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  1. Maybe Chris Rock has something to say about a certain generation that forbids him to perform in certain places ?
  2. It is interesting some people are still using the words " beautifully shot" for these big CGI films. Lots of shots are now 100% CGI so they are not shot on camera.
  3. Add Rogue One. Edwards comes from a visual effects background so his understanding of modern tools is quite unique I think. Read fascinating things about him on Rogue One and what he asked ILM to do for him. Too bad Godzi 14 is so dark even of course it adds to the atmosphere of the film.
  4. The only gimmick of Avatar was it was a great film with fantastic storyltelling. 3d doesn't buy you Avatar legs. But great filmmaking and great storytelling do. Simple.
  5. In december 2027, Cameron will be 73. Hope nothing bad health wise happens to him until then. When you hit 60, it s when your chances to have serious health problems increase by a lot. So when you approach 70 ...
  6. List of franchises films that went up from a 2b WW gross : Avengers Endgame ...
  7. You know how The Joker enters and disappears from scenes in the Dark Knight ? Because they wrote it. It s all very magic.
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