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  1. Ava DuVernay is directing a DC movie. (Not that it matters, at worst this thing should open pretty huge)
  2. I would argue that a campy tone running for two and a half hours is pretty exhausting. But you're right, and Jenkins is a better filmmaker than Schumacher (though I will happily enjoy shlock like A TIME TO KILL, thank you very much).
  3. The movie, which is 160 minutes long and closer in tone to Schumacher Batman than WONDER WOMAN.
  4. WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE benefitted a lot from nostalgia for the Robin Williams movie, then surprised everyone by being really fun. THE NEXT LEVEL is "just" a comedy sequel, and apparently not a terribly good one.
  5. TLJ made as much as Disney expected domestically and was only a let down in China, where it was expected to split the difference between TFA and RO.
  6. This is test screening again tonight in Cerritos. Definitely didn't go through 4 months of reshoots.
  7. This is the first of the Sequel Trilogy not to be centered around one of the original heroes. Han was all over TFA marketing and Luke filled the same role for TLJ. Now it's all about Rey and Kylo, and I can see that deflating numbers a bit. On the other hand, the Disney marketing machine is just getting started here, with the ramp-up happening later due to FROZEN II, so it's possible things will increase from here on out. Basically, could go either way, and I wasted your time with this post!
  8. ROTK opened in the exact same Wednesday slot as its predecessors. You get that TLJ basically opened a week earlier than TFA and TROS, right? And that affects things like legs during the holidays?
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