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  1. Wait, it only did 6k admissions after 9.20 pm on saturday ? Then it might actually be a little higher on sunday. Though given the scale, whether it's below or above, it's basically flat. edit : It's up.
  2. I don't know about yen. I'm talking about tickets. Its admissions will fall behind as sunday evenings usually have very few admissions after 10 pm unlike saturday evenings.
  3. Corpse : Beauty and the Beast performed very, very well on Saturday, and has probably assured that it'll achieve a debut above the ¥1 billion mark. Here's how it compares to the five ¥1 billion debuts of the past few years, including last weekend's Detective Conan. Saturday Results - ¥1 billion+ Openers (Two-Thirds of Market) : Tickets Sold/Available Tickets (% Capacity), [Theaters/Showings], Film Title 348,024/605,267 (57.4% capacity), [239/1,676], Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter (2017) 317,709/530,456 (59.9% capacity), [231/1,727], Yo-Kai Watch 2 (2015) 293,246/714,702 (41.0% capacity), [236/2,789], Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) 289,656/530,905 (54.5% capacity), [230/1,502], Detective Conan: Darkest Nightmare (2016) 286,726/658,842 (43.5% capacity), [231/2,256], One Piece Film Gold (2016) 262,671/667,610 (39.3% capacity), [245/2,327], Beauty and the Beast (2017) Its Saturday is lower than all the other ¥1 billion openers of the past few years, but it's still very impressive, and should come in around 800,000 admissions over the weekend frame (Alice in Wonderland sold 828,000, so that's the main target) if its Sunday is roughly on par with yesterday. It's hard to predict what its avg. ticket price will be (3D family films vary greatly), but even a low avg. ticket price should carry it above the ¥1 billion mark. I'm thinking it'll debut with around ¥1.1 billion ($10 million), which makes it a ¥10 billion (~$90 million+) contender.
  4. I maintain that biggest worldwide openings should be done by combining all debuts regardless of release date. This doesn't mean anything when Star Wars debuted a month later in China.
  5. First time since 2014 would require a 1 million debut in admissions, not a 1 billion debut in yen. The last movie to do it was Yôkai Watch in december 2014. Imagine if BATB had opened this weekend. The Japanese BO would have exploded.
  6. Perhaps the fact that France has stronger cultural ties to Polynesia than most countries (via French Polynesia) explains why the movie is dong so well here relatively speaking.
  7. This is the fourth consecutive time I believe that DOM and OS year end #1s will be different. 2016 : Rogue One DOM, Civil War OS 2015 : TFA DOM, Furious 7 OS 2014 : American Sniper DOM, Transformer 4 OS 2013 : Catching Fire DOM, Frozen OS The last movie to top both the DOM box-office and the OS box-office was The Avengers in 2012. As SW VIII is likely to be the #1 DOM in 2017, the only question is if it will be able to win the #1 OS crown as well ?
  8. Star Wars is only bigger than Potter in the domestic market and maybe in a few other select countries. Different tastes for different people. It happens.
  9. Glad to see I agree with China on at least one thing : the snoozefest that is the SW franchise.
  10. Beating Spirited Away in gross would be one thing, but with tickets being slightly more expensive today compared to 2001 it will need to gross more to beat it in admissions.
  11. There's a strong cinema culture in France and the industry has promoted cheaper tickets at certain periods (Printemps du Cinéma, etc.) and for those who go to the movies regularly. My parents for example go see a lot of movies, between 30 and 40 a year, and pay something like 4-5€ on average thanks to all these promos.
  12. Your Name is opening today. I'm hoping for a breakout.
  13. The HP franchise was much bigger OS than DOM. SW is much bigger DOM than OS. Not surprising.