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  1. The Nun being the highest grossing of all of the other Conjuring movies is strange, but we will just have to see. Animation generally does well, so that Smallfoot movie possibly might go that high. A Star Is Born is certainly not going that high. It is banking on Oscar buzz to go that high, but it going wide at the beginning of October ensures that it is not going to be playing in many theaters when the Oscar boost generally happens. I agree about Aquaman and the Harry Potter universe movie, which might actually go lower. I see Creed II increasing from the original movie's run at the box office. If Crazy Rich Asians grosses $200,000,000+, it might be Warner Brothers' highest grossing.
  2. The reason why Crazy Rich Asians and that Mark Wahlberg movie have such small percentage drops on Thursday is because they were available to Movie Pass users on Thursday. They are not about to see high percentage jumps on Friday for that reason. The Help actually increased on its second Thursday while still only managing to jump about 60% on Friday, so Crazy Rich Asians is probably not jumping anything bigger than that.
  3. The things that I am hearing about Widows from people who have seen it are intriguing. Some people like it while other people feel a bit differently. No one seems to love it or hate it, though. It is not action-packed at all, which probably helps it with how award voters will view it, so if you are expecting another Set It Off, then the movie is not for you. It apparently has multiple storylines and deals with a lot of the local politics in Chicago. The comparisons that I am hearing are Syriana and Traffic. Everyone says that the acting, especially Daniel Kaluuya and Viola Davis, is great. It appears to be an easy SAG Ensemble winner, which means that it is probably going to receive a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars because of the actors branch, but I am not too sure about it being a Best Picture winner, though.
  4. That is just straight up insanity, and people boycotting is probably not helping matters.
  5. Deadline does not plant studio hit pieces because they have to have a great relationship with them in order to actually function, so I have no idea why you keep perpetuating the notion that they do that. They might not be exactly right about the number, but it has to be in that area and from a great source for them to post about it. They are into clickbait, but they are not going to run anything defamatory.
  6. Those numbers for BlacKkKlansman and for Mission Impossible: Fallout look way too low. It is best to wait for the actual Friday numbers because those multipliers are just too strange. The Meg is probably going to be way more front loaded, too, and if they are right about that $178,000,000 production cost, then whoever let it get that high is irresponsible.
  7. For starters, why is Black Panther being brought up? Sorry to Bother You is an arthouse/indie movie, so of course it is not going to make anywhere near what Black Panther made. Tully has not made anywhere near what The Avengers made, but what do those two things have to do with one another, besides the race of the stars, when one they are two different types of movies? It is telling that arthouse/indie movies with white stars such as 7 Days in Entebbe, First Reformed, Disobedience, Beirut, Leave No Trace, Unsane, Tully, Chappaquiddick and probably numerous others from this spring,summer that escape me are able to make $5,000,000 or less overseas in numerous countries without anyone questioning whether they oughta any more movies like that overseas. Meanwhile, Sorry to Bother You, a movie that has made more domestically than those movies have made internationally and domestically altogether, is being refused to be played because 'it will not make any money.' They just are not playing it because they do not want to play it. I am not even about to broach the movie being compared to a Tyler Perry movie because you are not going to compare Birdman or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to a Larry the Cable Guy movie.
  8. My post and the forum are about box office, and home video revenue is not as huge as it used to be when he was putting out those Transporter movies.
  9. Every movie with Jason Statham starring has opened to $16,000,000 or less while having grossed $43,000,000 or less. Shark movies (excluding Jaws from totally different times) are without a history of performing all that great. Blake Lively has a big following of young women who propelled her movie to that number. Jason Statham has nothing but a terrible box office history and a movie that appears to belong on the SyFy station or wherever. People watch those so-terrible-they-are-great shark action movies at home on SyFy, not in theaters. The movie has all of the signs of being their next King Arthur or Geostorm, which happen to be Warner Brothers properties, and the $30,000,000 opening weekend projections are outrageous to the max.
  10. Are you really able to include him after The Great Wall, Suburbicon and Downsizing?
  11. I have not seen the majority of those movies because I am more into arthouse movies or movies with great characterization and great story. The post is about box office and the amount of theaters a movie receives. It is just strange that a Mission Impossible movie is receiving some of the most theaters ever when its opening has never been thought to be anywhere near the highest openings in history, so are that many theaters really necessary for a Mission Impossible movie?
  12. PenguinHyphy

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    I posted about hearing great things about BlacKkKlansman and that Melissa McCarthy movie in January. I thought that Melissa McCarthy's might just be for the performance, but the movie premiering at Telluride is pretty big, suggesting that they are pushing more than just the performance. I posted a while ago that the things being revealed about Boy Erased are not great, so it appearing to not play at the festivals, at least not at Toronto initially, is really not surprising.
  13. It is so intriguing how Mission Impossible is one of the widest releases ever, but the movie is not going to open anywhere near Black Panther, The Fast and the Furious, Star Wars, James Bond, Wonder Woman, The Jungle Book etcetera, which all opened in less theaters.
  14. The movie is playing in the summer, so it will surely have better staying power than Rampage.

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