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  1. 1st Trend: Geheimnis 575k (-16%) 2,74M - biggest 3rd WE of the year topping TLK 565k Last Christmas 150k Joker 140k (-30%) 3,69M Le Mans 66 105k Zombieland 2 95k (-18%/-37%) 275k Recep Ivedik 6 75k (-49%) 255k
  2. Thursday actuals: Geheimnis 62k // €550k / $605k (-19%) Joker 17k // €150k / $165k (-35%) Last Christmas 13,5k // €110k / $120k Le Mans 66 11k // €105k / $115k
  3. The Thursday estimates from InsideKino see another great drop for the local Geheimnis (66k, -21% from LW estimates) and again a rather mediocre hold for Joker (16k, -38% from LW estimates). Combined with a bit better numbers from the other report Geheimnis should get to 60k+ (-20% from LW Thursday actual) and maybe 550k WE (applying same IM as LW). Joker would indeed reach around 16k and 125k WE. As for Geheimnis that would be great, it just needs 565k+ for the best 3rd WE of the year. But I hope Joker might do more than that...
  4. 2nd Trend: Geheimnis 725k (-22%/-30%) Joker 225k (-43%) Zombieland2 150k Maleficent2 90k (-49%) Addams Family 70k (-52%) Terminator 55k (-53%)
  5. That's what I wrote in the first post - I fear the predicted IM may be too optimistic. We will see tomorow.
  6. As said, 5M won't happen. But if it really reaches 250k this WE my hope for €40M+ might still be alive (it would need 4,3M+ for that to happen). But for now I would stay with the InsideKino prediction of 4M.
  7. At the moment I can't really see this happening as it would be a huge IM for a movie like Joker. But MarkG is great in predicting so maybe it really is possible... And if that hold happens for Geheimnis we might get some more than just 4M admissions there.
  8. With Octobre record you mean the biggest movie opening in October? Cause there are quite some bigger ones. And the 16 record might be Matrix 4,78M
  9. Maleficent does great indeed! She's coming for the 5th biggest of the Disney LA (all numbers in Mio): OD OW OWeek Total Multipler TLK 0,630 2,559 3,253 9,750 x3,81 2019 Alice 0,252 1,418 1,600 4,537 x3,20 2010 TJB 0,278 1,090 1,303 3,720 x3,41 2016 BATB 0,269 1,143 1,282 3,568 x3,12 2017 Maleficent2 0,066 0,549 0,786 3,000+* x5,47 2019 Aladdin 0,078 0,471 0,563 2,510 x5,33 2019 Dumbo 0,085 0,470 0,551 2,392 x5,09 2019 Maleficent 0,086 0,548 0,628 2,047 x3,74 2014 Cinderella 0,086 0,573 0,636 1,722 x3,01 2015 OZ 0,124 0,633 0,788 1,590 x2,51 2013 MP 0,044 0,293 0,390 1,535 x5,24 2018 Nutcracker 0,049 0,229 0,255 0,802 x3,50 2018 *it can certainly go higher but as holiday seems to end I don't really know where it's headed - it'll definitely get the biggest multi though 4th biggest to 8th biggest: WE #4 BATB #5 Maleficent2 #6 Aladdin #7 Dumbo #8 Maleficent 1st 1,143M --- 1,143M 549k --- 549k 471k --- 471k 470k --- 470k 548k --- 548k 2nd 584k -49% 1,866M 555k 1% 1,341M 513k +9% 1,076M 403k -14% 954k 240k -56% 868k 3rd 311k -47% 2,296M 522k -6% 2,075M 331k -35% 1,464M 320k -21% 1,399M 153k -36% 1,112M 4th 281k -10% 2,712M 187k -44% 1,813M 184k -42% 1,719M 106k -31% 1,256M 5th 212k -25% 3,050M 104k -44% 1,945M 208k +13% 2,004M 181k 70% 1,470M 6th 127k -40% 3,221M 117k +12% 2,089M 116k -44% 2,157M 122k -32% 1,685M 7th 69k -45% 3,347M 77k -34% 2,231M 73k -37% 2,241M 88k -28% 1,823M 3,568M 3,000M 2,510M 2,392M 2,047M
  10. Monday update: Geheimnis 920k (4-day) 1,04M (i.P.) the movie is very close to TLK for the 2nd biggest OW of the year. Top5 OW 2019: Admissions / theatres / average 1 1.671.661 717 2.331 A:EG 2 921.781 746 1.236 TLK 3 920.000* 700* 1.314* Das perfekte Geheimnis 4 841.002 690 1.219 Joker 5 640.081 633 1.011 Captain Marvel Joker 395k (-12%) 3,2M in the end Joker didn't reach TLK 4th WE (406k)... But it is already the 3rd biggest DC movie ever: year / admissions 1 79 4,2M Superman 2 12 3,3M The Dark Knight Rises 3 19 3,2M Joker 4 08 2,9M The Dark Knight 5 19 2,0M Aquaman Maleficent2 175k (-5%) 795k it's a little above its predecessor after 3 WE (784k) Addams Family 145k (+63%/+37%) 290k Terminator 115k (-14%) 305k
  11. I understand what you mean. It's pretty much like TLK: Relative to other Disney remakes it did great but relative to many countries with huge breakouts it was rather disappointing. And now Joker: Seeing how close Italy and Spain are - I just get the feeling that if the german BO was in a better state it could do more... Still, both movies have great numbers in Germany
  12. As mentioned some increases with the 2nd Trend: Geheimnis 900k 4-day (1,02M i.P.) Joker 415k (-8%) would be the best 4th WE of the year! Maleficent 180k (-2%) Addams Family 150k (+69%/+42%) Terminator 120k (-10%) New York 75k (-18%)
  13. Weather is quite bad and seems to be over the WE (if it's not raining than at least it's pretty cold) so that shouldn't be the factor if it doesn't get there. So hopefully the Halloween effect won't be too big so Joker can have an acceptable IM for the WE.
  14. If Joker can get to 406.117 admissions over the WE it'll have the biggest 4th WE of the year, hope it gets there!
  15. 1st Trend: Das perfekte Geheimnis 880k (4-day)/1M (5-day) Third biggest OW of the year Joker 400k (-11%) 3,21M (3rd biggest DC movie) Maleficent2 150k (-19%) 770k (close to Maleficent1 after 3rd WE: 784k) Addams Family 120k (+35%/+13%) 265k Terminator 100k (-25%) 300k Halloween Haunt 90k SSTTIDD 75k
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