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  1. Return of the King was 3h21, wonder what other movies were longer before it because nobody came close after it. It s been 15 years. The peplums, some Sergio Leones and David Leans. You had long war historical dramas or biopics in the 70's and 80's and 90's. Ben Hur was 3h32 Tele of Arabia : 3h36 Gone with the Wind : 3h58
  2. How many (big studio) movies have passed the 2h30 mark in the 2010's ? How about the 2h45 mark which seems to be the limit no one is allowed to go beyond ? Even Nolan and Bay couldn't do it.
  3. Tone is everything. If it s a drab affair like BR, EXPECT A FLOP.
  4. The Futurist

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Green Book is such a dangerous movie. Sadly peasants don't have neither the tools or education to recognize it as such. Shame.
  5. This adulation for people walking for 10 hours will never stop to astound me.
  6. Dumbo and Dumbo-er ? Summer 2021. After that, Dumbo will have grown too much.
  7. This guy is right tho. Captain Marvel doing 960m WW would be an utter commercial failure.
  8. I know who s the biggest fan of US in Hollywood :
  9. Moon landing. Elvis Is Dead. 9/11 Captain Marvel en route to 1B WW.
  10. Edge : 6/10 Snark : 5,5/10 You can do better.
  11. It is the job of the filmmaker to make you believe in the story that is unfolding. If you don't believe in the perfect lie that is a movie (movies are lies, ask Cameron) the filmmaker has failed in his prime mission. It is as simple as that. US made me an atheist. Until Dumbo.

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