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  1. TASM will need to gross about 300m to sell more tickets than BB.Why are you guys getting so upset over a couple of posts comparing BB to TASM? They are valid comparisons, you guys can get uptight about nothing sometimes.
  2. Every film has 'haters' as you call them. Clearly he doesn't want the film to do well which is well within his right. Kayummangi Lincoln: Hater Hunter.
  3. Batman Begins had a far superior domestic performance than TASM, BB will have sold much more tickets in the end.
  4. It is 55% domestic and I think 30 or 40% OS
  5. TASM domestic is underwhelming no doubt about it.
  6. Just incorrect. Sony will bank more money from this film than all of us can dream of, that is a certainty. Spiderman = money in the bank.
  7. Huge numbers for Ted and Ice Age is doing huge numbers.Brave is alright I guess.
  8. I don't think it will pass 800m WW. Might just miss it.
  9. The bear smoking the bong guaranteed my admission and probably half of Australia's 18-25 year olds.Ted is the definition of a good marketing campaign leading to huge BO numbers.
  10. Pretty sure all the Transformer films held better on their first Mondays.
  11. It is mind blowing, could be one of the biggest surprises of the year if not the biggest.
  12. Expected and underwhelming for TASM, Ted held well.TDKR is going to but the final bullet in TASM's chances of finding any legs.
  13. I'm pretty sure that wasn't my last prediction. It might have been but I think I had 130m/260m somewhere
  14. Should finish with less than 300m after all and be right around were I predicted, I guess no crow for me because in the end it appears one word will describe this BO performance and that is underwhelming.
  15. TED is going to be huge, I had a feeling last week, should gross well over 20m imo.
  16. TASM aftermath on these forums has been epic! Some of the biggest crow servings of the year are being dished out, currently eating one right now.
  17. What do you guys say is the biggest BO story out of The Vow, Safe House, 21 Jump Street, Ted or Magic Mike?Personally MM OD is the most impressive thing out of all those films for me.
  18. 1. The Avengers - 620m2. The Dark Knight Rises - 510m3. The Hobbit: AUJ - 420m4. The Hunger Games - 403m5. Twilight Saga BD2 - 270M6. Brave - 240m7. The Amazing Spiderman - 230m8. Dr. Suess The Lorax - 213m9. Skyfall - 210m10. Madagascar - 210mAnd there is the potential for Wreck it Ralph, Rise of the Guardians, Ice Age to also pass 200m but I personally don't think any of then will.
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