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  1. You are aware that exact quotes are able to be pulled up, right? Yes, you stated that it did not exist before. “There is a mob mentality and I think it 100% stems from a rise in social media cause it was not like this before that (from what I remember at least) Now a days, whatever the mob says goes...That gray area that we had, is kinda gone.“ It is really ironic that you use an expression that originated from the 1800s as a description to something “originating” from social media by the way. I explicitly state that social media amplifies behaviors that already exist. You are the one who ascribes the origin to it. If the statement were about social media exhibiting toxic behaviors, then I probably might have just agreed; however, it went further than that, and the statements that followed are just absolutely untrue. The fact of the matter is that there has never been a “grey area,” and that is where the holes arise in your argument. I am not about to broach it anymore, so you might not want to reply. I just want to challenge an untruth because that is how you clear up misconceptions. Now your arguments are going to have more nuance.
  2. That is an absolutely silly argument without any interrogation put into it. That has literally been the way people assess things, especially other people, since the beginning of time. That is even the way people assess things in most major religions. Before it was the press who spearheaded those things. It was a national outrage when the Surgeon General, who was forced to resign as a result, stated that teenagers oughta learn about masturbation as a form of abstinence, but there was supposed to be so much “nuanced” discussion before social media? The fact of the matter is that social media amplified whatever has already existed within society but makes them more democratizing. Only certain people and things were subject to public ridicule before; whereas, everyone and everything is able to be subject to public ridicule now because of there not being anymore gatekeeping as a result of social media. The exposure of people or things previously protected from that type of evaluation is the real reason why you are seeing those baseless proclamations, and that is why all of those sweeping statements about social media are unreasonable. There has never been a universal grey area.
  3. Is this the appropriate thread for posts about how poor Shazam’s numbers are, @grim22?
  4. That is not a good drop, and the only market where it has to open is an Asian market, where it is performing the worst.
  5. Posters are comparing Shazam to animation projects now? That is silly, but it is even more silly when you see that The Boss Baby’s, which opened at about the same time, first Wednesday is bigger than Shazam’s. Shazam is actually playing as your average fanboy superhero movie.
  6. A Dumbo drop on Monday with a slightly smaller Dumbo increase on Tuesday. Mmh. The weekend box office is going to be intriguing.
  7. Diversity demos for Captain Marvel are broad: 47% Caucasian, 21% Hispanic, 16% African-American and 12% Asian. Definite recommend is still high for the Anna Boden/Ryan Fleck-directed MCU title at 68%, with 58% of the audience saying it met their expectations and 35% saying it exceeded.
  8. That refutes what I have been stating how? “While general audiences enjoyed Billy Batson at 4 stars, 61% recommend.” The general moviegoers, who are the overwhelming majority of the audience, have way less enthusiasm about the movie.
  9. It it is one of the lowest rated games according to Deadline, so it is not a matter of the game being bigger. I have not glanced at Captain America’s breakdown, but Shazam’s is mostly male and the overwhelming majority not being kids. Isn’t that the average moviegoing makeup of your average superhero movie? What about that is supposed to be so disparate with respect to who sees Captain America? You have a great argument as to why the Tuesday increase will Ben bigger. You are the only one who has brought up the Tuesday number, though. Dude, the percentage breakdown is only 25% for parents and kids according to Deadline. The highest demographic is actually men and teenage boys, which usually is the case with superhero movies. You are able to scream about it being a kids movie all you want, but the breakdown is not that of a superhero movie.
  10. I stated that they probably like the movie, but many are not recommending it. It probably got an A Cinemascore because they were entertained by it. You can be entertained by something while believing that that thing is not really worth anyone else’s time. Captain Marvel has a 68% recommend with adults just as a recent superhero comparison.
  11. The NCAA Basketball Championship excuse is not a legitimate one because Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s first Monday also happened to be the same day as the championship, and that movie did not have as hard as a drop. That drop is giving Dumbo vibes to be honest. People might like the movie, but only 60% of adults actually recommend the movie, which is pretty low for a superhero movie.
  12. You are being way too honest, so you are going to be labeled a troll and whatever.
  13. It is funny how I am warned for "flame wars" while you go bringing up posts from a day ago. No, the $150,000,000 is the overseas estimate if that is what you are trying to suggest. I have already recognized that it came in below estimates and just hit $100,000,000 overseas, so why are you pressing the same issue?
  14. You are right. It came in at $102,000,000 in estimates, way below the $150,000,000 that Deadline projected a few days ago. It really is such an over performer.
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