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  1. I don't know if you're joking or not, and I doubt your point of view is popular, but I agree with this. I just watched BvS again today, and its FAR more meaningful than most CBMs. I think it will stand as an anomaly, however. It appeals to the 80s nerd in me that found something different in Watchmen and the Dark Knight, which makes it far less audience-friendly to the modern 4Q audience. Justice League will probably be a shadow of what BvS was. So far this year, the only comic-related movie I liked was Professor Marston. Too each their own, of course, but I'm glad there's at least one counter to the self-aware feel-good action comedy that's so pervasive in this genre. I'm hoping Generation Z will grow older, find a taste for BvS, and not just follow this current trend. One can hope...
  2. I hope most people realize Kevin is probably a WB fan, and a DCEU fan in particular. He's a parody of a comic-book-movie hatemonger. He knows way too much about every WB movie, and in particular the DCEU ones. His username even references the CEO that presented the initial DCEU slate in 2014 and a movie Ezra Miller is the star in... I feel as if this forum's reaction to him is just playing along with his satire.
  3. A vast majority of Americans should be able to understand what mother! is presenting within the first half hour or at least half way through. If you don't get it by then, you really can't enjoy the film in my opinion. I felt the movie wasn't subtle enough and Aronofsky was too straight-forward to make sure most of the public could understand quickly. I guess I was wrong?
  4. I really enjoyed this movie. My wife did so as well. Wish there were more movies like this.
  5. More Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street wouldn't be too bad with controlled budgets. I say go big or go home and go for a big-budget Attack On Titan movie. Yeah, the anime has waned in popularity, but you got kids training to face terrifying evil, fantasy settings and politics, and creepy giant monsters that eat people: it's like you jammed Harry Potter, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and It all into one. The US public is waiting for this movie...
  6. I find all horrors to be rather silly, but my wife loves them so I go with her. Even if I'm rolling my eyes during the movie, it's not disturbing others. And even when I find the jump-scares and concepts to be lame, I still find it annoying when others in the theaters need to verbally comment how stupid it is. If you don't want to watch it, don't go. If you're going there for the benefit of another, have the decency to respect their experience and furthermore respect the rest of the audience as a whole. Even if you can't directly enjoy the experience, you can still benefit from the enjoyment of others. I appreciate that you will at least attempt to keep the chuckling at a minimal, and who knows...maybe chuckling will be appropriate at certain points in this movie.
  7. Gotta agree with it being one of the best movies that I've seen this year: 1. Dangal 2. The Big Sick 3. Book of Henry 4. A Taxi Driver 5. Wind River 6. Lego Batman Movie 7. A Monster Calls 8. War of The Planet of The Apes 9. Baby Driver 10. Spider-Man Homecoming
  8. WrathOfHan is 17? The whole point of being 17 is making mistakes and learning from experience. At that age, we were all pretty stubborn, and biased by whatever coming-of-age experience we've had so far in life. For Han, in terms of Box Office, that's been the last three years. Each WB film just reminds him of Jupiter Rising and Pan. No need to take his predictions personally. Grow older and grow wiser.
  9. Annabelle 1 > Lights Out > Conjuring 1 > Annabelle 2 > Conjuring 2. Tough to appreciate horror movies when you're not scared of them, but at least Annabelle 1 had a protagonist going through med school while married to a neurotic wife. I can relate to the horrors of that situation. @Nova , you will soon grow to appreciate Annabelle 1.
  10. If not the same person, then they could be soulmates. Take any of their WB predicts and multiply by 1.5+ and you may get an accurate figure. Those two may be the few that believe Mother! will have a greater affect on IT than the other way around.
  11. Btw, WOM is something made up by the users here to explain a good multiplier without actually realizing other factors that are involved. Sure, good WOM can help a movie's run, but many other factors are also involved. Both Spider-Man and Wonder Woman could have achieved insane word of mouth, but the multiplier will be drastically different because even if both movies had fanboys ranting and raving about it, eventually, that great WOM will hit a limit and that's due to all kinds of other stuff. For instance, my buddy told everybody at work to watch SM:H because it was the best of an already very good series. Some of my coworkers, even though they adored the first two Spider-Man movies, and even though they believed this new one could be better...they didn't want to watch it because it was like the 6th film...I told them Wonder Woman was meh and I slept through it, but even though they don't watch Super-Hero movies, they still wanted to go because it was the first Wonder Woman movie. Yeah, anecdotal evidence, but you don't need the wildest imagination to believe such conversations happened across America.
  12. SM:H did better than "good", "adequate", "nice". However it wasn't "legendary", "astonishing", or "uncanny". Obviously, it falls in the range of "very good", "great", and "amazing".
  13. 6th Movie for a Comic-Book Character: Batman Begins or The Dark Knight: 207 m or 535 m and thought to be a success by Marvel fans, DC fans, and general audience Man of Steel: 291 m thought to be a failure by Marvel fans, thought to be a success by DC fans Spider-man Homecoming: ~300 m thought to be a success by Marvel fans, thought to be a failure by DC fans Take away the bias. Take away the RT-tinged glasses. Consider the box-office numbers, the merchandising, the marketing partnerships, the association with sequels and other tie-ins...all screams success to me... Btw, I enjoyed Spider-man Homecoming much more than I did Wonder Woman, but I am very glad BOTH are successful movies. Too bad the best movies of the summer excluding these two, when their box office numbers are all combined, will be just a fraction of the super-hero take. I thought Apes was better than both.
  14. @Nova congrats on med school. If you want Ortho, you're going to have to remain in the top 10% of your class AND the whole idea of ortho is not just what you know but WHO you know; network, network, network. Having an athletic background helps as many programs are described as bro-clubs. Enjoy your final two summers, but you'll still have the time to enjoy cinema and box office discussions. Start studying for Step-1 once school starts because you need 260 min to get into an Ortho program, probably. Good luck!
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