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  1. I'm praying to every deity there is it ends up at something like 80% fresh with critics and 20% rotten with audiences... a score that is almost backwards, you could say...
  2. Everything I said about test screening reactions was accurate. I’d also like to point out that I was founding member of Team “See Malignant in theaters because you’ll have a blast” well before critics started seeing it. Anyway, from THR’s review… The straight face is absolutely why MALIGNANT works in the capacity it does. It would’ve been insufferable if it called itself out and winked at the audience. I can’t WAIT for the CinemaScore. One way or the other I doubt we’re looking at a boring B.
  3. How dare you imply I would ever delete my tweets. The narrative around reviews is interesting. It's a slasher movie with a body count in the dozens and dozens... in normal times a 56% would be really good for that kind of movie?
  4. My only disappointment with the final cut is they added a new opening scene that gives too much away too early. I’d recommend coming back from the popcorn line just as the opening credits are rolling.
  5. I thought it was a lot closer to RELOADED’s brand of pacing and exposition than the original’s.
  6. WHAT IS THE MATRIX would have been an exceptional title to hook an audience.
  7. I think DUNE is absolutely going to drop, at least a little. Some critics I know have been whispering that they didn’t like it. (I don’t mean to imply this will be a WW84 collapse! Just that based on what I’ve heard I would personally bet it ends up somewhere in the 70s on RT)
  8. At least some critics are seeing it but they’re embargoed until the day of release.
  9. Prepare yourself because nothing in the movie is directly supernatural.
  10. This x100. If you want to pick it apart you can. If you go with it emotionally it’s a hugely satisfying ending, both viscerally and thematically.
  11. This is a pure horror/thriller. It’s not making a play for Oscars and I wouldn’t expect unanimous praise. Wright is doing something very specific with it that will not be everyone’s cup of tea.
  12. “Giallo slasher haunted house horror action comedy splatter” 😂 Someone Twitter DM’d me today asking if I could be “real” because I’ve said Malignant is embarrassingly terrible and also begged people to see it for a great experience. Which one is it? All I could say was “Yes!”
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