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  1. Woody Harrelson is a living Legend, an american treasure and one of the best ever. His range in unparalleled, the diversity of parts he played throughout his career is astonishing. He made 3 Billboards Outside my Scrotum tolerable.
  2. John Wick 3 | May 17 2019

    Hopefully this movie will be a cautionnary tale about crypto-currencies.
  3. RED SPARROW | 03.02.18 | Fox | Jennifer Lawrence

    I draw circles in the sand.
  4. I have steamy dreams and images in my mind when I think about these movies but somehow they never end porno enough.
  5. Coulb be a good argument for Alicia to keep the house in case of a divorce if Magneto gave her some career advice for this. "Do a video game movie honey" Smart pillow talk right there.
  6. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    3 Billboards Outside My Anus was absolutely dreadful. Martin McDonuts is a terrible director and an even worse writer, Sweet Yeezus. Thank God this had AAA actors showing their skills, even tho McDormand was so one note and annoying in the long run. Luckily for 3B, Downsizing managed to be even worse. Payne and McDonuts should be casted out of Hollywood to give a chance to aspiring & competent filmmakers. These two have been fooling everybody for far too long. This was a very good day at the movies no doubt. Ykes.
  7. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    I always forget this one somehow but it was I don't know a few weeks in Summer, it bartely counts IMO. She has like 12 projects annouced (hints of a Jlaw/Emma Stone movie lately) but nothing materializes. It s weird. If she isn't in the new QT, well ...
  8. Classic Conversation with a Vengeance

    Jennifer Lawrence has been unemployed for the last 8 months. She can't book jobs. WTF is happening ?
  9. Did they shoot some stuff on location in Paris/France or is it all Studio/Sets-BlueScreens/CGI ?
  10. The two first Mission Impossible were written as they were making them hence "the confusing & complicated" parts of the plot especially the first one. So the complaint is valid. First movie makes absolutely no freaking sense whatsoever.
  11. Gonna be weird/fun to see Tommy Missile running all around in places I know really well.
  12. ANT-MAN AND THE WASP | 07.06.2018 | Disney

    The premise for this is such a fantastic sand box to play in. Visionary director Peyton Reed and the VFX houses probably had a blast coming up with the set-pieces for this movie.

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