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  1. Right there with you. I don't post much. I just come here to learn as much as I can about the box office and movies as I can. Plus these people know what they are doing and talking about especially compared to other sites. Or at least some do, some just act\talk like it. But it's all useful and entertaining to me for the most part. 🙂
  2. To me this is why studios are hesitant with releasing movies and are having that internal debate whether to move them or not. The domestic numbers, at least for the bigger\more known titles, are starting to come around although still down quite a bit. But they need those international numbers to improve dramatically in order for some of these movies to be successful. It will be interesting to see how the next few movies (Dune, NTTD, and Venom) perform at the international BO as they seem to be more reliant on those markets.
  3. If things at least stay as they currently are or improve, I think it can get to 600m DOM with the help of the Christmas holidays. Just an opinion.
  4. Thanks. I knew something was screwy when I was looking at it. When BOM was showing it year by year it went by in month releases. But when I clicked on each year it changed it to calendar grosses without me noticing it therefore messing up my thought process. Again thanks to you and Barnack for clarification. And apologies to titanic2187.
  5. Am I missing something or am I not reading this correctly? According to BoxOfficeMojo, August 2019 had 717.6m and August 2021 has 207.6m. Isn't that more like a 70% drop? August 2017 was 424m. Did the numbers and years get mixed up?
  6. Labor Day weekend has never been known as a big box office weekend. Part of that is that studios do not place a tentpole movie on that weekend. Part of it is because people tend not to go to movies as much on that weekend. Besides the fact that Shang-Chi is opening, why should we expect a big change? Is Shang-Chi enough to get people to the theaters when they typically do other things during that weekend? I could see a scenario where Thursday and Friday are really good as the Marvel fans and the more avid moviegoer turns out but then dropping over the weekend as people turn to more family
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