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Wonka - OS Thread - 410.3M OS - 628.3M WW

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For some reason I thought it was only opening in China this weekend, but there's actually a lot of markets IIRC: (Uk, Brazil, China, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, etc.). As for full run, it will be dependent on whether families chose Aquaman or this as the movie of choice this holiday season, but I can see a total around 300m.

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Warner Bros/Village Roadshow/Heyday Films’ Wonka begins early release in 37 international box office markets this session, ahead of the domestic bow on December 15. Next week will also see the addition of all other overseas markets, save Korea which is going at the end of January.


Current estimates for this frame’s offshore bow — which includes such majors as Spain, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, the UK, Japan and China — are for a $30M early debut for the Timothée Chalamet-starrer. 


Comps here are The Greatest Showman which had a $28.1M opening in like-for-like markets at historical rates ($24.9M at today’s dollars); Paddington, also from Wonka director Paul King, at $26.2M historical and $21.9M restated; and Mary Poppins Returns with $24.9M at 2018 figures and $23.8M at today’s rates. (Note we are not comping to Tim Burton’s 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory due to the length of time that has passed in the interim.)


We’re looking at the UK to be the biggest of this frame’s starts, and not putting too much sway on China. The latter market has been inhospitable to Hollywood fare for some time. 


Source: https://deadline.com/2023/12/wonka-timothee-chalamet-migration-international-box-office-preview-1235654634/

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15 hours ago, excel1 said:

The word of mouth is tremendous 


tremendous is a very strong term; you confident about that?

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6 minutes ago, Borobudur said:

How is Japanese react to Wonka? The WOM over there is important since they are very into musicals, If they liked the movie, the movie could leg out big. 


Found this on twitter, seems it has good WOM in China and Japan



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Full Update via @Deadline


It was good news all around with Timothée Chalamet-starrer Wonka launching to $43.2M in 37 markets, well ahead of pre-weekend projections. The Paul King-directed origins story/musical ranked No. 1 in 32 markets. In like-for-likes and using today’s exchange rates, the film is tracking 95% above Paddington, 77% over Mary Poppins Returns and 50% over The Greatest Showman.


In Latin America, Wonka was tops for the region with 63% market share, surpassing the above comps by 232%, 145% and 129%, respectively. In Europe, the film was No. 1 in each of its launches.


As expected, the UK was the lead play at $11.1M, boasting a 73% market share of the Top 5. This will be the 2nd biggest opening for a Warner Bros film in 2023, behind Barbie, and the 4th biggest 3-day industry opening of the year. Results are ahead of all comps.


Wonka dominated Mexico with $5.2M and a nearly 70% share of the Top 5. The start is roughly on par with Jumanji: The Next Level and well above all comps noted above. 


Spain’s $4.4M 5-day opening ranked at No. 1 with a 34% share of the Top 5 and is the 5th biggest industry opening of 2023. In comparison to other 5-day openings, Wonka came in 15% ahead of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny as well as 337% over Puss in Boots: The Last Wish and 214% ahead of Sing 2 (the latter two both Christmas releases). It also topped Paddington’s 6-day opening by 391%.


In Germany, Wonka’s No. 1 $3.6M start had a 34% share and performed well against the comps. China rounds out the Top 5 with $3.2M, ahead of fellow U.S. opener Migration. The flu and a cold front across most of China continues to impact the market, affecting families directly. Opening weekend results are over The Little Mermaid by 29% and Dial of Destiny by 41%. Word of mouth and ratings are very positive (Maoyan 9.3, Taopiaopiao 9.3, Douban 7.6). IMAX generated 16% of the total opening weekend grosses from 737 screens.


In total IMAX, Wonka kicked off with $2.3M from 846 screens. 


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It is been a while, a long while since the last time we have a movie outperform deadline’s international prediction. Asia except SK and Japan, are usually weak spot for musicals but the WOM locally have been strong. Hope people treat this more of a adventure comedy film and allow the audience base to go wider.

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