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  1. These prices are inflated. Students pay half price in Brazil, so the actual price of the ticket is based off double the amount they want to charge. Most people make fake IDs to not pay double, since it's expensive, therefore, you should divide that by 2.
  2. As a huge X-Men fan, the main reason I'm sad isn't the fact that the movie is a BO bomb, it's that the movie absolutely sucks. They manage to, once again, completely f*** up one of the most brilliant comic book arcs. I'm just... tired.
  3. None of that matters, dude. Just search about these movies' controversies: Gods of Egypt Aloha Ghost in the Shell Exodus: Gods and Kings Death Note The Lone Ranger And that's just off the top of my head.
  4. That would be a S**T SHOW. So much backlash. Hugh would never go for it in the first place bc he has agents that would tell him so and Disney will never cast a white guy to play Aladdin's father, not when he originally looked like this:
  5. Do you honestly think it's a good idea to cast an australian white guy to be Aladdin's father?
  6. With the exception of Snow White and the Huntsman, every CH movie flopped, but I think 110M is way too low. If the movie ends up being good, even if the OW is bad it could have legs to get 110M. That being said, yolo, so IN.
  7. Even First Class did 207M OS. It's not realistic to think that Dark Phoenix will do less than that. I believe it will end up between 250M-300M, 100M domestic, so 350M-400M WW.
  8. This movie still should do well in Brazil. X-Men movies in general do.
  9. Watched it again. Yeah, it's a very good movie. Will never get the hate. Jafar still sucks though.
  10. But people told me it would flop. Why?
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