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  1. The Joker is a conformist movie. Excellent propaganda for the useful idiots. There s a reason it resonated. It is exactly what people(not all obviuolsy, but a large chunk) have been trained to want to hear. Perfect and efficient social engineering. Todd Phillips has now access to pussies you(we) will only dream of our whole lifetime. Before The Joker, he was rich. Now he is an Artiste. This combination is like meth and cocaine to women. Todd Phillips is what every alpha male sould aspire to be.
  2. Imagine conforming to the norm being considered a plus & something to aspire to. Imagine that.
  3. lol at this movie for being so dishonest about how the world works. I know it is hard to accept reality so let s invent things. So the bourgeoisie in this is presented as clueless, cold, incompetent, easy to manipulate fucks. The have-nots are witty, smart, loving & resourceful. I will be honest, Parasite is great dystopian sci-fi. Forget Gravity. Parasite is sci-fi. So great to see the awards bodies fully embracing genre movies. Also, with who do you think Bong likes to spend his time with, hum ? The people with the big house. Always and forever. Hypocrite.
  4. True. Signing on Green Lantern was by far the best thing that ever happened to her.
  5. There is nothing polite or nice or cute about the Dune story & its characters. Villeneuve throws up when he hears the f word. Making this movie a pleasing experience for GA is going to need some serious divine intervention. It is my most anticipated movie of the year.
  6. Hollywood is such a great supporting group. Soothing the pain of a divorce with an Oscar. Inspiring.
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