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  1. It's never faded , look at the tens of thousands of communities on it . Just that it's taken a long long time to get sequels going. It's always going to be known as the breakthrough film almost decade ahead of the rest in terms of technical, artistic and the most involving movie experience in history of movie making.
  2. I think quite a few, as it's probably part of the film's discount deal to provide lots of employment in the arts/acting area amongst others
  3. Hey Fmpro buddy.. how much has Kong reached now. Loved it may watch 3d version. Godzilla still my favorite though. Hopefully we've come a step closer to getting a big budget Rodan film in this monster universe.?? Kong getting sequels looks assured.
  4. Godzilla is mankind's friend, but he's also a force of nature and knows the stakes are high. It's not like he can simply avoid hurting all us little humans defending against evil mutos. He probably expects us to clear the area, hence why he's a hero that may accidentally kill us because of his might. Notice when he's able he's not trying to hurt anyone but the mutos and could have easily took out the battle ships and army if he wanted to. His main focus is ridding the world of evil mutos and his own survival. ?
  5. Hey 75 man did you see it on the new IMAX and is it worth it if you did. Man they threw Kong out of IMAX here before I could even get there.. I gotta plan for the next IMAX film I want to see for the first week. How are you by the way man? Hope your 2017 is rocking. Can't wait to discuss flash sea 3 with you in the TV section. Well I hope your still watching it lol
  6. I'm a lil upset wanted to see this on the new improved mega IMAX with the laser and they kicked it out after a week!!!?. Man I'm calling them on this one. Wow, looks like I'm forced to see this in only 3d ??? ?
  7. Ahhh, but the other monsters won't be our friends. So mankind needs some big guns on our side.
  8. I think he's a big King Kong fan and is going to come down on skull island a lil harsh. No way Kong is as bad as his review. I do think Godzilla is going to be a more memorable film. And wow at Disney messing with my beauty and the beast and controversy and nostalgia making it super perform. What the hell man. B and b with a 63-75 m OD????? Shout outs to my cool movie brothers captain jack, kayom, kajukurt , Ethan, tele. Glad yu alll liked the king as he's never been seen before.
  9. It could happen kaji king buddy. There are folks who once thought solo ironman, Hancock, and that lil funny red ninja guy that blew up the box office wouldn't happen or make cheddar either. If the USA version of Godzilla's buddies excite fans, Rodan and others will get their own solo films indeed. In fact both studios have expressed a monster universe that's expansive like marvel. Godzilla, Kong...Hmm Rodan next???
  10. Godzilla made over 800 m or more between bo, Hv and tv. So Godzilla i s king. Not to mention big g's mult billion toyline over the yrs
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