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  1. I'm sorry if I'm giving you the wrong impression. I want JL to succeed but I do want to be a bit more conservative for my predictions for CBMs, but if it does $500M+ I am happy.
  2. I do want JL or any other CBM for that matter to touch $500M, the point is in my opinion I do think we underestimate animation around here, if all 3 breakout I'll be happy. JL can do $660M/$1.5B and I'd be dancing in the rain.
  3. JL is also going to a massive success, I never said it wouldn't.
  4. Still, it has an decent cast and could attract both families and Christians but I think this along with animated Spider-Man has a shot (not a lock or even a decent chance) for $200M domestic.
  5. For Animation presales unless something big like Dory/Minions doesn't really matter.
  6. I agree with you mostly, but at the same I think it's best to be a bit more conservative when it comes to predicting big CBM events like this, remember there was a time where a lot of people thought BVS, AOU, and CW would do over $500M domestic. Not to mention Coco and The Star could be decent family competition, however JL will likely have a lot of families too.
  7. IN!
  8. First Prediction for JL: 60% on RT $160M OW/$420M Domestic/$1.05B WW
  9. Same, unappealing Dreamworks movies tend to breakout, I even have a BB over Smurfs club.
  10. Cause two Worldwide icons is a fair comparison to a 90s show.