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  1. It has 4 weekends to do so before TS4 opens, with Godzilla and TSLOP2 in between. BATB took 71 days to reach 500 with apparently no big competition (just Baby Boss on the 3rd we and FF8 on the 5th). On the other hand, I2 took only 24 days to 500M with a harsher competition (FK on the 2nd we, and AM2 on the 4th). Aladdin dom. competitors seem stronger than those of BATB, but weaker than I2's. Unless it blasts with a 200M 4day opening on Memorial Day we, i don't see those 500M so easy (though I wish Aladdin made 600M or more, because it deserves it!! ) edit: ops! just realized it's the MPR thread, not the Aladdin one.
  2. or maybe Aladdin in late March-early April (with Captain Marvel in February StValentine's we) and leaving Dumbo for march/april 2020 ... and remember TS4 is in between Aladdin and TLK ... Disney is gonna make a lot of money, no doubt, but not as much as they could make with a better scheduling imo.
  3. Wait for a trailer with the theme "A Whole New World" in it, and there you have the hype-wave coming ...
  4. Wow, just these seconds of that song, and my skin went all crazy!! Aladdin deserves to break records at box office ... sad it's not gonna make that. Disney should have kept TLK as the big tentpole for july 2019, and Aladdin for july 2020. But with Aladdin in may 2019, it's potential is gonna be devaluated. Sad (Aladdin is my Disney's favorite, above TLK)
  5. I would push them up 1 step, Dumbo on Maleficent level (700M), Aladdin in Alice level (1B) and The Lion King on TFA level (around 2B)
  6. Maybe they just meant that tomorrow we will see an image of how Will Smith looks like the blue genie.
  7. Fox is such a renown and respected brad in the entertainment world for Disney to just dissolve it and terminate it. Is very intelligent that Disney keeps a Disney-Fox brand (as Disney-Pixar, Disney-Marvel, Disney-SW) for adult oriented movies.
  8. So, a lot of CGI doesn't affect that much the budget? (in the trailer I saw a lot of CGI crazy scenes and the "under water" whole thing) Could be interesting to know how the budget is distributed in these big action movies: what % goes for salaries, % for real filming, % for post-production (computer work) ... But i'd say this is no less than 200 for sure. If they managed those visuals with only 160M .....
  9. I liked it, but (don't know if it's been mentioned before) - the movie seems quite expensive (a lot of complex cgi).What can be the prod. budget for this? not less than 250M for sure? I'd say even not less than 275M. Don't know if it's the safest bet for an unstable WB-DC franchise (in terms of bo numbers) to try to revive it with such an expensive movie. - am i the only one that see similarity with Thor? never read comics, but according to the trailer seems like a fight between two brothers for the throne of Atlantis (Asgard), with the spectacular visuals from Ragnarok (kind of the Thor trilogy made in one movie under the water).
  10. meriodejaneiro

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets made $62M in China. Also Lucy made $44M, and Taken 3 made $32M. All of them produces by EuropaCorp (from France).
  11. Really..... What I mean is that Disney 60's classic movies are not unknown for China's population.
  12. Well, original MP dates from 1964. Original Jungle Book dates from 1967, and The Jungle Book (2016) madre 150M there.
  13. The controversy about Tiana was there much before the interview with the actress that voices her in the movie. She might just have joined the trend.

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