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  1. meriodejaneiro

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Oh, I was taking Gavin Feng final gross #s estimate (600M+). But if you all say it's gonna end up above 700M++ ... then I'd say there will be a photo finish situation between TWE, TLK, EG and IX imo.
  2. meriodejaneiro

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Don't now about Ken, but Barbie is there ... in fact, there are three of them.
  3. IN Top 3 has already owners ... just shuffle them and anything can happen. After them, I see some strong contenders for #4 onwards. 1. $810M IX (it's the END of the Skywalker storyline, Disney, JJ & KK will know how to market this for good) 2. $780M TLK 3. $720M EG 4. $560M Frozen2 5. $490M TS4 6. $460M CM 7. (here will appear first non-Disney movie in the list)
  4. meriodejaneiro

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    I'd say more than one ... even considering $650M for TWE, I'd dare to say EG, TLK, EIX at least could be above it ... and given the good reception of Frozen2 trailer ... I wouldn't discard it for a $600M dom too.
  5. You forgot the one i think (after Toy Story or Incredibles) could really make an amazing live-action remake .... UP! In fact,
  6. Original Aladdin didn't have nipple either. But this time Aladdin is wearing some kind of shirt under the vest ...
  7. meriodejaneiro

    Moana | 11/23/16 | Teaser Trailer on Page 33

    Is Disney planning a Moana 2 movie, with the first fully latina princess? Maybe just for Disney+? or theater release too? https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/05/ana-de-armas-backs-disneys-first-latina-princess-moana-2-talks-working-ed-sheehan-triumphant-movie-debut-8450803/
  8. yeah, they only have a movie with blue beings ... what's its name ... smurfvatar? not sure ... whatever, no more than $99M dom total or so.
  9. meriodejaneiro

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Is it me or it is a bit Ray-like in TFA?
  10. meriodejaneiro

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    TFA made $1.94B WW without China (+$124M). Only Avatar and Titanic managed more than that. Exactly same numbers OS-Ch as IW. Not saying EpXI will repeat TFA path os nor domestic, but I'm on the side of TFA>EpXI>TLJ, somewhere in the middle. But if EpXI is well received, I can see it closer to TFA than TLJ (could be on the 1.6B ww = 750 dom + 850 os).
  11. meriodejaneiro

    Top Grossing Movies of 2019 Predicts

    you forgot pikachu ... unless it it the #0 in that list, above Alita?
  12. FSS $200M without Monday being holiday (ala BP ow)? I don't see it. I still think they should have sticked to that February 4day-we.
  13. Summer, Olaf of course!!
  14. Still Dumbo, Aladdin and TS4 to go ... I think this club will die in the very last second though (I can see Dumbo under 250 easily, Aladdin could be ... but hard to believe it with TS4).
  15. What if Disney makes a single trailer with images from CM and EG mixed all together... to promote both films at once ... so people don't know what images are from which film, and will only know after seeing CM in march, and then they release the EG full trailer.

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