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  1. If Marvel does move DS2: MOM again it will not be because of Batman moving. I doubt DC will put Batman close to any of the Marvel movies this year.
  2. Can we get McDONALD'S VS WENDY'S FRIES DEBATE added to the thread title? Other people need to know what's going down over here. 😜😁
  3. r She always said that she didn't fear dying because she would be reunited with her husband. I hope they found each other again. May we all live at least a fraction of the life that she lived and have the joy that she gave to so many others. RIP.
  4. I believe that it is only fair that your grandmother gets to do her own list. I can't be the only one interested to see it. 🤔
  5. NWH wouldn't make much off Krypton. They are more of a DC fan base. 😏
  6. No worries, just having a little fun on a boring Wednesday at work. There is always hope. NWH will have a fairly open run up though January and beyond. However, I'm afraid that the box office will shrivel back up after the holidays for the next two months. Minus a decent opening for Scream and Morbius but not much else.
  7. Not changing it, just decided to put in your format. I rushed Sunday as I was relaxing after a long weekend, having an adult beverage or two when someone yelled last day. So I rushed and threw my number out there. LOL. Username DCRich DOM rank 3 DOM gross 802m
  8. A couple of huge differences though. As where Empire has several regular non PLF screens near full, my local one is nowhere close to have any of those screens near sold out. In fact, a quick check of the non PLF screens shows that a person could still get a good seat in any of them. Some had zero seats sold. Of course KC's population is just a little bit lower than NYC to be honest.
  9. AMC Barrywoods 24 in Kansas City has 62 showings listed for Thursdays. Two other AMCs are in the low 50s.
  10. Just an FYI, I live in the Kansas City, Mo area. We have an AMC theater that has now posted 5 showings after midnight on Thursday for NWH. 2 PLFs (1:30 and 1:50am) and 3 regular screens (around 12:30am). I'm not positive about TROS but I believe that the last time any theater that did that in my area was for Endgame. They almost ran it 24hrs straight. The rest of the weekend looks like resent normal times. Basically nothing before noon and the last showing around 10PM. Now if we could just get the 9 and 10am showings back on F/S/S. I like the early showings.
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