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    Still watching this, probably because of a lack of other good shows. It's good, it has it's dull moments but overall it holds it's own.
  2. Saw it today, great characters, great story, the film really hit the emotional spots for me. A
  3. Totem


    Great finale, makes up for the pitfalls we have seen this season. So hopefully it is good by Brody for a while but I doubt that.
  4. Yep comparing the interest/buzz change from DH1 TO DH2 vs BD1 TO BD2, BD2 just hasn't had that increase in interest and now it looks like it may have less buzz/interest than BD1 had.
  5. Totem


    Another good episode, this show is progressing nicely.
  6. The acting was amazing I have to say, I couldn't blink during that whole scene.
  7. Totem


    I'm not a fan of that last plot development, the whole immunity thing seems stale as hell and definitely doesn't represent what this show has delivered before and I expect no decrease in quality at all, I'm sure we will all be surprised by what happens in the remainder of the season.
  8. Same, I want to see a little decrease in these Sunday numbers for the sake of my BOA score.
  9. Keen on some weekend actual numbers.
  10. Amazing for Argo, the fact that it will match or surpass the success of the Town is big, I wonder if he will keep his directing relationship exclusive to WB. Affleck could be directing good Drama/Crime/Thrillers for years to come and the genre definitely needs a fresh face.
  11. Impressive BO weekend and a really impressive October to date.
  12. Totem


    Yeh it was a great episode, intense ending.
  13. Decent for Taken 2, I definitely wasn't as excited about the movie after the trailer. I think we'll see it around the 40m mark by the end of the weekend if not a little under.Good hold for Transylvania, was hoping Looper would hold better.
  14. Totem


    Great way to start season 2.
  15. Totem

    Legend of Korra

    What are the chances of a movie? This could be done right this time. The wounds from TLA film are still raw.http://au.ign.com/articles/2012/08/17/the-legend-of-korra-the-movieWould you guys like to see another shot at a live action avatar film or animation?I'm torn between the two.
  16. Well you won't be seeing 600m grossers in Sept or Oct, the BO is much quieter in these months (excluding March) but I still enjoy it alot seeing smaller films break into good numbers.
  17. I see potential in Looper, Taken 2 and Here comes the Boom to all come close to and possibly pass 100m.
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