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  1. Will say before the teaser potentially dashes my hopes that I would think going from TV series to movie may actually be a blessing for this creatively? The big issue most of these Disney+ shows have is that their pacing drags, as they all feel like movies being bloated and padded out to be 6 episode TV shows. You could take Obi-Wan or Falcon and the Winter Soldier, remove a subplot here and there, and get a 2.5 hour movie that, at the very least, fixes pacing issues. Condensing a bloated Moana sequel from 130 minutes to about 95 or 100 minutes? Sounds good to me!
  2. That is very much not what that data implies whatsoever, and I’ve explained this numerous times already, but go off I guess. 🙄
  3. Quorum Updates Twisters T-53: 46.87% Awareness, 55.02% Interest The Forge T-88: 13.3% Awareness, 36.58% Interest Beetlejuice Beetlejuice T-102: 57.29% Awareness, 64.67% Interest Speak No Evil T-109: 20.25% Awareness, 47.81% Interest Here T-184: 8.33% Awareness, 34.17% Interest Kraven the Hunter T-200: 27.52% Awareness, 39.64% Interest Bad Boys for Life T-11: 64.06% Awareness, 58.03% Interest Final Awareness: 100% chance of 20M, 88% chance of 30M, 85% chance of 40M, 73% chance of 50M, 58% chance of 60M, 46% chance of 70M Medium Awareness: 100% chance of 70M Final Interest: 79% chance of 20M, 60% chance of 30M, 45% chance of 40M, 31% chance of 50M, 23% chance of 60M, 16% chance of 70M Medium Interest: 75% chance of 20M, 58% chance of 30M, 25% chance of 40M, 8% chance of 50M The Watchers T-11: 28.53% Awareness, 44.61% Interest Final Awareness: 16% chance of 10M Horror Awareness: 33% chance of 10M Final Interest: 49% chance of 10M Horror Interest: 45% chance of 10M Horizon: An American Saga Part 1 T-32: 20.91% Awareness, 36.31% Interest T-30 Awareness: 54% chance of 10M, 17% chance of 20M Medium Awareness: 75% chance of 10M, 17% chance of 20M T-30 Interest: 32% chance of 10M, 6% chance of 20M Medium Interest: 50% chance of 10M
  4. I mean I know from experience that outside of Harry Potter, the one non-Disney thing most Disney Adults adore is Broadway. And Wicked is one of the most iconic for that demographic. It's basically a Disney movie when you get down to it (not helped by Disney ripping it off like 5 times). At the very least, both dropping on the same day may not cause either movie to bomb, but it's still pretty foolish IMO
  5. Disney's got such a weird thing going on where they just keep the same release dates for everything. Which like in the 2018 was reasonable, but they are way more vulnerable to competition now. Elemental got a lucky break where everything surrounding it ended up bombing, but Moana's probably not looking likely, at least at the moment. And either way, having it out in early November, getting IMAX and all of Dolby to itself, makes way more sense box office wise, especially since you should still get a good Thanksgiving hold. But I guess Disney's too stubborn or stupid to do it? It's dumb!
  6. Can confirm that I got goosebumps. Ariana's still unwatchable, but Cynthia Erivo's voice in that IMAX surround sound? Heavenly stuff. She's gonna kill Defying Gravity for sure.
  7. Oh I never believed people didn’t want the same NTC slop anymore. If anything, it just kept getting worse. I’d love to be in a world where people actually were demanding like people claimed they were, but the math doesn’t math sadly.
  8. In my opinion, they were a crucial part of these movies' appeal. Partly because of the real-life husband and wife connection, as well as how they help add a sense of emotional and familial grounding that isn't seen in a lot of horror movies. They may not be the deepest characters, but they play a big part in the popularity and quality of these films, and I feel it doesn't quite feel right not seeing them in this. But hey! Could just be me! Could be wrong!
  9. Devil's advocate though: Kingdom of the Apes still did well, and it didn't have the original cast or characters. So hey! That could happen again!
  10. I mean not really? Transformers has no Shia or Mark Wahlberg, but they aren't the reason people go to these. Rise of the Beasts still had Optimus, Megatron, Bumblebee.
  11. Might be the constant underperformance of horror and Furiosa bombing, but Quiet Place feels like an underperformer tbh. It has the same problem Furiosa has where there's almost none of the original cast (though I guess Djimon Honsou makes it a little better?), and the hook isn't even all that interesting. It's showing what happened the first day the aliens took over...which is something we already saw in Quiet Place 2. Just feels like one where opening in the 30s would be an achievement IMO
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