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  1. Also, @Spaghetti of 1000 Planets, you should make a love triangle.
  2. Shouldn't you get back to your lover @Arlborn
  3. 1.) Amusement Park $350M OW/$1B (obviously a joke) 1.) Infinity War $210M/$520M 2.) Jurassic World 2: The squeakquel $200M/$500M 3.) The Incredibles 2 $145M/$495M 4.) Han Solo $130M/$400M 5.) Black Panther $120M/$360M 6.) Aquaman $100M/$330M 7.) Dead2ool $140M/$320M 8.) Grinch $80M/$310M 9.) Ready Player One/Mulan $90M/$275M 10.) New Mutants $105M/$260M 11.) Mortal Engines $85M/$250M 12.) Fantastic Beasts 2 $80M/$230M 13.) Animated Spider-Man $30M 3 Day/$55M 5 Day/$220M 14.) Ant Man and The Wasp/Wrinkle In Time $75M/$215M 15.) Mission Impossible 6/Alita: Battle Angel $65M/$200M 15.) Wreck It Ralph 2 $40M 3 Day/$65M 5 Day/$200M 16.) Hotel Transylvania 3 $55M/$180M 17.) S.C.O.O.B $55M/$175M 17.) Venom $75M/$175M 17.) Dark Phoenix $65M/$175M 18.) Rampage $55M/$160M 18.) Tomb Raider $65M/$160M 19.) Bumblebee/The Predator $65M/$150M 19.) Fifty Shades Freed/Magic Camp $45M/$130M 20.) Poppins Returns $25M 3 Day/$45M 5 Day/$130M 21.) The Invisible Man/Robin Hood/The Pact/Watson and Holmes/O8 $45M/$120M 22.) Jungle Book Origins/Goosebumps 2/Amusement Park $30M/$105M 23.) Peter Rabbit $25M/$90M 24.) Maze Runner: The Death Cure/Pacific Rim 2/Red Sparrow $35M ($25M)/$85M 25.) Smallfoot $20M/$75M
  4. I want to see Diesel, Statman, and Johnson riding T-Rexes while being chased by Cipher's I-Rex.
  5. $10M/$35M (Rob Schinder is The Mummy) In Egypt, when a pharaoh's son (Adam Sandler), becomes pharaoh, the world goes upside down for him. With his mummy sidekick (Rob Schinder), prepare for an ancient good time. The Reaper
  6. Happy Birthday @Ethan Hunt
  7. 94 @Blankments is a saint.
  8. Yeah, I made a typo at the time. I meant to say this.
  9. Turning into this too. I'm probably seeing Lion King OD though due to Nostalgia, but Disney other than SW and Marvel, gives me little to get hyped about.
  10. The only Disney films I'm really hyped for: Thor 3, The Last Jedi, Black Panther, Wrinkle in Time, Infinity War 1/2, Incredibles 2, and Captain Marvel.
  11. True but The Lion King, like Star Wars has cemented itself in the power of nostalgia. Many here except for @excel1 thought Jurassic World would not do over $350M (matter of fact, excel also was right about JW doing $150M+ OW).
  12. BVS did $325M due to bad WOM and bad critical response. Besides Disney has been on a roll recently, with Beast getting middling reviews it did $500M+, and people here were thinking $350M-$450M for Beast. Not to mention, dem Disney checks .