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  1. I never said she didn't save Trevor, she did, the point is that in the climax of the movie it was Trevor who saved the world and brought her back to life from the emotional breakdown that she was in the middle of. That's a common theme that the movie shares with Terminator which is very rarely done the opposite way when the man is the main hero (usually in that instance the woman is either killed by the villain or held hostage).
  2. Well WW still needed a man to save her and the world as well, indeed without Steve she would've died since she had given up on everything she believed in. There's also the nice touch of having her special powers be entirely the result of Zeus, all that training by women during her childhood meant nothing compared to the power that Zeus gave her that they never taught her about or even explained to her. I mean there's nothing necessary wrong with that but WW wasn't crafted carefully enough to avoid the problems that female characters have faced in movies when she still possess some of those characteristics.
  3. Well, Mendleson was on Twitter yesterday hinting that he wouldn't mind receiving hate traffic as long as it was traffic.
  4. Given that each critic has a different opinion of what the ratings mean and only about half of them on RT even bother to give a rating, it's kind of pointless to pay too much attention to it. The tomatometer is good because it forces critics to say whether they recommend a movie or not. They can write all they want about how the movie follows a tired formula but if they give it a thumbs up then they must have thought it was good and for the general audience that's really all that matters.
  5. I assumed that was the original plan, get the Hydra Colonel to tell him the location of the video, find it and then release it. Since he wasn't able to do that he went with the plan in the movie. Zemo waiting to see if Stark will take the bait is an acceptable break from reality that is required in movies, otherwise most movie plots would need to be thrown out.
  6. If Iron Man doesn't show up then he releases the video onto the internet. He'd already made a rift between the two and the video regardless of how Stark saw it would ensure that the two of them wouldn't be able to fix up their problems with each other.
  7. The selling point of Avengers was to show Marvel's biggest heroes in the same movie teaming up. This movie showed DC's biggest heroes in the same movie teaming up. What more can they do? Flash is well known but not popular with the GA, Aquaman is a joke to the GA, Cyborg is completely unknown to the GA and Green Lantern is best remembered for the terrible movie. What exactly will they do to help Justice League do more than DC's first team up movie.
  8. I think that Synder probably hates most of the characters, not just Superman. It's starts at the beginning when Thomas Wayne is shot after he tries to fight off the thief and continues from there. Batman is now a hateful, revenge filled vigilante focusing completely on finding a way to fight Superman. WW has now spent a century hiding from humanity. Lex is now a troll who wants to see the world destroyed. Both Martha and Jonathan Kent are telling Clark that maybe he shouldn't bother helping people. I'm actually kind of interested in what he will do with Justice League. It's pretty clear at this point that he has little interest in at least keeping their characters similar to what they were in the comics.
  9. The problem with BvS is that it's over two hours of grim darkness that ends with the promise of even more darkness. Superman still kills people, this time humans, despite him having to kill Zod causing him despair. Batman is full of hate and shows more interest in revenge than wanting to help people. Worst of all Superman's mother being killed would apparently be enough to turn him into a world conquering tyrant. The fight with Doomsday even shows the lack of any care by these so called heroes. That's alright Bruce, just take that massive monster and lead him on a chase from Metropolis to Gotham. Who cares about containing a threat, apparently the proper way to deal with this situation is to ensure that two cities are destroyed rather than just one.
  10. I'm not talking about the trailer, I'm talking about the TV spots that were everywhere leading up to release. Maybe it was different in the US but in Australia this had a lot of promotion during prime time TV and all that promotion focused on the self made success story, as well as attempting to sell this as the holiday movie.
  11. I think you'll find that people on here are trying to suggest that she is draw like that, hilariously it doesn't seem to matter how low the projections for the box office go. First it was that the story was hard to sell but she saved it, then it became that no one could sell the movie and she's the only one who could do this well. Never mind that Wahlberg managed to lead a movie about an unpopular war that had been considered box office poison to be a big success, never mind that Bullock led a space movie that spends most of its time focused on one person stranded in space to be a massive success. The real draw is the actress who took an inspirational true story about a self made success and somehow managed to fail to sell it to audiences (ironically unlike the woman she played in the movie who was actually able to sell a product to an audience). It's weird, I have no problem with this movie, it seems like a nice movie but the bizarre attempt to declare Lawrence a draw (when no actor at the moment has shown the ability to sell all movie's and everyone manages to have box office failures) is annoying. Edit: I really don't like how much I've been negative about this movie in reaction to it's box office so this will be my last post focusing on the negatives of this movie. I will start by saying once more that at the very least this was a minor success and it's always good to see a movie make a profit at the box office.
  12. It's an easy sell because it's a true story about a self made success, those types of stories sell well, which is why it had a good OD (in fact after its OD many on here were declaring how big of a success it was and suggesting that it would do American Hustle numbers). The fact that the movie immediately began having worse holds than all of its comparable movies and has continued that pattern throughout its first week shows that it is the WOM reception of the movie that is problem.
  13. The problem is that you're thinking about the plot in its most simple form. This movie wasn't sold as being about the Miracle Mop, it was sold as being about a woman down on her luck with financial and family problems who manages to pull herself out of those problems and becomes a success, made even better by it being a true story. This is a very easy sell, particularly since its key demographic is the one receiving the least attention during the holidays. The fact is that the movie had a good OD, exactly what you'd expect and it seemed like it was on track to easily do over 100M, maybe even do more than American Hustle. It's just that the movie has had weak legs, something that was noticeable on its second day when it had an usually steep drop.
  14. There's no such thing as an actor being a draw, appealing movies sell regardless of who's the star and all an actor can do is bring media attention to a movie (which isn't really worth much if you can't get Oscar nominations anyway). Historically it's actually been a director's name which has sold a movie and Joy is actually underwhelming for David O. Russell, it'll certainly be his least profitable movie in a long time. At the very least though this can be considered a success, so everyone comes out looking okay, even if the box office and awards hype is lower than what would have been expected.
  15. True Grit held well actually for the comparable movies. Django and Les Mis both dropped hard and in line with their comparable movies. I will give you Benjamin Button but that movie had an unusual story, I would expect it to take time for it to gain attention from WOM, definitely an outlier. What you're missing though is that on this particular date a Friday Christmas followed by a Saturday Boxing Day, movies don't typically drop and if they do it's only a small percentage. It doesn't matter what has happened other years when the dates are different, what matters is this year when two movies that did slightly smaller business that Joy managed to increase and a movie that had a far greater opening managed a far smaller drop minus previews. I'm just saying that Joy is acting different than I would have expected. This is supposed to be a feel good movie for the holidays, it's targeting the demographic which isn't interested in the other movies opening, it's a very easy sell. Personally I don't like extrapolating an entire run based on two days estimates, but in my experience when a movie is showing early signs of being front loaded (especially when it's a movie that shouldn't be) then it's going to be front loaded. Not always of course (as mentioned Benjamin Button didn't follow this theory) but history suggests that Joy is going to be front loaded. I hope it's not (it seems like it's an appealing movie), but it seems the most likely possibility at the moment.

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