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  1. Now that all the funny book trash movies have been released, we can now concentrate on the best YA franchise ever.
  2. Like James Bond and Star Wars you mean ? Yeah, those 40, 50 yo franchises have run their courses I agree.
  3. Nothing on TV looks more original than movies to me, this is all just a mind contrusct, nothing more. It s all be done before I am afraid.
  4. I was so nervous about how Dunkirk was gonna end for these english troops stranded on this french beach. Suspense was killing me. Such originial and creative story telling from Nolan in this fick.
  5. Not too worried about the DCEU to be honest. Aquabro & Cyborg solo movies are almost guaranted 4 quandrant box office hits if executed well by their filmmakers.
  6. Leo and Bay aren't that different : they both think Victoria's Secret models over 22 are wood killers.
  7. Next year, The subtext in Rampage with he Rock will make you ponder on the frailty of the human condition.

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