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  1. The documentary has a legit shot at Oscar glory. But The Basis of Sex looks like your dime-a-dozen white-bread biopic that will be lost in the shuffle the moment it goes wide.
  2. Nah, most people already saw A Quiet Place.
  3. Yeah, my lovely love wife and I did a double-feature of The Favourite and Mary: Queen of Scots right before Christmas last week. I too was surprised by how the latter was considerably packed. The former was dead. Perhaps the fact that it is far from the light-comedy they are promoting it as helps. WOM of The Favourite isn't going to be as stellar in middle America.
  4. It played in front of The Favourite and Mary: Queen of Scots this past Friday. Looks fine though I don't sense a real hook? Relies heavily on jump scares and I was kinda stunned to see the money-shot from Get Out (the lead frozen in fear with single tear-drops) repeated here.
  5. I am referring to the live-action redos. Everything after The Lion King will fall hard, just like what happened with the animation division in the 90's... after The Lion King.
  6. The problem is Disney is not only dropping too much on the market in general next year. But they have three high-profile films that rely 100% on nostalgia for their original animated counter-parts. No studio is bullet-proof and there will be some duds in between money-eating monsters like Avengers: Endgame and especially The Lion King.This will be one of them and Dumbo too. Just like the 90's, this trend will peak with The Lion King and everything after that will be diminishing returns - some far worse than others.
  7. Can't help but agree that the spin in those headlines to make it sound positive.
  8. Thinking $80M for Aquaman, $50M for Mary Poppins Returns' 5-day and $1.50 for Welcome to Marwen.
  9. It opened better than I thought, I'll give it that. But yeah Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns will definitely eat into it this coming weekend.
  10. So far, not seeing any Thursday night screenings for The Mule.
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