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  1. Predicting general consensus is stupid and I always hate doing it, especially when my sample size is me and maybe one other person. But people always ask; sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong. For example... Audiences seemed to like these movies. Now imagine if Hades had seen them early and was asked to predict the general consensus of a large number of people. (I think CAPTAIN MARVEL is fine and FAR FROM HOME is cotton candy, utterly forgettable but fun enough at the time)
  2. Is this still untitled? It test screened under the title FREAKY FRIDAY THE 13TH right before California shut down.
  3. If it’s delayed (I don’t think it will be unless Coronavirus projections are significantly optimistic), I’d put it out in April of next year and release HALLOWEEN ENDS in October and sell the whole thing as a big event.
  4. I don’t understand how you can be shocked by deaths in this movie if you’ve ever seen something like FEAST before. This was aping it down to the “funny” archetypical character names.
  5. I'm super curious about DaCosta. She nabbed a writing credit and she hadn't worked on the draft I read.
  6. I haven't seen this myself but I've read a draft of the script and I know a couple people who saw it last month. Keep those expectations in check.
  7. It doesn't spoil as much as people seem to think it does. Basically nothing of the last 10 minutes is in either of the trailers.
  8. You know that great buzzy feeling when a movie ends really well? This movie ends perfectly. I saw it an hour ago and I’m still feeling a high.
  9. "SONIC DOES WHAT PIKADON'T" was right there, man.
  10. What happens to the internet if KNIVES OUT tops RISE OF SKYWALKER’s weekend gross in a couple weeks? 😈
  11. My mom, who waited six hours in line to see RETURN OF THE JEDI and has been highly favorable of the Disney trilogy, did not like THE RISE OF SKYWALKER at all. This is the death knell. Pack it up.
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