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  1. Covid 19 has diminished strongly the IQ of the mod team I see. Basic Science is too much for them.
  2. To be honest, Trump hysteria completely fascinates me. The day he was elected, the world got mad. And it never stopped since. I know for a fact he eats babies and loves beeing pissed on by russian prostitutes. CNN told me that. Oh, and of course, Trump is a Russian asset controlled by Vlad the Empaler, Owner of Gazprom. I got that from the New-York Times. And yes, he grabs them. Stolen private conversations told me that. But I maintain what I always said : Trump is not and was never the disease, he is merely a symptom. But it is comforting and soothing for leftist simpletons to think otherwise. Good luck with that. The way leftists have been obsessing about him is pure lunacy. And if these cowards leftists were being honest, they would declare war on its voters, a real war I mean, with weapons and deaths, like the old times when you disagreed on ideologies/things. Because the level of insults/patronizing attitudes/violence Trump voters have been eating for the last 3 years should be enough to have a new Civil War in America. Luckily, we have oil and full bellies but in the long run, be careful for what you wish for. If leftists hatred for Trump voters runs that deep, they should be ready for what s coming because they won't disapear when Trump is out of the equation. People have memories. Even rednecks. Schocking I know. Oh and the way leftists weaponized IP is shameful. But that s another debate entirely and a can of worms I won't open. In the past when ressources where more scarce, wars were declared for way less than the vile hatred I see in American politics/society. Hold on to your butts, the bubble will burst, eventually. It always does. "History is Tragic." And of course, I love the irony that leftists believe in righteous hatred. There s a reason I call them the New Puritains. Trump was the truth serum of western societies. We know who are the tyrants now. The people who made Woodstock. Peace and Love they said. But they were on acid. Sober & in control of economic and media powers, they became what we are seing now. A terrifying and hilarious parody of the intolerant people they used to fight against in the 50's, 60's, 70's & before.
  3. Very difficult to interpret the numbers for each country. So many variables and so many wrong/incomplete statistics/data. Depending on the country you are someone with a serious heart condition with covid will not be counted as a covid death or vice versa etc We compare statistics that are not even based on the same premises, concepts and assumptions etc Testing vary so much from country to country etc. It s big bordelo. German numbers seem odd, the country has as many elders as the rest of the hardest hit european countries so I dunno ... God is in the details and german statisticians could use tricks who knows ?
  4. Very difficult to interpret the numbers for each country. So many variables and so many wrong/incomplete statistics/data. Depending on the country you are someone with a serious heart condition with covid will not be counted as a covid death or vice versa etc We compare statistics that are not even based on the same premises, concepts and assumptions etc Testing vary so much from country to country etc. It s big bordelo.
  5. The other thing I want to point out is that nobody could have foreseen how Covid-19 was gonna behave. Hindsight is always 20/20 and some of the biggest scientists in the world got it wrong too. Plus, the effects of Covid create an enormous stress on any health care. WHat I am trying to say is the scale and scope of Covid poses problems states don't/didn't have weapons for, or not enough. It s very easy to point fingers and say "oh you should have done this and that "... "where is my 1 Billion masks strategic reserve folks ?" Forgive me for being a bigot too, I would if I could have closed borders with China and Asia in Mid-Late January 2020. Whatever you say to this argument, it wouldn't have stopped Covid entirely from entering my country but I am pretty damn sure it would have scaled down the scope of the pandemic for the countries that made that choice. Plus now countries have done it now so whatever point you have about closing the borders early is moot. People clearly see the point now. Again, Covid Cells don't book airport tickets. Infected Covid people do and bring Covid Cells to your friendly neighborhood. Globalization, gotta love it. When I learned China had closed all its cinemas and cancelled its new Years eve events, I knew deep in my guts something very wrong/unusual/tragic was occuring. But I am a pessimist guy.
  6. The irony of the pavlovian negative reaction towards China from westerners is that they have no idea, no clue how much China and its leaders admire America and the west at large and how everything they do is modeled after the west. The means to get there are just different but it s the same endgame. 3 years ago, there was an official and very important ceremony for the Father of Modern China, Dr Sun Yat Sen, it was the 150th anniversary of its birth and guess what ? This guy, travelled Europe at the end of the 19th century and couldn't believe what he saw. He was in fact furious to see the difference between where China was at and where Europe was at. He was "ashamed" of China and when he came back to his native village, he destroyed the idols his fellow people still worshipped. Europe was full on science, progress (the real ones), modern medicine ( he had his doctor degree in London) and technology and in the village of Dr Sun, people still worshipped idols in his native village, surviving on scraps. Humans have more in common than we think.
  7. You know what s funny ? IN the US, it seems there is the classic battle between Trumpers, Fox news & Democrats/NYT/NBC on how Trump took the Covid menace lightly and how he knew and how he handled the crisis badly yaddy yada etc We did better in France, with a progressist president that shares ALL your values, we had the same message than Fox News on ALL FUCKING MEDIA. Covid- 19 ? No biggie folks, we got this. Despite some doubts here and there, we heard this song up until mid March. Which means 95% of french media were acting under the orders of Macron on what to say and what not to say about Covid since January up until mid March and they had to admit the situation was getting ouf of control in a very bad way and we got confined the next day. The amount of bullshit and lies we heard since the beginning of the crisis from french media, doctors and scientists , Macron and his team make look Trump and Fox news like decent, coherent, competent people. Be at peace Americans, in other parts of the world, things are actually way worse. The testimonies I hear from doctors and nurses that work in ER and ICU in the worst clusters of France are straight out of horror movies. They have little to no protection and for them, it is a constant stream of pain and suffering and grinding work all day for too few victories ... I don't know how long they will be able to confront this situation ... It is the medical trenches. WAR.
  8. If chinese numbers are somewhat true, it means they sacrificed people for the greater good aka a country of 1,4B entirely covided. You let an entire city get covided (the biggest cities of Wuhan I think), you don't try hard to save everybody, you close the city with a border/wall nobody and I mean Nobody can pass, you shoot on sight any trespasser. You let famine & people getting crazy without hope develop in this closed city. But Covid doesn't travel anymore, its carriers anyway. The pandemic stops, at least the epicenter of it which is paramount in any pandemic. I can't prove it but that s what I think China did to prevent massive European/Western/Other places type contamination in their country. How do you think wars were won during the entire history of mankind ? With Christian/Leftist values ? With smiles and teddy bears ? Think again. Sacrifice, that malevolant word again, rears up its ugly head. Also, don't assume the chinese regime is against its people, that s the biggest mistake any westerner (or person with western value you can have because you have comfort, comfort that took thousands of years to create) makes. You wouldn't say that if you lived in CHina just 20 years ago when famines were still common ( I have a 30 something bartender in my town who is from China and where he lived in the early 90's, he told me they used to squeeze plants to drink, you read me correct), the progress they made in about 4 decades is so massive it boggles the mind. Literraly. To be against its own people doesn't make sense on any level, even of the most basic ones such as evolutionary. No life form destroys its sibblings on pure nihilism or whatever argument you can use in this case. Western People have no clue the level of suffering the chinese people endured just until recently on so many levels compared to the comfort of living in the west we were able to create for ourselves since the 50's/60's and so on. The country was not in synch with the west historically and yes, it is the chinese dictatorship that put around 800m people out of middle age poverty and put them in giant urban areas and made the country the second most powerful country economically. Is it so wrong to think you belong to a group of people to achieve a common good and be ready to make sacrifices for it ? Sacrifices are always unjust and horrible, that s its nature. That s how we used to think in the west until WWII. But comfort makes people lazy and coward, sorry but that s the cold hard truth. I don't pretend to be any different by the way. In France, we are so fucked we legalized euthanasia in nursing homes. You read me correct, we re gonna kill our elders because we can't do anything for them. No enough beds and respirators for them. Living la vida loca you see. You wanted to talk to me about morals, democracy vs dictatorship ? Oh and let s hope China s numbers are somewhat correct, they are by far the biggest masks producers in the world. And masks. We wants them. Badly. Unless we start our own masks factories maybe but how long that would take ...
  9. I would argue this Covid crisis is gonna shape the entire future of mankind for decades to come.
  10. Either China is lying hard on their numbers and they are bad/catastrophic or they are not lying that much and they took measures no democracies would have dared to take. Which will allow them to be the first world superpower quite easily selling us masks 10$ a piece because they have a working class actually willing to work hard in factories to produce them en masse. YOu think the average westerner who worked decades in the tertiary world is ready to become a working class hero in slave shops factories ? Think again. Remember in China the collective superceeds the individual.
  11. Animosity between party lines has become so toxic and negative that people prefer to do the hatred dance on a pile of corpses instead of coming together and trying to find solutions to avoid said pile. That s where we re at. With various degrees depending on the country. That Trump guy seems to have a bad reputation in the US and it destroys the brain cellls of its haters.
  12. And how theaters chains are gonna survive all those months without any business at all ? Bailout ?
  13. What will do more damages ? - Covid cells killing people - Civid consequences on our way of life and economies. Place your bets.
  14. Has anyone tried to do the maths anyway ? In a perfect world, maybe we would need globally I dunno, 1 Billion masks a day or a week ? There is an actual war right now to get masks all around the world.
  15. Funny : saying publicly in January 2020 : "close the damn fuking borders with China and Asia as a whole NOW !" made you a fascist, racist, bigot etc etc etc or whatever word is hip right now to call you a nazi. Because we were not quite sure where this new Virus came from. It was live on television/Internet 24/7 all January but there were still doubt where it originated from. Uranus maybe ? Thanos Home World ? Now go 2 months the future and we have closed : -cinemas -schools - unessential working places -public places and gatherings like all restaurents and concerts etc -we put more than one billion people in self confinement aka in the borders of their own homes -1/4th or 1/3th of the economy depending on your current figures -treatments to patients that can't be treated because hospitals are swamped by covid patients - there is even a border between your mouth and the eardrum of the person you are talking too. We call them face masks I think. Borders and Walls EVERYWHERE you go. I know it s sad, fascism has won. Tragic I know. We closed ALL the metaphorical or real borders there is in this world except the first and most important and paramount ones. Oh and yes I forgot the punch in the gut to irony, dozens of states ( even the progressive ones but don't repeat it) finally decided to close plenty of their borders, not all but quite a lot. Those evil nazis. Funny how that works ? Covid cells don't book ticket planes/buses/trains reservations or drive cars by themselves unless my biology knowledge is quite bad. At least, people who are ready to die for their ideology is a highly commendable thing and I respect that. I ll pop up a Champagne bottle when we have our first one million Covid death because closing borders is/was a bad and offensive word 2 minutes ago. Say NO to fascism !
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