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  1. I agree. I also think we may have an unexpected breakout--just because the demand seems to be there.
  2. I think, as relates to the box office, the first paragraph is, for better or worse, essentially a non-factor in America at this point. Despite Omicron spiking, the majority are opposed to new restrictions (see below). I don't think we'll see much impact on Spidey's box office run. (Sort of a grassroots gut check on that: Friends in SF (which was extremely pro-restrictions) report that restaurants are absolutely packed right now.) https://scottrasmussen.com/pandemic-74-close-to-resuming-normal-life/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Polling Update December 3
  3. Yeah, Dune had an amazing run, considering. Though I think the IMAX format & overall visual aesthetic made it more marketable as a theater-first experience.
  4. Believe me, I know the rationale behind the Canadian lockdowns (that seem to have dubious benefit, anyway). I'm just highlighting that the USA & Canada are on very different trajectories on policy and that should mean the market is mostly very healthy for new openers in North America.
  5. Nah, DeBlasio had a press conference on Omicron yesterday (NYC has highest case rates ever right now), and added absolutely zero new restrictions. Not even a mask mandate. America & Europe/Canada have diverged in a big way this winter. California can't even enforce a mask mandate right now. EDIT: To keep it box office focused, I'll add: I don't think Québec will be much copy-catted. Should have a minimal impact on NWH's trajectory. The market of theater-goers is just over COVID at this point.
  6. I can only speak for myself, but I definitely feel character growth in those scenes. Sure, Peter uses Stark's tech, but it's well established that Peter's a genius in his own right. Every genius uses someone else's tools to their own ends (google Isaac Newton's quote about standing on the shoulders of giants). And then he literally uses this tech to design his own suit (eschewing the Iron Spider), for his own purposes, for a scene where he relies on it, his wits, and his unique "Peter-tingle" to outsmart and defeat the bad guy.
  7. Doesn't Happy answer this question during the movie? Even Tony Stark couldn't be Tony Stark. He was a "mess," in Happy's words. I think the movie decides to ask that question so that it can give the answer: Don't be Tony Stark. Even Tony Stark couldn't be Tony Stark. Be Peter Parker. A character theme since maybe Civil War is that even Tony Stark himself sees a potential in Peter to be more than Tony by being different than Tony. This movie carries that theme forward, and builds smartly off their well-established mentor-apprentice relationship.
  8. Fantastic flick. The Mysterio vs. Spidey action sequences were highlights for me, and felt very true to the comics. Gyllenhaal was a bit of a revelation as Mysterio, and there hasn't been a better Spider-Man/Peter Parker than Tom Holland. The guy just nails it, even down to the Queens accent. The Tony Stark callbacks were touching, and well-used, particularly the "engineering-on-the-fly" (no pun intended) scene on Happy's jet. I loved seeing JK Simmons reprise his role as J. Jonah Jameson. The identity reveal is uncharted territory for this character, but so was sexy May, and
  9. I’m a bit disappointed that it’s looking like a photo finish for the second weekend record. I was hoping to relive the delirious excitement of last weekend. That said, squint your eyes and pretend that TFA’s second weekend doesn’t exist. The next closest second weekend isn’t even in barking distance, and we are looking at 60M second Saturday. Astounding really.
  10. Every 3-hour movie I’ve tracked has seen stronger-than-average Saturday bumps. But you’re right, it’s been a while, and none have opened at this scale. That said, I think effectively the net conclusion is the same: we should wait and see how Saturday is performing for EG before drawing conclusions about the weekend.
  11. I thought conventional wisdom was that for a three hour film you always wait to see what that Saturday jump is going to be.
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