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  1. Christopher Robin | August 3, 2018 | Disney

    After this becomes the story of the summer, Disney will green lit ObiWan Story movie for 2020.
  2. His insistent prediction was still rolling on the forums even after JL ow.
  3. That prediction on PBO has been there for at least two weeks i think (if not more). It's not a "today's update". It's incredible how some of you are eagerly willing this to fail, as if your own lives depended on it. I practice "positive supporting", since I root for Solo to be a big success. But don't understand "trolling negative supporting" willing a movie to fail just for the fun of it, filling the forums with pointless discussions and bad moments.
  4. Yeah, that was pretty big miss but Did not miss nearly as bad as the Samson over Black Panther club...... But was by far the most hilarious and commented one through the forums, since the owner of said words kept spreading the prediction in any thread he could.
  5. I'd say the famous "JL > Coco + Thor dom" which came in double feature with "WB 2017> Disney 2017" (when WB was like 200M ahead and Disney still had TLJ to open in Christmas)
  6. Black Panther > Infinity War Domestic Club

    I don't mind which one ends #3 dom, BP or IW. What I really want is both of them making 700M dom.
  7. So opening later means the box office will be lower? have i missed something on how box office works? Japan opens by end of June, because early in July it comes what it is considered the best week in Japan in therms of box office revenues due to some holidays and festivities ... just fyi.
  8. I understand the Rian Johnson is a trilogy for theaters. But the W/B "series" is also "a series of undetermined number of movies for theaters" or is something straight for the upcoming Disney streaming platform? I'm not clear on that point. A GoT-like SW show for TV could be a good thing too.
  9. It's easier dude! TFA, 3 words title, 306M RO, 2 words title, 265M S, 1 word title, ... (put whatever figure coming out of your *ss) Dude, you don't even know how much of the full budget is used for the "months of shooting". Maybe the shooting-time is the same cost per month in any film, and whatever makes them cheaper of more expensive is the time on cgi, vfx, hand making/building backgrounds for shooting ... Maybe the shooting itself costs, lets say , 5M/month. I mean, your "it's not hard guys" statement is totally useless since you don't know what portion of the budget goes to that purpose.

    In Spain, • 1. The Incredibles (2004): 25.428.106$ • 2. Spiderman 3 (2007): 24.665.705$ • 3. Spiderman (2002): 23.707.297$ • 4. Infinity War (2018): 22.156.474$ (still on cinemas) • 5. Vengadores (Avengers) (2012): 20.220.212$ • 6. Spiderman 2 (2004): 18.828.209$ • 7. Big Hero 6 (2014): 18.460.857$ • 8. El Caballero Oscuro (TDK) (2008): 16.318.208$ • 9. El Caballero Oscuro La Leyenda Renace (TDKR) (2012): 15.394.652$ • 10. Los 4 Fantásticos (Fantastic Four) (2005): 15.243.816$ • 11. Vengadores La Era de Ultron (Age of Ultron) (2015): 13.640.131$
  11. Underperform as in ...? Those trilogies/movies have a clear mission: expand the SW universe beyond the Skywalker saga. Solo is not related to any of that. If Solo is to affect something, could be the "Star Wars Story" line (Obi-Wan, Lando, or whatever other Stories they have in mind, still related to the Skywalker storyline). But the Rian Johnson and Weiss/Benioff new films I'm 99.9% sure will happen even if Solo makes 100M ww. Because their task is to expand the universe. I'm going further. Those new movies would keep happening even if they make 600-700M ww (don't expect them to make 1.3-1.5B, though it'd be fantastic), because Disney needs them to open doors to new universes, stories ... Maybe a Skywalker Episode going under 800M ww could make them rethink their path (on the Episode line) ... but those new trilogies/series should be intended to widen the universe, not to break/dominate box office).
  12. And here we go again with the "JL > Coco + Thor" like anti-disney predictions.
  13. Christopher Robin | August 3, 2018 | Disney

    Handing over a red balloon?

    The Incredibles made ¥5B+ and $50M+ in Japan. I wonder how will TI2 behave. It opens on August 1st.

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