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  1. I mentioned The Founder at McDonalds orientation. I got my McGriddle very quickly just a few hours before. Like in the movie.
  2. I re-watched it and I don't understand how someone who doesn't know anything about baseball can get into this movie. Apparently such people exist though, as seen in this thread.
  3. I wonder what kind of asset split they're doing like with the amazon divorce, Mr.Bezos kept 75% of his stock. But Bill Gates isn't *just* into Microsoft stock
  4. Hey it's baseball season and I like Donald Duck so I changed my icon to Donald Duck with a baseball bat.
  5. @Alpha The Three Caballeros Ride Again is now opening on November 1, year 8
  6. Title: The Three Caballeros Ride Again Director: Matt Danner (director of The Legend of the Three Caballeros) Genre: animation/adventure/drama Release Date: November 1, year 8 Major Cast: Whoever Disney thinks should voice the Three Caballeros Theater Count: 3,000 MPA Rating: R for sexuality and nudity Runtime: 80 minutes Production Budget: $70 million the animation is as close to 1940s era cel animation as you can economically get to with today's technology. Plot Summary: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b1eSnTXp2
  7. Fuck with all these theaters closing... I guess Spielberg was right in saying that cinemas tickets will be $50 and only be in big cities.
  8. Hey everyone, I've decided that I'm going by she/her pronouns now and eventually I will transition socially irl! Also in 2016 there was someone who thought I was a woman and I guess they might have been right lol.
  9. So even after I get my second Pfizer shot will there be booster shots? What if Pfizer doesn't protect against the newer COVID 19 variants?
  10. Oh yeah the score of Raya is awesome. I endorse this. Actually felt memorable and I"d like to listen it stand alone.
  11. well I guess I'm just thinking of the video release. Shame that it's also bombing in Japan.
  12. I don't care that much what numbers are. There's a pandemic going on. Sad that there won't be much of a chance for legs though.
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