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  1. Not saying I expected the live action to be better than the animation... but at least keeping most of the magic it had. This seems a plain and grey version , and I don't like saying so
  2. I liked more this one .... the rhythm, the camera angles, the gags... everything is very well combined in the whole scene. it that could be done 25 years ago (with some special effects included!!!!) ... I don't see why Ritchie couldn't make a Prince Ali version closer in dynamism to the original version. Aladdin was by far my Disney fav from childhood (even over TLK), and I had high hopes on this live action ... which have been fading away step by step with every material it's been released. It still is Aladdin, so I hope it opens kind of good, but legs won't be there at all. And I feel very very sad about it, honestly. I really wanted this to be a very special movie, well done, well received, acclaimed
  3. I can even see the top6 movies being Disney domestic: EG IX TLK Frozen2 CM TS4 Remember CM is gonna make 425M ... what other movie could be on that level? FFH? HC was 334M ... it means a 90M increase, with all this summer competition, opening against TS4 2nd week (FFH opens on a Tuesday night previews just after TS4 2nd we that could be a 60-70M maybe), and then on it's 3rd we opens TLK which is gonna annihilate anything on its way ... i don't see how FFH can goes beyond 400M at all. Maybe 5th-6th place will be a tight race between FFH and TS4 on the 350-400M range.
  4. Why on earth will Pokemon take the leftovers of Memorial Day , when EG 3rd we has been over Pokemon ow? What makes you think that Pokemon will be above EG in a couple of week ends?
  5. Even if it's by $1, it means dethroning anyway. Actuals for EG are: Dom: $723M (total could be more on the 850M) China: $600M (potentially to 630M) Rest Intl.: $1.16B (your maximum of 1.2B is where you fail) Rest Intl. I think it can go up to 1.3B, what would mean $2.780B, $8M down from Avatar ... I think EG will end up #1 ww by a short margin (less than $50M) ... but #1 ww anyway.
  6. IN. (i'm even In for a 500M+ club in other thread, so...)
  7. I meant Pikachu WW total ... considering China will be well below $100M total, and dom wont be too much past 100M. Let's say $200M dom+Ch ... $157M from the rest of the world?
  8. Hope this (and Frozen 2) goes I2 numbers.
  9. I think both will open over 200M (TROS bigger than TLK, let's say TROS 235M and TLK 210M) and also both over 700M dom.
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