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  1. Yup. Really interesting, worthwhile ideas; very disappointing-bordering-on-flat-out-bad execution.
  2. It feels super cheap. Some major events feel like they didn't have enough shooting time to convey the proper amount of weight. Also lots of people are gonna hate the ending and what Night is ultimately saying with these films.
  3. It's a frustrating movie. I don't think reaction to it is going to be toxic, though. Just mixed.
  4. Based on the massive overpredictions for MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN V SUPERMAN, and JUSTICE LEAGUE, shouldn't this say "Finally, DC not overestimated!"?
  5. I don't even think you need to go so far on the opposite side of the spectrum as THE DARK KNIGHT. One of the things I loved about INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE is it had the self confidence to be serious for a few minutes at a time and let the dramatic moments land. Contrast that with GUARDIANS VOL. 2 (a movie I liked) where every - single - serious - moment is undercut by a joke, so consistent you could set your watch by it.
  6. Because people convinced themselves it was going to crush tracking, so when it “merely” comes in on the higher side of what people forecasted months ago, posters weigh it against their inflated expectations
  7. You mean like how Warner Bros has continued The Dark Knight Rises' story?
  8. Spider-Man 4 was cancelled because of the massively ballooning budget and lack of enthusiasm from Raimi, not because of Spider-Man 3's reaction.

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