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  1. So many variables go into a film's success or failure, it seems lazy to try to blame one thing. That said, I'm looking at this performance from the perspective of the studio. The state of the world's most arguably lucrative franchise is basically this: The last main line film in the series was not universally loved, though it was financially successful The latest entry in the franchise is looking like a legitimate loser The hardcore fanbase is upset and growing increasingly alienated Love her or hate her, anyone who doesn't think KK is in hot water right now is kidding themselves.
  2. I'm stunned. Solo's global BO run looks like it might actually lose money for the studio. This scenario was heretofore unimaginable for this franchise. To me, that makes this one of the most interesting weekends of the year. I never thought I'd see a Star Wars movie bomb. Not even AOTC managed that. We'll be discussing the nature and consequences of this failure for a long time.
  3. These numbers are meh. I loved TLJ, but I'm starting to think it's left a sour taste in the mouth of too wide a swath of the population. Edit: Not TLJ itself, but the consistent condescending tone Lucasfilm has taken towards fans critical of the movie, and the direction they're taking the franchise. "Sorry to have brought identity/gender politics into... NOPE. Not sorry AT ALL 'cause I think the GALAXY George gave birth to in '77 is big enough for EVERYONE: straight, gay, black, white, brown, Twi'lek, Sullustan, Wookiee, DROID & anything inbetween. #droidrights #weAREsentient" -Jonathan Kasdan I mean, I think he's right. But spare me the pontificating.
  4. LinksterAC

    Wednesday Numbers: IW 4.2- 4.4 (Asgard 2)

    Yeah, I think it's tracking to about a 46% drop and a $34M weekend.
  5. LinksterAC

    Monday's Numbers: updated - $4.62M (Final)

    AOU dropped 44% in its fourth frame. I'm guessing $34M this weekend for AIW. For $34M, AIW will have to lose close to 46% of its business from the third weekend. I was scratching my head trying to explain why the most reasonable drop I could think of was worse than the equivalent AOU drop, since AIW is generally exhibiting much better legs. Then @Rebeccas pointed out that AOU's fourth weekend was Memorial Day. Now I have an explanation (and she has a like).
  6. LinksterAC

    Monday's Numbers: updated - $4.62M (Final)

    Good point. That makes me a lot more comfortable with my $34M prediction.
  7. LinksterAC

    Monday's Numbers: updated - $4.62M (Final)

    Strong Monday number for AIW. If it weren't for BP functioning as a recent comparison, we'd be pretty impressed with its legs coming off a record-breaking opening. AIW isn't playing at capacity any more, so I don't think the loss of screens to DP2's opening will affect it significantly. It's at a natural phase in its run to start shedding screens. There should be plenty of room in the market for both movies, and the hardcore fanboys have had plenty of time to see AIW. They shouldn't be cannibalizing each other at this point. I think it drops a little over 45% to about $34M. That said, I have a hard time seeing how this universally loved film has a worse fourth-weekend drop (-44.2%) than the less popular AOU.
  8. Just watched it for the second time. Fantastic film. My favorite of the three Avengers movies. Everything just lands for me.
  9. 16.8% Monday to Thursday drop for AIW vs. 18.4% for BP's second week. Showing some great legs this week.
  10. It's second week percentage changes have tracked remarkably close to BP's. So close the differences just look like statistical noise. I'm sticking to my $69M third weekend prediction. It's behaving exactly like BP right now.
  11. LinksterAC

    Tuesday (9/5):- Infinity War - 10.67m

    My rusty memory tells me that Mother's Day usually helps helps you or has no effect. In other words, it rarely hurts a movie. But I'm happy to be corrected.
  12. LinksterAC

    Tuesday (9/5):- Infinity War - 10.67m

    I dunno...putting aside that weird Saturday, AIW day-to-day changes have basically been exactly in-step with with BP's, just with higher dollar amounts. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the deflated Saturday last weekend translates into an abnormally strong hold this weekend. -40% to 68.9 mil.
  13. So basically something pretty strange happened on Saturday.
  14. That oddly makes some sense. The keystone demographic group (millennial men) was wearing sombreros and drunk off its a$$. You can count me among them. Let's see what that Sunday number looks like.
  15. I'd personally love to see Cap get to retire to a happy life. Wish they could give him Peggy back somehow, but that’s got a bit of ick factor to it after the events of CW.

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