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  1. I would argue Disney's live action films are sold as movies for kids but really only have appeal for adults. They're nostalgia-bait and very rarely succeed under their own merits.
  2. The first poster for this movie is just the word "Redrum." There hasn't been a moment where they weren't leaning hard into THE SHINING.
  3. The embargo lifts on the 22nd. I haven't seen the final cut but I've heard whispers from early press screenings that the reaction is pretty positive.
  4. I think it's less superhero movies and more IPs: people are reluctant to see movies they aren't already familiar or comfortable with. It just so happens comic books are something a massive amount of people are familiar with, either through reading them or enjoying adaptations growing up.
  5. Is this real? Have I suffered a head injury and my brain is spasming on the brink of death?
  6. People I've talked to all found it pretty boring.
  7. Okay I promise this is the last thing I will post in this thread with a spoiler tag! (For the people passing over them, we're not talking about major plot revelations or third act details)
  8. Still dropped from the first domestically, and TNL would need a pretty sizable spike.
  9. Uh, no. Jumanji's going to play like a comedy sequel.
  10. Maybe it has something to do with THE LAST JEDI being a significantly better movie than INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. This is the sort of topic that is ripe for goal post moving. If JJ trashes TLJ, it's "See, even JJ Abrams says it sucks!" If he doesn't or says he really enjoyed TLJ (which he has), it's "He would never trash the movie, he's doing publicity!" There's never any consideration that maybe JJ Abrams actually did dig Episode VIII.
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