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  1. No Mercy An illogical and disgusting movie, like all Zombie movies. But it is pretty exciting. B
  2. Snow Monkeys Cute documetary about some of my favorite animals. B
  3. The Idiots I know the background of this documentary, having watched the Red Sox in the 2004 playoffs. But I don't see how this has to do with the city of Boston, gay marriage, or John Kerry. But it's good enough. B+
  4. Doc Dreams: Very funny idea for a movie so I have no choice but to stan. B+
  5. Numbers Theory I don't have any idea what it means that this was inspired by real life box office forum events (must have been before I was around), but this is an OK thriller that's not as distasteful as other films by the same studio. B
  6. Tyler Perry’s 2 Big Families I like this, coming from a somewhat blended family myself. B
  7. Kings of the 6 I don't know anything about the NBA and this documentary didn't explain anything about it. C
  8. Citizen Kale: a VeggieTales Movie I actually like this because I grew up with VeggieTales and this is a reasonable new effort for the series. B
  9. Far Cry An inane and violent action movie with bad dialogue. C
  10. Recompense A muddled thriller with little resemblance to real life. D
  11. Flightless Bird - The Downfall of the Boeing 737 MAX - An extremely informative and infuriating documentary. A+
  12. Fable: An entertaining fantasy adventure with a make-out scene that goes on too long. B
  13. Holland Hannah Some things I don't understand about this movie. Are we really supposed to believe that a contact killer for the mob could get away with just lying that a kill was done? Also, What is Love is not a song that can be used in non-comedies, imo. But I give this a B anyways. B
  14. Pokémon: The Case of the Orange Outrage too meandering for a mystery film. I enjoyed seeing the Pokemon though. B
  15. Funny Business This gets an A for actually being funny. A
  16. A Very Adam & Cindy Valentine So why do the dogs have human names and there's a human with a dog name in this movie? Anyways, cute enough, though childish. C
  17. Romance Road A good romcom that stretches what I find believable at times. C+
  18. Christie Monteiro An entertaining martial arts film that has a great finale. B
  19. Home Invasion: Part III - Hunted way too long for its threadbare plot. Also makes no sense. D
  20. White Wyvern An original idea, yes. But it has many awkward moments. C+
  21. The Lost Empire Kind of boring, kind of preachy. Good spectacle, though. C
  22. Gunman Clive: Not sure what to make of this. Kind of fun though. D
  23. Loser's Weepers: Stupid, ridiculous, repulsive. The plot is ludicrous. F
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