITY NUMBERS. If you don't win second immunity, you're out. Simple as that.

Second Immunity Challenge- Wednesday Grosses

Killing Them Softly

The Collection

Life of Pi

Rise of the Guardians


Breaking Dawn 2

Second Immunity Predictions due NO LATER THAN THURSDAY @ 9:30 AM ET!

Tribal Council Votes due NO LATER THAN THURSDAY @ 4:00 PM ET!

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Tribal Council- Week #11.2

Welcome Tribal Council! Close week this week. It's time to reveal the top 3 for this season!

Vote #1


Vote #2


Vote #3


Vote #4


Vote #5, and the first person leaving this week is


Did this person receive immunity?

No. He placed third.

That leaves two players with one spot remaining. Which of these two received immunity?

iceroll came out on top with a 93.31 vs Creator's 91.07

So the two players leaving this week are



The Creator

Thanks for playing!

This week's game, weekend predictions (3 day):

Playing for Keeps

Killing Them Softly

Life of Pi

Rise of the Guardians

Red Dawn

Breaking Dawn 2




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Hmm, well I feel you should've PMed the Second Immunity stuff out like you usually do for weekend games. I only copied what was posted for the actual challenge.

It sucks to go like this, especially because I had a strategy that would have guaranteed at least a number 2 finish. I am now certain of who will finish in the top 2 and who will go next week.

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I wonder if I'm the first player to ever be eliminated without having received one Tribal Council vote all season long...in case anyone's kept up with that like I have. Just an interesting fact.

...although one other player left alive hasn't received a single Tribal Council vote all season either.

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