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  1. And how theaters chains are gonna survive all those months without any business at all ? Bailout ?
  2. Those sweet new sensations of the theater experiences of the future : - the guy behind you sneezes twice towards you ... - that gurl has a very bad cough ... is she ok, or am I ?
  3. All the summer blockbusters in November & December. Sounds like a great idea. Not. But who cares. The second wave will have come by now and summer 2020 will become summer 2021. Hopefully.
  4. Rumor has it he is a real life "Dr Evil " inside the scientilogy structure. His laugh says it all really. Their Goal : World Domination.
  5. Perfect date. Just when the second wave strikes. Harder than the first.
  6. Fast & Furiosa presents : Batman vs Avengers inside Island Number 4 of Jurassic World
  7. Hapinness looks so easy on this pic, you just need an Ana de Armas around your arms. Batfleck knows.
  8. VFX artists had to add digital pubic hair to Dakota Johnson on the Fifty shades of grey movies.
  9. Reptilians from outter space are immune folks. The Missile got this.
  10. Best pandemic movies are Oscar/Sundance/Europan auteur films movies since the 70's. The way they have spread their naive, progressive, basic as fuck, simplistic, religious, new puritan values will do much more damage to the world than Covid .
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