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  1. And with the 3rd Trend there are some increases again! Pets2 350k (+10%) This means it's 77% above its first WE (excluding Previews). It should be around 1,16M after Sunday and therefore already have a multipler of x5,85!!! (Pets1 had x5,45 after the whole run...) The third WE of the first Pets was 365k, so despite opening 72% lower it's now nearly the same... SM:FFH 300k (-31%/-39%) Yesterday 160k Annabelle 100k (-20%/-24%) Aladdin 85k (+23%) In its 8th WE Aladdin is 70% above its 6th WE too. Awesome run! FFA 67,5k (+2%) JW3 27,5k (+10%)
  2. Reading your post makes me think of jokes so I'm better not gonna answer 😬
  3. 2nd Trend: Pets2 300k (-6%) SM:FFH 300k (-31%/-39%) Yesterday 140k Annabelle 95k (-23%/-28%) Aladdin 70k (+1%) FFA 70k (+6%) Can anybody tell me why "Five Feet Apart" is called something like "Three Steps towards you" in german?
  4. I would have called that context cause any other movie with the same content would not have been that successful. It's the relation the MCU. But I'm OK with your definition. Didn't say that though you probably didn't adress me with that.
  5. For both, Avatar and Endgame, content wasn't the main part of their success IMO. For both it was mainly spectacle, though I have to say - as much as I disliked Endgame - that (in this aspect) it was probably more revolutionary than Avatar (while Avatar was much more revolutionary with visuals). Still, no one can argue that Endgame was this successful due to content. It's just because it being the culmination of the MCU IMO. The bold part seems true though.
  6. But it's important to clarify that SM:HC just had 1M total, after 2nd WE it was at 555k - that might not be clear. Impressive that its 2nd WE might beat SM:HC OW. Weather is so bad today, I hope there might be increases with the 2nd Trend.
  7. That's what I fear too... It's not even that I'm a MCU-hater who dislikes all the movies, I really like some of them. But I don't like how big the whole MCU is, it's just as owerpowered as Cap Marvel (But seeing that this opposed to F&F is so divisive, is quite funny though I would consider the MCU as better than F&F too) However, there have been enough wars about that and at last there can be talk about an other movie (--> TLK) so that one should be discussed
  8. FF goes down after all, now I only need to hear MCU reached its peak too
  9. Sadly I can't really say much about that... Seeing how the other Disney Remakes faired it should do fine. I'd say chances are high to become the biggest of them passing AiW (4,54M), especially since TJB (3,72M) which should be the most comparable did so well here (it's the 2nd biggest of the remakes). The JPBO users predict around 5,25M admissions on average. I don't know how reliable they are when it comes to predictions, though. But 5M admissions may be a good target. That'd around be €35M and $40M. However, that isn't based on anything reliable so don't quote me on that if it disappoints
  10. Weather this WE is pretty bad so we might see some great drops hopefully. My hopes for Pets2 and Aladdin are especially high, maybe they can be flat...
  11. Aladdin is safe to pass Dumbo. WE Dumbo Aladdin 1st 470k --- 470k 471k --- 471k 2nd 403k -14% 954k 513k +9% 1,08M 3rd 320k -21% 1,4M 331k -35% 1,46M 4th 184k -42% 1,72M 187k -44% 1,81M 5th 208k +13% 2M 104k -44% 1,94M 6th 116k -44% 2,16M 117k +12% 2,09M 7th 73k -37% 2,24M 77k -34% 2,23M It's just 60k away (really strange for Dumbo that it just added 50k more after that...)
  12. This is a massive OD for SM:FFH! Just in case somebody missed that, this is even bigger than A:IW 405k!!! It should be the 2nd biggest MCU OD, crazy... It might be heavily frontloaded, I2 had 694k on its Fête du Cinéma OD and reached just 1,517M OW (ODx2,19). That would be 990k OW for FFH, so that should be around the low end. Probably anywhere from 1M to 1,15M. CineDirector increased its prediction for OWeek to 1,6M which would be 60% above SM:H.
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