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  1. meriodejaneiro

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    I wonder if these Venom and Aquaman (expected or not) enormous chinese boxoffice numbers are exceptional (for the great quality of the movies themselves) or follow a trend of an increasing interest in SH movies in the chinese market. If it's the latter, i wonder how high can A:EG fly ... possibly to the $400M+?
  2. An interesting club could be (if anyone dares to open it now XD, unless it's already there and i've missed it) ¿EG 3rd we > Pikachu ow ? Pikachu could blast in Asia (China+Japan), but dom? I see it going the way of The Emoji Movie (25M), Trolls (46M) ow, or The Simpsons Movie at the best (74M). If EG keeps strong, could stay on the 60-70M for the 3rd we. 3rd we for 200M+ openers: - IW: $62M - TFA $90M (Christmas) - TLJ $52M (FSS of a 4-day we at Christmas) - JW: $54.5M - TA: $55.6M - BP: $66.3M Here's the top 10 3rd we dom: Rank Title (click to view) Studio Weeknd Gross* % of Total Theaters / Avg. Total Gross^ Date** 1 Star Wars: The Force Awakens BV $90,241,673 9.6% 4,134 $21,829 $936,662,225 12/18/15 2 Avatar Fox $68,490,688 9.1% 3,461 $19,789 $749,766,139 12/18/09 3 Black Panther BV $66,306,935 9.5% 4,084 $16,236 $700,059,566 2/16/18 4 Avengers: Infinity War BV $62,078,047 9.1% 4,474 $13,875 $678,815,482 4/27/18 5 Marvel's The Avengers BV $55,644,102 8.9% 4,249 $13,096 $623,357,910 5/4/12 6 Jurassic World Uni. $54,532,615 8.4% 4,198 $12,990 $652,270,625 6/12/15 7 Star Wars: The Last Jedi BV $52,520,140 8.5% 4,232 $12,410 $620,181,382 12/15/17 8 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story BV $49,609,002 9.3% 4,157 $11,934 $532,177,324 12/16/16 9 Incredibles 2 BV $46,417,761 7.6% 4,410 $10,526 $608,556,044 6/15/18 10 Beauty and the Beast (2017) BV $45,420,743 9.0% 4,210 $10,789 $504,014,165 3/17/17
  3. Yeah, something like that can be smart. The hype during the first 4 months of 2019 will be for A4, no doubt. So a teaser with A4 and a full trailer with TLK (july) could be more than enough for Ep9. The hype for that movie will be built very fast. Is the last of the trilogy ... whoever is the public for the movie, should be aware by now that next Christmas there will be the conclusion episode. So, no need to compete with CM, A4, MPR, Dumbo these months for the audience attention.
  4. True... ...don't know what was i thinking about?
  5. Had Nutcracker had any chance of getting over 100M ... Disney would have pushed CR over it too ... but ...
  6. Wrong. In Europe MP is a very well known IP, mostly because there was also another movie stared by Julie Andrews, Gone With The Wind ... whaaaaaaaat??? The Sound Of Music, settled in Europe during the war ... and Julie Andrews became very famous all around Europe because of those musical movies, for all ages, not only kids but also adults. So if you add Europe to the Common Wealth, you already have a bigger number of markets being keen on MP than SW 😕 Don't know about Latin America or Japan though.
  7. meriodejaneiro

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Don't know if anybody noticed that ... but on the back of the poster there's a fair, or somewhat of a circus tents ... maybe that's where the toys' adventure will happen in this TS4. Could be interesting.
  8. It's called fear ... for whatever record may fall on TLK's hands.
  9. Ok for the 1B dom (some of us might be dreaming excessively high on this) but the 200M ow... I think that should be an easy target.
  10. Count on it! Specially the Frozen live-action ... but any WDAS film is susceptible to be cgi-ed (Moana, BigHero6, Tangled, Ralph). I wouldn't even be surprised if after they are done with Disney classics ... they started cgi-ing Pixar (Up, Incredibles, Bugs Life...) I with it makes it ... but anything it makes, it will sadly be overshadowed by TLK (and IW2 and IX, Frozen 2, and probably TS4). Aladdin could have perfectly been the july release for 2019, and try to replicate the bubble TLK is gonna get: "hey guys, I'm Disney and this is my big offering for this summer 2019 after last year's fuck*ng awesome TLK", and could have gone bigger than BATB. "Sadly", now Aladdin should "resign" itself with Jungle Book numbers (900M-1B). Because that's the point. If Disney would have wanted to go for different stories ... they would have made different stories. What's the point on making a "new" Lion King story? That wouldn't be TLK, that would be a new thing. Same with BATB, Alice, Aladdin ... Disney can add new scenes to enrich the original story, but never to transform its essence, because that essence is what people have been loving ever since.
  11. Out 100% over 250M: MPR, Aladdin, TS4 80-90% over 250M: Ralph 2, Dumbo. The club should be "Any Disney film till TLK over 250M dom" (considering Penguins a documentary). I only would have my doubts on Ralph and Dumbo, but still see them both making it.
  12. meriodejaneiro

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    If Aquaman does well in China, and the hunger for SH movies continue, could we say IW2 is set to blast and become the biggest Hollywood release ever in China?
  13. at this point i would be happy with a single cg-image of any character ... let's say Zazu the toucan, or Rafiki, or the tree where Rafiki lives, or the pride stone ... don't know, WHATEVER!!! but show something Disney.

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