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  1. This one is gonna be an all-timer next to Ben Lyons' "one of the best movies ever made" I Am Legend review. Considering this was basically a red carpet premiere - amped-up crowd, filmmakers in attendance - I've seen a few mixed reactions on social media.
  2. I thought this was pretty flat and shockingly uncreepy, but I mighta just been in a bad mood or something.
  3. The trailer is selling the movie, but it's just an aspect of the movie. It's a bigger, crazier flick than the marketing is letting on. I also thought it was genuinely scary. The score is excellent.
  4. I’m really curious to see how audiences respond - this movie is WEIRD. It’s great weird in my opinion, but it’s really gonna rub some people the wrong way.
  5. Bold choice to make Chucky look like Gary from Team America.
  6. It's not perfect (and as origin stories go, I liked IRON MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA more) but I enjoyed this quite a bit. There are some fun plot mechanics and I was genuinely invested in the survival of a certain character.
  7. That's called liking movies and not just IP. You should try it sometime
  8. But I do - Dark Phoenix is the cinematic equal of Apocalypse. Its only real advantage is that it's shorter, but it also doesn't have the highs ChipMunky mentioned.
  9. I'll go farther and say that flipping Magneto's origin with his daughter, and her being killed for it, is excellent. But that whole plot makes up 4 of the movie's 144 minutes. I can also find nice things to say about other bland superhero movies. John Powell's X-Men: The Last Stand score is gorgeous.
  10. "Very meh" is very bad. The worst thing a movie can be is boring, and Apocalypse is bland as can be. But you got me. Maybe I just haven't seen that many movies.
  11. Hard disagree. X-Men was riding a narrative of righting the ship - after the disappointment of The Last Stand and colossal crash-and-burn of Origins: Wolverine, First Class, The Wolverine, and Days of Future Past managed to fix a lot of the damage. And then Apocalypse happened, and it was really bad, and it was setting up all these new characters audiences didn't care about to take the lead in Dark Phoenix. Combining the fact it's about characters people haven't connected with, is another adaptation of a story that crippled the franchise before, and is the first film from the guy behind Last Stand, Apocalypse, and the Fantastic Four reshoots - why wouldn't there be toxic perception? Also it's not very good.
  12. DETECTIVE PIKACHU 2, a Mewtwo movie, and a straight-up POKEMON adaptation are all in the works already
  13. ...and the scripts for The Last Stand, Apocalypse, and Dark Phoenix.
  14. ViewerAnon

    Happy Death Day 2U | Feb 13 2019

    The mid-credits scene was originally the actual ending of the film.

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