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  1. Have no idea how Aquaman was hovering at 72% - 75% for a week on Rotten Tomatoes, then just in the last 2 days after it was released, plummeted down to 63%. Huge dive at Rotten Tomatoes in the last 2 days.
  2. Brandon Davis from Comicbook.com basically loved and had positive reactions to every superhero movie from BvS to JL. I thought he’d be one of the few to say something positive for Venom... but for him to be negative about it speaks volumes.
  3. On a differently related note: Remember 6 weeks ago when Morgan Freeman was accused of sexual harassment or abuse by 8 women, in which Freeman even admitted to it and apologized for his actions? Seems like a distant memory with no one talking about it after the release of promo material for his Nutcracker movie, because Disney kept quiet about it and didn’t make a big snap judgement to fire him from the movie like they did with James Gunn.
  4. “IMDB: The Dark Knight Fanboys Burying The Godfather” http://www.slashfilm.com/imdb-watch-are-dark-knight-fanboys-burying-the-godfather/
  5. Did anyone catch the beginning of the post-credit scene? Nick Fury mentioned getting a hold of “Clint” before their SUV got hit. Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. Extra little details during 2nd viewing.
  6. Josh Brolin’s Thanos was so multidimensional. He was menacing, compassionate, his actions were questionable but motives were genuine. He just shot at the top of best comic book villain over Joker, Loki, and everyone else. Damn right.
  7. Scarlett Witch was my favorite. Her defending her man from the get go, and later when she came down to help Wakanda with Okoye’s line was fantastic!
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