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  1. How many people have seen the rought cut already ?
  2. Graceful was the key word here.
  3. Of course I took the extreme example, but even comparing the multis of a 170m opener and a 120-130m opener feels ludicrous to me and lots of members seem to do these comparisons more often than not.
  4. Episode 9 will have to : - undo the mess left by visionary screenwriter-master story-teller Rian Johnson - open the doors to at least 2 new trilogies - get people excited again for other A Star Wars Story - make Rose Cool - make Poe & Finn cool again - avoid the Mystery Box school of writing at all costs - make at least 600m dom & 1,3B WW to not be considered a flop - make Bob Iger happy again - following the tragic death of Carrie Fisher, figure out a graceful way to kill Leia offscreen. JJ, your move.
  5. Do legs matter when you end at 150m and your movie is described by cinephalia-awards bodies-critics as the best action -blockbuster movie evah in the history of the medium since the original Ben-Hur (not the Charlton Heston one) ? Should BOT members still compare legs for movies that start with a 257m OW and for other movies that start with 38m OW and everything in between ? Some box office food for thought.
  6. The Futurist

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Elon Musk, a sad by-product of our times.
  7. Safe House had the Green Lantern afterglow in the sense that after Green Lantern , the only way remaining is up.
  8. Not sure why Ant Man is doing so poorly (everybody will have its own theory) but 3 movies per year always seemed a bit overkill to me, especially when other studios with superhero IPs want to do the same.
  9. Wonder Woman was such a beautiful love letter to the MCU. It made me emotionnal watching it. Feige is a huuuge WW fan. Love Trumps Hate. You go girl !
  10. Everybody wants financial security. American and english colleges are pricy, you want the best for your kids. Don't worry, she will be on a giant green screen set soon.

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