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  1. If you are referring to Wyoming or an area similar to that for rural appeal, then yeah, no one expects it to play there. If you just mean red states in general, then I am not too sure about that. If I recall correctly, Get Out performed the best in sheer sales in Georgia. It just needs about 2,500 theaters, and that oughta be enough. Opening in 600, and expanding it wider is pointless to me. They might as well just open it in 2000+ theaters than start out at 600. I expect it to perform better than Wind River, though.
  2. It is probably smart for Focus to go wide with BlackKkKlansman on August 10th to be honest.
  3. Do you know from where those views are coming, though? There is obviously interest, but is the interest from America? I really do not see the movie grossing $100,000,000 in America, especially coming after A Star Is Born, but it will probably be big in Europe.
  4. PenguinHyphy

    Monday's Numbers

    Donald Glover is not the star of Solo and barely is in the movie, so why is he supposed to be responsible for its performance?
  5. Sorry to Bother You put up a great number. Even more promising is the polling, especially the percentage of female moviegoers and how young the audience is: If I recall pretty correctly, those are pretty similar polling numbers to Get Out's polling numbers, which obviously is great for Sorry to Bother You.
  6. There is nothing terrible about Ant Man's number or The First Purge's number, so some of you might want to relax with the projections.
  7. The movie oughta be fine, as in $100,000,000 domestically again. If the first one performed really well up against the second weekend of the Hunger Games' ultimate movie, I really do not see Fantastic Beasts being that much competition. In addition, Michael B. Jordan's profile has greatly risen and a ton of people appear to really cherish the first one.
  8. You might want to speak about Greece because you are obviously an outsider who believes that he/she knows more than they know about America because of the internet.
  9. PenguinHyphy


    I am so perplexed by that, too. I genuinely have no idea how people can say that Hereditary and The Witch are alright or trash while also stating that IT is great. Atmospheric, moody horror movies with a crescendo are how most of the classic horror movies are. The jump scare stuff really is so trite. It is so whatever at this point.
  10. The Lion King has Beyonce and Donald Glover as the stars and the ones singing the album for the movie. The original movie is also one of the most popular movies ever. It goes without saying that it is going to be a monumental success.
  11. PenguinHyphy

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    It might happen, but I am still not convinced that Black Panther is going to be a Best Picture nominee. Too many influential people in the industry believe that superhero movies are everything that is wrong with American cinema. I can see Ryan Coogler receiving a DGA nomination, though.
  12. PenguinHyphy

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    It is probably going to receive at least fifty reviews, so the score being 75 is not all that important right now. Brooklyn's Metacritic score right after Sundance was at 78 or something around BlacKkKlansman's Metacritic score. The movie played really well throughout the year up to its release in November and began to become more acclaimed when more reviews came in. The Metacritic score might be much better upon its release. It has happened plenty of times before. There are so many movies yet to premiere/be released to say anything about winning Best Picture, though.
  13. I posted in the the early Oscar predictions threads in like January that I am hearing great things from great sources about the movie and that it is commercial and a bit similar to Inside Man. It appears that those people are right judging by the reactions. Those same sources stated that Melissa McCarthy is transformative in her Fox Searchlight movie and have compared her to Jamie Foxx in Ray, so watch out for her possibly winning.
  14. PenguinHyphy

    Monday Numbers - A:IW 24.74M

    An R-rated romantic comedy is supposed to be comparable to a PG-13, family tentpole?
  15. PenguinHyphy

    Monday Numbers - A:IW 24.74M

    Those are the types of posts you see when non-Americans attempt to speak about the sociopolitical topics in the USA and their impact on the box office. They are often very off-base and have the perspective of an outsider glancing in. That is why many movies are often way off in predictions on here.

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