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  1. Possibly it appears that way to you because you are not in America?
  2. What is Ad Astra's budget because it is probably going to have First Man opening numbers at best?
  3. Yet, Warner Brothers states nothing about him being black in the trailer, so that is you once again projecting your own insecurities onto people.
  4. A 61% drop for an adult movie in July Monday does not project a good weekend drop.
  5. Shazam and PIkachu have not made $150,000,000, and everything is pointing to Hollywood going nowhere near that number.
  6. I do not see how Hollywood gets to a $40,000,000 weekend with a $16,700,000 Friday where previews are 35% of that total and polarizing audience reception.
  7. That is front loaded as shit if that number is true, and there is no reason to believe that it is not because Variety has the same number.
  8. Booksmart performed extremely well in those two places, but its numbers were brought down by its performances elsewhere, especially in the south, so that is not always the truth honestly.
  9. It was always going to perform well enough in Los Angeles and New York, so using any of those two to represent national numbers is pretty faulty.
  10. Common sense oughta tell you that the same people who are complaining are not the ones who are supporting those projects, and just because someone wants more original movies that does not mean that every original movie is going to generate any intrigue.
  11. Yet, there you are berating people for what they want to see. People not wanting to see a Quentin Tarantino movie about Hollywood really is not the high crime that you make it out to be. You have the opportunity to see it in theaters, so that is all that oughta matter to you. What other people want to see with THEIR money and time is their proclivity, and all of the whining about people not being as excited about a Quentin Tarantino movie as others is annoying.
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