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  1. If the 2017 movie had flopped you would have had people explaining to you the Jumanji brand was dead, that nobody was asking for a new Jumanji, Robin Williams Yaddy yadda ... that everybody saw the flop coming ... After the facts commentators. Gotta love'em.
  2. My bold prediction for Frozen 3 : Elsa will become a mother and the sperm donor will be Olaf. "Take that Prince Charming !"
  3. There is a 40m version of this movie where Kylo & Rey have all the diseases and mental issues of the universe & they blame it on the "system". They can't control the Force anymore. They start to put weird make-up on their faces. All the planets of the outer-rims start to riot just because. The last shot of the movie is Kylo and Rey dancing while the last Jedi Temple burns with the Jedi sacred texts in it. THE END. And it makes 2B WW. Missed opportunity from JJ, here.
  4. Banks would make a great female joker, she knows the victim playbook. "It s the (male)( I won't use the P word) system, stupid ! Poor me (us, women) !" I am amazed by the brainwashing of the last 10 years still. Read any celeb interview today and you ll find all the same insane talking points normal people would have made fun of you until let s say, late 2000's ? The crazies have become the normies. And I blame social media for it.
  5. Todd Phillips is such a brave and visionary artist. The VCU is upon us. V doesn't stand for villain by the way.
  6. The actresss that played Effie Trinkkett in The Hunger Games said men didn't ike to see women in action films and roles. She did four of those. What is happening to these people, just a few years ago, they all mostly appear sane in their interviews and now they lost the plot or something ...
  7. The way The Joker tries to justify its existence in the Batman/DC world is really pathetic. Such an after thought, so dishonest & clumsy. The Joker is such a cynical movie, created by a Dudebro AI in the form of Todd Phillips. "I am going to make an Artistic-indie gritty movie, copying shamelessly 70's Scorcese and play the victimhood mentality that has metastasized in our Post WW II world to win everyone's pity. I ll put the Joker & DC brands on it. And become filthy rich in the process." The Todd
  8. Frozen is social engineering we used to see in fascist communist regimes back in the 20th century. They don't even hide it and are proud of it. Shameless. Problem : social engineering only works for a limited time period.
  9. People ALWAYS deflect in these arguments and you are no stranger to it. Problem : laws of physics have no passion, sentiment, empaty, anger or any kind of feeling or opinion, you just have to deal with the fabric of our world. The substract that to this arguments lead to nowhere. The Meadows rapport written 45 years ago explained everything on how our energy/ressources gobling societies function, how EVERYTHING is interconnected to an insane degree, and 45 years on, you wouldn't have to change a single word today. Let s say, you impose a worldwide ban on meat tomorrow and see what happens ... But us, the energy gobblers can't realize anything because we were all born in a world of abundance that has a very limited shelf life. Simply put : the person with the lowest income of a developped country in 2020 (just before you become a homeless person) had better living conditions than the aristocrats and kings and queens and the bourgeoisie of centuries past, starting in the late 1800's ( guess what happened at that time ...). This is a reality NO ONE is willing to accept, trust me I tried and people laugh at the idea. But again, ENERGY don't care about people s opinion and sentiment. Another number to keep in mind, we use the energy equivalent of 1 200 human slaves per day (arms, legs), working 24/24 for us, to allow us to be lazy motherfuckers with everything at our disposal with minimum effort. We are all Iron Man- Superman people with an energy endoskeleton and we don't realize it, especially the insane scale of it. You think we ended slavery because humans became wise with more empathy & people of the past were evil ? That s a comforting and soothing thought to have no doubt. Man/Wah-Man didn't end slavery or at least its more extreme form : coal, oil and the electricity grid did. Sorry to break all of your illusions folks.
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