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  1. Unassuming run, its global gross might not even surpass Hidden Figure’s domestic numbers. The people hyping up its box office performance were just trying to have it appear as some juggernaut that the Oscars cannot ignore.
  2. In what universe is Doolittle not a bomb? We have to be in the Twilight Zone. The entire rationale about a project losing $100,000,000 in place of $150,000,000 equating to whoever starring being a draw is some of the most perplexing shit that I have ever seen. You do not pay someone $20,000,000 to potentially lose less money than whatever starring whoever else. You pay them that to earn more money than whatever starring whoever else. It is also moot because it will not cost nearly as much without whatever supposed a-list star starring, so you are effectively neutralizing whatever higher gross
  3. There is no way that it is not hitting a $70,000,000 four the four day with a $60,000,000 three day. Even Glass managed to gross $6,000,000 on Martin Luther King Jr Day from a $9,000,000 Sunday. Grossing $10,000,000 on Monday is really not going to be a struggle. A $30,000,000 four day for Doolittle from a $6,000,000 Friday with that CinemaScore really is not sensible either. That means that they are projecting an increase for it on Monday, which is impossible. They really have the worst analysis, and their numbers are not reasonable.
  4. In what universe is a $175,000,000 domestic gross and being the 12th highest grossing picture of the year bad? There is a bunch of really great insight and analysis on here, but there is also just some straight up dumb shit. Wasn’t there also a sentiment on here that The Lion king box office is bad, too? I am assuming that it is coming from teenagers, but can the simpleness not be brought into the new year? And horror performed well at the box office in 2019. What is even the argument against that?
  5. Still not sure if that number is accurate seeing as it appears to be collapsing at night showings. Either way, Walter Mitty only made $25,000,000 from an $8,000,000 opening day in less theaters. There is nothing absurd about their projections. You appear to be really passionate about Little Women, but you might want to wait.
  6. Possibly it appears that way to you because you are not in America?
  7. What is Ad Astra's budget because it is probably going to have First Man opening numbers at best?
  8. Yet, Warner Brothers states nothing about him being black in the trailer, so that is you once again projecting your own insecurities onto people.
  9. A 61% drop for an adult movie in July Monday does not project a good weekend drop.
  10. Shazam and PIkachu have not made $150,000,000, and everything is pointing to Hollywood going nowhere near that number.
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