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  1. Screenwriter John Logan Gives a Bond 24 Update Guy Ritchie is 'bookies favourite' to direct the next Bond film
  2. I remember that Alfonso Curaon was short listed by The Wall Street Journal when Casino Royale was announced as the 21st Bond film. He would be a fantastic choice.
  3. Ang Lee would be really interesting. He would be the first non-European director for the series and, more specifically, the second non-British Commonwealth citizen. The first was Marc Forester.
  4. If history repeats itself, as it has for the last four Bond films, then we will get a press release by mid to late summer detailing the director and, at least, some of the actors attached. In the fall there will be a press conference revealing the title, a basic log line, filming locations, etc. Production could then start as soon as a few of hours later or begin a couple of weeks later. I'm really hoping for a 2014 release. The news that Mendes is not returning is actually a good sign that production will start sometime this fall/winter. Most spoilers or casting news is probably days, if
  5. With Mendes not returning we may get Bond 24 in 2014. Although, a revelation to us, I'm sure that this decision was made weeks ago. EON Productions has to have a shortlist already composed. The obvious choices based upon the precedence that Mendes set are Danny Boyle, Tom Hooper and Christopher Nolan. I wouldn't discount 'journeyman' directors like Stephen Frears or Roger Mitchell. Frears was attached to direct the Bond Girl spinoff film, "Jinx" and Mitchell left the production of "Quantum Of Solace" after being overwhelmed by the production schedule. I would welcome Martin Campbell's return.
  6. Interestingly, Thunderball was directed by Terence Young who also directed Dr. No and From Russia With Love. Young once bragged that he directed the first Bond film, the best Bond film and the biggest Bond film.
  7. If Bond 24 is released in 2014 then it has a shot at being the number one film worldwide. In my opinion only Transformers 4 (6/27) can challenge Bond 24.
  8. Box Office Report: 'Skyfall' Scores $5.1 Million Opening Day in China 'Skyfall' Becomes Tenth Highest-Grossing Film Of All Time
  9. Aside from some interesting guesswork it may be too early for anyone to predict Bond 24's box office. With that in mind I think that too many have underestimated the durability and box office success of this franchise. Skyfall proved that a good Bond film with solid and effective marketing will find its audience.
  10. I think Bond 24 can reach a billion but, what is the new normal for Bond films at the box office? Is the minimum now $800M-$850M?
  11. Sounds like it. If Bond 24 follows the same production and release schedule as the last seven films then, based upon this rumor, Bond 24 should start filming in November or December 2014 for a November 2015 release. Box Office Mojo has these films scheduled for a November 2015 release: November • Ant-Man (BV) - 11/6 • Untitled Peanuts Movie (Fox) - 11/6 • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 (LGF) - 11/20 • Pixar Animation Untitled (BV) - 11/25 Bond 24 could open on Friday, Nov 13th or on November 6th against the Untitled Peanuts Movie.
  12. $294,730,000 (DOM - (As of 01/04) Full weekend estimate not yet available) $726,400,000 (OS) $1,021,130,000 (WW) BOX OFFICE MOJO
  13. Box Office Mojo has updated Skyfall's OS and WW box office. $286,505,000 (DOM - incomplete weekend estimate) $710,600,000 (OS) $997,105,000 (WW)
  14. 100M GBP is so close. Will Skyfall reach it by the new year?
  15. Now, we impatiently wait for Skyfall to break the ultimate UK box office record - 100M GBP.
  16. What do you think the chances are that Skyfall beats Avatar as the UK's number one film?
  17. 'Skyfall' to be widest ever UK release by Sony Pictures
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