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  1. Serious question , what genre John Wick is ? I can't take the action seriously I am sorry. Is it self aware parody ?
  2. This was the age of the 80-100m comedies. More than half of that sum was for Willis-SLJ-M Night and don't forget one of the most powerful couple of Hollywood Miss Lucasfilms/marshall production company.
  3. Why can't we have both ? I am not asking Glass to be modern blockbuster big obviously but geez everything about the Glass trailer looks cheap and small to me. Maybe there is a middle ground to find I dunno. If you have big ideas, give thems bones and structure and a bit of scale. Is that too much to ask ?
  4. I can already see the cat memes flooding the internets comes March ...
  5. Another week, Another superhero movie ... The fatigue will kick in soon I heard.
  6. Best franchise about a monetary system ever.
  7. The Futurist

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    Ah, if only MCU movies happening on Earth had 80% of night scenes with a grey/brown color palette. We would have Art instead of this basic TV/CW look.
  8. The Futurist

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    Spiderman films are for adult-mature audiences ? This is breaking news information, call CNN.
  9. Reviews are good in France for Now. 3,6/5 out of 17 reviews.
  10. All the aspects of MJ s live apart from the Art are bleak and depressing and horrible really. Between the violent upbringing, the shit he saw while touring in America as a kid, the plastic surgery gone mad and the love life/kid issues you basically have all the ingredients of a Trauma production. MJ was like Icarus, he burnt his wings way too soon.
  11. The reason the #Metoo movement existed is because 99% of the times : you can't prove a rape, a sexual assault or harassment, pedophilia in a court of law. You just can't, sorry that s how biology and psychology and the nervous system work. It always end up in a what he said/she said situation. All the actors and directors you all spend your time calling out never had a trial and yet they are treated like Hollywood Pariah who should never work again in the industry. It's amusing. But MJ was innocent ! The standard. It doubled.

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