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  1. International trailer. Being released in the UK also with that Le Mans 66 title
  2. New and awesome interview with Waller Bridge: https://deadline.com/2019/05/phoebe-waller-bridge-bond-1202624860/ Plot is apparently about genetic engineering and warfare...
  3. surprise surprise, cut to bits in Russia https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2019/05/31/russian-version-of-elton-john-biopic-censors-gay-sex-scenes-a65819
  4. I liked it a ton, fuck this noise. Tweeted out my first reactions then looked at the reviews and I'm like wut. Anyway it's dumb but mad fun in the way the original Independence Day or Pacific Rim were, except more earnest and it takes itself a bit more seriously, I actually thought it recaptured that ID4 spirit better than Del Toro because it didn't have that self-parody that PR had I thought. In any case, it's worth it for the monster fights alone because on a giant IMAX laser screen they were seriously incredible. Human characters and the overall storyline your mileage may vary...but really I think the best way to describe it is a very purposeful 180 from Edwards' film (almost *too much*, if the critical response is to go by), it lacks the overall finesse and groundedness but dials absolutely everything else up to 11. The neon-soaked visuals I loved, the sci-fi, almost at times Star Wars-like bent I loved, the way they go all in on the whole Monarch thing and do essentially what BvS did with using the ramifications of final act of the last film as the set up for this one, I loved. It evokes a lot of Emmerich and Bay and imo then manages to run circles around both of their post-90s work (when this makes you care about the monsters more than Bay did his Transformers...). Cast is clearly having a ton of fun here hamming it up through the seriousness and earnestness, even Watanabe. Book this on the biggest screen you can, hell maybe even throw 3D and 4DX into it. Certainly going to book 4DX for round 2 at some point
  5. Lionsgate sent this to all their John Wick text message subscribers in the States. It's legit. Sick way to announce the date
  6. For those wondering - the trailer will apparently play after the credits on Endgame screenings.
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