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  1. The idea I Detest that comes along with this narrative is that every turd produced by an auteur director on a set is a good, brilliant genius idea. ANd the evil suit is well EVIL !!!! Studio suits are not the ennemies of the movies, far from it actually but the journalists/ critics that cover movies sell this narrative to gullible cinephiles who see filmmakers as all knowing gods that can't do no wrong. Obviously I simplify but you ll have a hard time finding a journalist hit piece explaining in detail how important producers/studio suits can be. Kevin something something something Marvelous ? If the movie is great, the director gets all the laurels. If it s bad, it s the producer/evil studio suit's fault St00pid !!! Making a movie is such a giant collaborative process with hundreds, thousands of artists in all the artistic fields that exist. Honest/some filmmakers often say jokingly the best directors are the ones who steal ideas from others and call it their own.
  2. Which is hilarious to think about. In critics minds, they see Sicario as a certain representation of reality, which is their own deluded obsession, and Rambo as action fantasy I guess. Oh and going into the specifics about why critics had no problems with Sicario would open a can of worms pc people would have a hard time to deal with. It involves Karl & his sect, it ALWAYS does nowadays.
  3. Flea-Chad Smith Stefan Lessard- Carter Beauford Steve Harris-Nicko Mc Brain John Paul Jones- John Bohnam Sting-Stewart Copeland Geddy Lee- Neil Peart Justin Chancelor-Danny Carrey John Myung- Mike Portnoy Tim Commerford- Brad Wilk Just to name a few.
  4. Not so good reception from the Joe and Jane from France while critics say it is the best thing since sliced bread.
  5. Son. Let me tell you a story about a trilogy. It started out as a beautiful, tasty Madeleine de Proust. But then, on the second movie, everything about the Madeleine was tossed down the toilet. And then in the third movie, everything was tossed down the toilet. Again. So that the Madeleine could feel full and whole again.
  6. Not so long ago, when you said things that were against the Church, you were considered a sinner, a devout of Satan. You were cancelled. The more things change, the more they stay the same I guess. To think these people believe they are forward thinkers. Oh The irony.
  7. Serioulsy, if this was a MCU joint, you would all crap on it for its awful visuals. But here, it is an auteur with brand new cameras and shit so it s ok I guess.
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