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  1. Not necessarily directed towards you
  2. You ever have a night where you sit a home watch some Deadliest Catch, maybe have a grilled cheese?
  3. I flew first class a few years ago to Orlando. It wasn't too bad.
  4. I disagree, the minute I set foot on that plane. I'm listening to what the flight crew tells me.
  5. So the passengers should decide how the flight is going to go?
  6. If I'm flying I want the guy whose controlling the tube with 1000's of pounds of fuel to be in charge. Not me or some bumfuck in seat 7A
  7. There is no first amendment on an airplane. There is no democracy even.
  8. While I'm still of the opinion United handled the removal of the passenger wrong. I'm leaning towards the camp of the pilot of that airplane is in charge. What he says goes. And if he tells you to get off, then you get the fuck off.
  9. I just use it as a Fox Sports radio app
  10. The comment sections of any ESPN social media feeds today have been brutal