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  1. Is there a specfic place you generally put them?
  2. So in Carpenter's version of the Thing who do think is infected at the end? @Tele Came Back @baumer @The Stingray
  3. No lie first time I saw Kindergarten Cop was on a Disney Cruise ship (before they had their own Cruise line). It was in high school with about 12 other families from school.
  4. I'll say you youngins need to get in on the Thing if you already haven't.
  5. Oh you get tiny morsels of the but they're worth it
  6. I haven't done one of these in awhile but Cameron 1. T2 2. Aliens 3. Terminator 4. True Lies 5, Titanic 6. Avatar 7. Abyss(haven't seen)
  7. I admit I'm not super excited for the Avatar sequels, but it's hard to not trust Cameron at this point.
  8. Every time I see Kurt Russell in the Thing or Escape from New York I chuckle that 6 or 7 years prior to making these films he was in Disney movies like Now You See Him Now You Don't
  9. And I don't think the romance is as bad as some say. It feels more natural than something like Pearl Harbor which just felt forced
  10. I just watched the episode in the first season where Carrie Coon's character goes to the conference. It was good but emotionally draining. I kind of needed a break after that
  11. Leftovers is good stuff but the tone makes it a hard binge for me.
  12. Grading the draft is one of the more unnecessary endeavors a sports writer has to partake in.
  13. It's bad really bad but I think the first is slightly worse
  14. Having vegetable pasta counts as having vegetables right?
  15. Yeah they were aces. But you got some solid bench players this season Michael Stuhlberg(sp) Shea Wigam and David Thewlis. Then add in Carrie Coon and Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  16. It goes without saying but this is easily the strongest cast for Fargo