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  1. Cos'è??? Mandolino? Non è uno strumento di musica? Io non abbia mai visto questa parola in questo contesto.
  2. I think your hopes about this version of Spider-Man are misplaced. You may not like this version, but Tom Holland is extremely popular. This situation also suggests that both Disney and Sony would rather Tom Holland’s rendition of Spider-Man continue to be a part of the MCU. Far From Home went out of its way to position him as a key part of whatever the future MCU looks like. That said, if you’re looking for Spidey to be a focal character in his own right, I’m sure that’s where they’re taking him. The Iron Man protege role has finished its job narratively, and his next adventures will see him influencing others rather than vice versa.
  3. You get a humbled like because I honestly didn’t think of that angle, and it’s a good observation. I kinda love the idea of Spider-Man bridging two universes, and these two characters are perhaps a more potent combination overseas than they are here in NA.
  4. Yes, but I have a feeling that part of this deal is that Sony gets its wish and Tom Hardy's Venom joins the MCU.
  5. I think there's a better than 50-50 chance Sony and Disney going to work out a deal. There's no way they're not having backroom discussions. I saw the link below earlier this week, and just noticed it doesn't seem to have been posted here. Admittedly, it's a rumor, but one with some teeth given their source has at least a little credibility to their track record. https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/sony-offered-disney-deal-30-spiderman/ For my part, I had a blast with Venom. It was dumb, but it knew it, and I'd be delighted to see that character appear in the MCU.
  6. Poo on all this. My three favorite characters in the MCU are now gone (Cap, Iron Man, Spidey). My excitement for comic book movies just took a major gut punch. I think both Sony and Disney may have lost a customer here.
  7. I think it's safe to assume that discussions are still ongoing. This could end up being a permanent divorce, but I don't see that we've arrived at some critical juncture (past reshoots and post-production) that would preclude Spider-Man's renewed inclusion in the MCU. In other words, negotiations aren't dead until we've passed some point of no return. We can discuss what that is, but neither side benefits by really calling it quits at this point.
  8. See, you say it’s “easy,” but the scenario you describe doesn’t work for me. I just don’t buy it. Without the MCU, his narrative is diminished.
  9. Everyone who thinks there is a "good guy" and a "bad guy" in this situation has a fundamental lack of understanding of how business negotiations work.
  10. I lean towards this being a bunch of PR stunting and jousting. This is a beloved iteration of Spider-Man, and neither company really benefits from his exclusion from the MCU. I think they work out a deal. Then again, I thought Hilary would be elected and that the Chargers would stay in San Diego, so what do I know?
  11. I can only speak for myself, but I definitely feel character growth in those scenes. Sure, Peter uses Stark's tech, but it's well established that Peter's a genius in his own right. Every genius uses someone else's tools to their own ends (google Isaac Newton's quote about standing on the shoulders of giants). And then he literally uses this tech to design his own suit (eschewing the Iron Spider), for his own purposes, for a scene where he relies on it, his wits, and his unique "Peter-tingle" to outsmart and defeat the bad guy.
  12. Doesn't Happy answer this question during the movie? Even Tony Stark couldn't be Tony Stark. He was a "mess," in Happy's words. I think the movie decides to ask that question so that it can give the answer: Don't be Tony Stark. Even Tony Stark couldn't be Tony Stark. Be Peter Parker. A character theme since maybe Civil War is that even Tony Stark himself sees a potential in Peter to be more than Tony by being different than Tony. This movie carries that theme forward, and builds smartly off their well-established mentor-apprentice relationship.
  13. Fantastic flick. The Mysterio vs. Spidey action sequences were highlights for me, and felt very true to the comics. Gyllenhaal was a bit of a revelation as Mysterio, and there hasn't been a better Spider-Man/Peter Parker than Tom Holland. The guy just nails it, even down to the Queens accent. The Tony Stark callbacks were touching, and well-used, particularly the "engineering-on-the-fly" (no pun intended) scene on Happy's jet. I loved seeing JK Simmons reprise his role as J. Jonah Jameson. The identity reveal is uncharted territory for this character, but so was sexy May, and the Stark-Parker relationship. This Spidey-phile is excited to see where it all goes. At this point, I have no reason to doubt the MCU will do it narrative justice. I'm already looking forward to a second viewing. Superb stuff!
  14. Welp, Avatar got one theatrical re-release with an extended cut, so I guess this is only fair. It's crazy how close this all is.
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