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  1. Top 10 of 2018 predictions

    The multi isn't going to be that bad. 2.2x at worst, which would still be 500 if it pulls 225 on OW. Think it can match AOU's multi even with a massive OW as long as it delivers.
  2. Top 10 of 2017 predictions!

    Anyone in here predict 400+ for WW? 500+ for BATB?
  3. Top 10 of 2018 predictions

    Agreed. That OW will hit 225m+ if marketing is on point. The hype will be massive. Maybe the multi sucks, but even if it does it will still hit 500.
  4. With a LD expansion it could go as high as 415-418 if we consider TA pulled another 12m from here and JW another 15m and it is now ahead in dailies over both. And August is a waste land for appealing new releases. What an absolutely glorious box office run.
  5. Sadly all of Disney's POC films have had comparatively low selling merch, so I'm unfortunately not surprised.
  6. Eww @ discussion of that non event disgracing this sacred place.
  7. Hype has felt extremely muted for this for a long time now. I mean I know marketing will shift into full gear in the Fall, but I still thought the hype would be stronger than it has been lately.
  8. The sorry state of the August releases when all I have to look forward to following this month at the BO is Wonder Woman. Ya know, that early June movie.
  9. They should have taken that long running fan theroy that Winnie the Pooh is all about Christopher Robin being schizophrenic and the characters all representing a particular part of his mental illnesses and ran with it. Have it about him as an adult finally breaking down from all of it.
  10. Yeah, I agree. My sights are now set on the 4x multi, which will be a challenge for sure, but this movie has yet to live down a challenge.
  11. Kind of hilarious to talk about originals owning the summer in a box office sense when the top 8 are all third or further installments in a franchise.
  12. I am very conflicted on it being a BP contender. On one hand if a film the caliber of TDK couldn't get nommed, it almost seems offensive that WW would. On the other hand, yeah it's not objectively high level filmmaking on many levels (and is in fact pretty generic blockbuster fare on several aspects), but the characterization and heart of it are just so damn strong it's hard not to adore it. I'm sure it will still be one of my favorite films by year's end. And then you have the cultural significance of it all. So I guess maybe it does deserve it?

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