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  1. I mean when was his last hit in America? Cold Pursuit was already not expected to perform well either. The writing appears to be on the walls, but he will probably be alright overseas, though.
  2. Most posters appear to not be American, but his career in America is surely going to be affected even though it happened in Sweden or wherever he is from. The history of racial violence in America, which resembles exactly what he stated, is way too brutal and has way too many remnants today. It is not going to go over well here in the slightest.
  3. Green Book is going nowhere near that number with a $2,000 PTA in 2,500 theaters. The $60,000,000 that Deadline is estimating appears to be appropriate. The end of the year Oscar movies really have not played well this Oscar season, which means that the ratings are going to be even lower probably.
  4. All of the pros, especially the really high Trailer Impact Survey, for Us are really great. The only cons listed are that they have to wait for the reviews. The movie is going to be really big assuming that reviews are great.
  5. Hostiles did not "work for them" in the slightest. It has a $50,000,000 production budget and probably was not acquired for significantly less. They have not been performing that well as distributors.
  6. Worry about what is happening in Alberta and allow Americans to speak about THEIR sociopolitical conversations. Why the fuck are people from Transylvania always trying to speak about the social pinnings of shit that they do not know? It is has become absolutely beyond annoying at this point.
  7. We still have not seen anything from Greyhound, so it is probably not staying there. Everything else except Us is from small unaccomplished distributors that are probably not going to see many theaters.
  8. PenguinHyphy

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    First Man is not back in the race. Blade Runner 2049 received eight BAFTA nominations including director, and the movie still only received below-the-line nominations. First Man always has been expected to receive technical nominations and to receive a Claire Foy nomination at BAFTA, but it needed a picture, director or Ryan Gosling nomination to be serious for anything above-the-line since DGA, PGA, SAG have all ignored the movie altogether.
  9. It is so ironic that I am now seeing those pre-sales. When I was at my nephew's game today, I heard parents speaking about Us, and I usually never hear people out in public, especially adults, speak about movies unless they are the blockbuster Marvel type movies. I honestly believe that it is about to be the Black Panther of horror movies.
  10. PenguinHyphy

    Creed2 OS

    That is absolutely not the truth. It has barely opened in any markets, and the markets in which it still has to open are the ones where the first performed best. The movie is also performing significantly better in all of its markets in comparison to the first thus far.
  11. PenguinHyphy

    Best Picture Predictions - 2018

    The movie in itself is a controversy if you have not noticed, so that is the least of their worries right now.
  12. The Nun being the highest grossing of all of the other Conjuring movies is strange, but we will just have to see. Animation generally does well, so that Smallfoot movie possibly might go that high. A Star Is Born is certainly not going that high. It is banking on Oscar buzz to go that high, but it going wide at the beginning of October ensures that it is not going to be playing in many theaters when the Oscar boost generally happens. I agree about Aquaman and the Harry Potter universe movie, which might actually go lower. I see Creed II increasing from the original movie's run at the box office. If Crazy Rich Asians grosses $200,000,000+, it might be Warner Brothers' highest grossing.
  13. The reason why Crazy Rich Asians and that Mark Wahlberg movie have such small percentage drops on Thursday is because they were available to Movie Pass users on Thursday. They are not about to see high percentage jumps on Friday for that reason. The Help actually increased on its second Thursday while still only managing to jump about 60% on Friday, so Crazy Rich Asians is probably not jumping anything bigger than that.
  14. The things that I am hearing about Widows from people who have seen it are intriguing. Some people like it while other people feel a bit differently. No one seems to love it or hate it, though. It is not action-packed at all, which probably helps it with how award voters will view it, so if you are expecting another Set It Off, then the movie is not for you. It apparently has multiple storylines and deals with a lot of the local politics in Chicago. The comparisons that I am hearing are Syriana and Traffic. Everyone says that the acting, especially Daniel Kaluuya and Viola Davis, is great. It appears to be an easy SAG Ensemble winner, which means that it is probably going to receive a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars because of the actors branch, but I am not too sure about it being a Best Picture winner, though.

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