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  1. That's the club I wanna see ... "no 2020 movie over 1B" (or maybe restrict it to "no Disney billie on 2020" I'd be IN for both (only FF9 could challenge, but I think it will decrease from 8). People don't realize how difficult is it to achieve 1B.
  2. Isn't Disney gonna fill that 2020 Christmas gap up with any other big movie? Will they lay all efforts on Fox's West Side Story as they did last Christmas with MPR? Not that Cruella was gonna blast it off at box office, but better two movies (Disney and Fox) than only one, for the period. Is it too soon for a RJ SW movie? They could release the first installment of the trilogy in Christmas 2020 and then move the 2nd and 3rd to september/october of the following years.
  3. Will that be enough for the 400M dom?
  4. 3.53x so far and counting. Among 100M+ Pixar openers (4), its already ahead of I2 (3.34x) and on the trail to surpass FD (3.6x) and match TS3 (3.77x). But still it's a sequel no one wanted. Do Pixar need it? Is it a requirement for any specific reason?
  5. BOT updated Aladdin international numbers, and from monday to sunday, it added 4.6M (not 😎 from which 2.4 came from Japan only (due to the Obon week, harsh drops expected next week). So 2.2 from the rest of the world excluding Japan (again, that's 7 days count). Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $353,537,257 34.0% + Foreign: $686,910,107 66.0% = Worldwide: $1,040,447,364
  6. Well, you can watch two or three and confirm you don't like the genre ... but the 23 of them just to feel legitimated to criticize them is kind of modern masochism .
  7. During Obon weekdays mon-fri, Aladdin made 1.9M, and this past weekend sat-sun Aladdin made 0.5M, that's a 2.4M in the last 7 days (with the biggest box office days of the year in Japan). Corpse estimates Aladdin can make some 2M max. extra in Japan till the end of its run. As per SK and "the rest" I don't know how to check those numbers. Deadline keeps muted about its international add for this last week for Aladdin, as well as BOT. Maybe today when actuals come in, they will update Aladdin os numbers. But it seems to me that Aladdin numbers os are so small in the markets that they stopped delivering those numbers, and will wait some weeks to just make a final update.
  8. Maybe it won't stop a 1,035B, but last weekend Aladdin made 2.8M according to Deadline's Nancy Tartaglione, and this weekend report doesn't even mention Aladdin, and the movie reported as the smallest bo weekend is one with 900k ... so Aladdin should have come below that. In fact, last weekend Deadline reported an OS total for Aladdin of 682.5M, but today at BOM you can see it's at 682.2M. Also, domestically, last weekend dropped 62.3%, and this weekend dropped almost 60% (and at BOM it isn't even shown in the daily numbers calendar). So considering this we Aladdin made those 900k the smallest movie Deadline reported, it's declined a 68% from last weekend. And with same 60% decline domestically ... I don't expect Aladdin to add much more to those current 1,035 B Maybe within some weeks BOM will make a final addition to give final actual numbers, and add up some 4 or 5M extra, but I'd say it's pretty done everywhere.
  9. Does TS4 has still enough fuel to reach the 100M? With a 1.1M we, and still 17.5M to make ... i don't see it clear ... but I didn't see Aladdin going beyond 650M ww and look ...
  10. Aladdin is done everywhere already. I think the 1,035B is gonna be its final total.
  11. So, dom seems like less than 550, and os points at 1.05-1.1B, for a ww total of 1.6-1.7B. Honestly, dom i expected something closer to 700, so 550- looks a bit of an underperformance (given its real potential). Same goes for me for Aladdin, which 350+ is not bad at all, but it had a higher box office potential. But overseas, if we give a close look at the numbers, it's a very impressive run. I mean, there are 8 1B+ os movies actually, soon to be 9. Many of those, heavily relied on a single market. Let's see: Movie - Intl. BO - Biggest OS market - % over total. Avatar 2,029 B China 202 M 9.95% EG 1,937 B China 614 M 31.70% Titanic 1,528 B Japan 201 M 13.15% IW 1,369 B China 359 M 26.22% FF7 1,163 B China 390 M 33.53% TFA 1,131 B UK 163 M 14.41% JW 1,019 B China 228 M 22.37% FF8 1,010 B China 392 M 38.81% *TLK 1,050 B China 116 M 11.05% **TLK 1,100 B China 116 M 10.55% So, TLK is the "second 1B+ os maker" whose biggest market accounts for the least % of OS total, after only Avatar. On that 9-movie list, the two FF movies relay super heavily in China (with more than 1/3 coming from a single market), as well as Avengers movies (with 1/4 to 1/3 of the total). Then there's JW (with around 1/5 to 1/4 of the total). And then there are the movies which have a more compensated and proportionally distributed OS income, with Avatar and TLK on the 1/10 of the total, and then Titanic and TFA with around 14%. Of course I'm intentionally "ignoring" the absolute OS number (which is what obviously counts in the end). I'm just trying to give a different perspective on how to read TLK run. Obviously, if you remove the biggest market from each of them, you get something like Avatar 1,827 B EG 1,323 B Titanic 1,327 B IW 1,010 B FF7 773 M TFA 968 M JW 791 M FF8 618 M *TLK 934 M **TLK 984 M Avatar, Titanic and both Avengers are enormous box office phenomenons everywhere, but right after them, TFA and TLK will be on the 1B range even extracting the biggest OS market,what imo is highly impressive.
  12. Nice statement, very representative of what BOT posters can become when fanbase or anti-fanbase are involved. I understand support for a movie doing its best at box-office ... but i cannot understand rooting actively against a movie. I really don't get your obsession against TLK, week after week, questioning it's numbers. 1.6-1.7B is an enormous amount of money. Sure we expected more dom and China (two biggest markets nowadays) but elsewhere it seems to be doing a fantastic business.
  13. Probably? I know no much about Japanese box office ... but unless it fades away from theaters like ... now... TLK is 100% sure to top Avengers in Japan. It's almost half way after just 7 days. Maybe my 100M wish is a hard achievement but somewhere in between 55 and 100 is a safe bet (i'd say 75-80M)
  14. when that type of milestone happen, Deadline makes an article mentioning it, whatever day of the week that happens. And I don't see any yet, so I presume it's still below the 1B.
  15. Are 100M totally discarded for TLK in Japan, or not quite yet? I want those 4x100M Disney 2019 in Japan (Aladdin, TS4, TLK and F2)... and the cherry on the top would be TROS (but this i'm 99.99% self-convinced it's not gonna happen). I know TROS will be considered a 2020 movie for reasons I would never understand, but for me, a movie released in 2019 will still be a 2019 movie.
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