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  1. 2nd Trend #1 Barbie 300k (+12%) #2 Oppenheimer 175k (-10%) #3 Rehragout 150k (-11%) #4 Meg2 90k (-0%) #5 Elemental 55k (+31%) http://www.insidekino.com/News.htm
  2. 1st Trend #1 Barbie 275k (+2%) #2 Oppenheimer 150k (-23%) #3 Rehragout 120k (-29%) #4 Meg 60k (-33%) #5 Elemental 45k (+7%) Hoping for some upticks over the course of the weekend cause other than Barbie and Elemental the movies don't seem to profit that much from the weather change - which would make the Barbie increase even more impressive I guess. Nothing about the totals yet but Barbie should be close to 5M after this weekend. https://www.insidekino.de/News.htm
  3. OWeek: Barbie (i.P.) 1.215.469 (€11.263.684) Oppenheimer 805.919 (€9.268.844) Barbenheimer 2.021.388 (€20.532.528) And with 3M+ admissions among all movies this week was the best in the 2020s! https://twitter.com/MarkGInsideKino/status/1684540799407607808?t=uor-Jvq8nEImoBmliIxdsg&s=19
  4. 1st Trend Barbie 585k (4-day) 700k (i.P.) Oppenheimer 400k MI:DR 130k (-44%/-55%) 510k Miraculous 90k (-33%) 560k Elemental 80k (-24%) 880k IJ5 75k (-43%) 945k https://www.insidekino.de/News.htm
  5. 1st Trend #1 GOTG3 425k (-10%/-23%) 1,095M #2 Mario 250k (+6%) 4,68M #3 EDR 45k (-26%) 295k #4 BookClub 57,5k (i.P.) #5 JW4 25k (-29%) 1,678M https://www.insidekino.de/News.htm
  6. 1st Trend #1 Mario 500k (-46%) 3,4M #2 JW4 75k (-40%) 1,485M #3 Manta 75k (-55%) 1,083M #4 D&D 52,5k (-37%) 570k #5 Cocaine Bear 32,5k (-34%/-50%) 110k At least we still have Mario... https://www.insidekino.de/News.htm
  7. Sadly I don't know about ODs or Thursday numbers anymore since you have to pay to read the articles on Blickpunkt:Film...
  8. Well, I don't know about that yet - holidays end after this WE and the following drops could be a lot steeper. But 5M+ is looking really good. Next WE will tell us a lot more.
  9. 3rd Trend Mario 900k (-6%) 2,72M Manta 160k (-32%) JW4 125k (-43%) Suzume 125k https://www.insidekino.de/News.htm For comparison: Minions 2nd WE was 1,04M (+11%) 2,394M
  10. 1st Trend Mario 800k (-16%/-34%) 2,62M Manta2 150k (-37%) 962,6k JW4 115k (-47%) 1,37M D&D 90k (-18%) 505k Suzume ~100k (6-day) https://www.insidekino.de/News.htm
  11. Around 260k OD for Mario in Germany - best of the 2020s. Huge! #1 Mario 260k #2 NTTD 230K #3 Avatar 2 174k
  12. Around 260k OD for Mario in Germany - best of the 2020s. Huge! #1 Mario 260k #2 NTTD 230K #3 Avatar 2 174k https://twitter.com/MarkGInsideKino/status/1643868292765941760?s=20
  13. I'd rather have good (local) movies doing great numbers. Else I guess it sends the wrong message to Studios (and the Filmförderung). But well, at least better than nothing doing good.
  14. 1st Trend #1 Manta Manta 2 400k #2 JW4 320k (-23%/-31%) 900k #3 D&D 165k (200k i.P) #4 S&B 80k (-18%) 922,5k Creed 1M will reach until Sunday Looks like an awesome WE - I hope the estimates won't drop. I whish though D&D and Manta2 could swap places 👀 https://www.insidekino.de/News.htm
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