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  1. 3rd Trend is even better: #1 NWH 240k (-36%) 3,510M #2 Scream 95k #3 The King's Man 75k (-37%/-46%) 235k #4 House of Gucci 55k (-25%) 902.5k #5 Clifford 45k (-31%) 435k #6 Matrix4 35k (-49%) 505k
  2. NWH had an awesome 4th WE with 375k (-4%) and reached 3,21M admissions (and thereby passed SM3 3,205M). Kingsman 140k Gucci 72,5k (+7%) 827,5k Matrix 67,5k (-17%) 455k Clifford 65k (+38%) 385k, the 6th is the biggest WE yet, +70% from OW. NTTD on Friday became the first movie since Frozen2 to reach 6M. https://www.insidekino.de/News.htm
  3. The 350k predicted atm would be only a 10% drop. It could be quite close to 3,2M on Sunday. If that happens 3,8M (and around $43,5M) should be safe.
  4. MarkG expects 3,8M atm. So even though I don't know about 4M it could still come quite close.
  5. 1st Trend (the WE could again differ from the one in 2010, so the Trend might be off again...) NWH 450k (+25%) 2,63M Matrix 100k (-5%/-30%) 360k Gucci 70k (+94%) 710k Clifford 55k (+150%) 285k Encanto 50k (+72%) 457,5k NTTD only needs 15k more after Sunday to reach 6M
  6. So, looking at 2010 when the holiday pattern was the same as this year, movies should have big increases - and MarkG expects a big increase for NWH atm. But knowing that last WE was very atypical he says we should still be cautious. He predicts for now NWH 504k +40% 2,68M (total after Sunday) and 3,75M possible end result - but that could be very optimistic...
  7. I wouldn't rule the possibility out but a lower number might be more probable. Depends on the next days I guess.
  8. Atm I don't see reaching 3M at danger. If it reaches 2M on Tuesday than it should be around 2,5M+ after next WE. Though I hope cinemas won't be closed early next year - that might be the only thing that could prevent NWH from reaching 3M.
  9. NWH had around 360k 2nd WE (-56% from the 4-day WE) and reached 1,69M admissions. MarkG predicts it'll reach 2M on Tuesday. Also he explained why the first Trend was much higher: the last time we had this holiday pattern was 2010 and back then Sunday was the biggest day and Thursday and Saturday were about equal, so he assumed it would be like that again. But this time Thursday was the strongest day and Sat/Sun much weaker, which couldn't really be predicted. Matrix 103 (4-day) / 142,5k (5-day)
  10. Monday numbers: #1 NWH: 815k (4-day) 967,5k (5-day) - Easily the 2nd biggest OW of the year. The movie is already the 8th biggest of the year and the 14th biggest of the twenties. It already beat every other Marvel movie of the year. . OW-Admissions Theaters Ø Title 1 1.194.778 830 1.439 NTTD 2 815.000* 593* 1.374* NWH 3 525.093 611 859 Fast & Furi
  11. My first post in like ages. I hope I can visit more often again but Corona really stopped me from doing so...
  12. Insidekino now predicts 750k WE and 900k including preview Wednesday. Yesterday it had another 125k admissions and €1,3M. That means it should be around $10,5M after Sunday.
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