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    Seems like the battle between MI6 and I2 will be fierce. $25.5M for both after 13 and 15 days.
  2. meriodejaneiro


    Daily update by Corpse http://worldofkj.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=55322&start=11000 Obon Festival 2018 - Daily Estimates (08/13-17)Monday (08/13)¥285 million ($2.6 million), +56%, ¥5.485 billion ($49.3 million), Code Blue (Day 18)¥250 million ($2.3 million), +83%, ¥2.315 billion ($20.9 million), Incredibles 2 (Day 13)¥235 million ($2.1 million), +76%, ¥2.325 billion ($21.0 million), Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Day 11)¥145 million ($1.3 million), +123%, ¥6.640 billion ($59.2 million), Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Day 32)¥110 million ($1.0 million), 0, ¥440.0 million ($4.0 million), Ocean's 8 (Day 4)¥80 million ($725,000), +97%, ¥2.090 billion ($19.0 million), Mirai of the Future (Day 25)¥65 million ($590,000), -09%, ¥965.0 million ($8.7 million), My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (Day 11)¥60 million ($545,000), +55%, ¥2.390 billion ($21.6 million), Pokemon: Everyone's Story (Day 32)¥50 million ($455,000), +17%, ¥650.0 million ($5.9 million), Sensei Kunshun (Day 13)¥45 million ($410,000), +24%, ¥585.0 million ($5.3 million), Kamen Rider Build: Be the One (Day 10)Tuesday (08/14)¥310 million ($2.8 million), +105%, ¥5.795 billion ($52.1 million), Code Blue (Day 19)¥265 million ($2.4 million), +134%, ¥2.590 billion ($23.4 million), Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Day 12)¥260 million ($2.3 million), +107%, ¥2.575 billion ($23.2 million), Incredibles 2 (Day 14)¥165 million ($1.5 million), +179%, ¥6.805 billion ($60.7 million), Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Day 33)¥125 million ($1.1 million), 0, ¥565.0 million ($5.1 million), Ocean's 8 (Day 5)¥90 million ($810,000), +136%, ¥2.180 billion ($19.8 million), Mirai of the Future (Day 26)¥65 million ($585,000), +71%, ¥2.455 billion ($22.2 million), Pokemon: Everyone's Story (Day 33)¥65 million ($585,000), +26%, ¥1.030 billion ($9.3 million), My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (Day 12)¥60 million ($540,000), +454%, ¥495.0 million ($4.5 million), One Cut of the Dead (Day 53)¥55 million ($495,000), +40%, ¥705.0 million ($6.4 million), Sensei Kunshun (Day 14)
  3. I hope so too, I really want Aladdin to be one of the stories of the year at the box office and go BATB numbers. TLK and Aladdin are my favorite Disney movies ever.
  4. Thought the sequels would expand the universe and other planets, moons and whatever ... but the 4 movies will take place in Pandora? Kind of risky. The story telling has to be really incredible and hooking ... otherwise can be boring. Can you imagine a Star Wars trilogy happening only in Tatooine?
  5. I think Aladdin would have worked better on july 2020 as the big summer movie (on the place TLK takes on summer 2019). And going a bit low profile for the Memorial Day we. It's gonna follow the same pattern this 2018 had ... the Memorial Day we movie sandwiched between a huge Avengers 4 and a huge Pixar movie that will kill legs, and then TLK to definitely kill whatever late legs (end of july and august) could have. And that saddens me, because that will probably mean Aladdin should settle for some 250 dom and some 700 ww when it could have potential for an easy 1B+ and beyond ww (BATB numbers) with a july release.
  6. wondering how old he is and how old he would be after avatar 5 releases on 2025 ... i found out his birthday is next thursday. He turns 64. So by 2025 he will be 71. Too old for big budgeted mega productions?
  7. Well, Disney could offer him the lead on a Disney/Avatar sub-brand, ala Kathleen Kennedy & Lucasfilm, so he can develop the Avatar universe after the 4 sequels as creative director of some side-stories directed by others while he focuses on continuing the Avatar main saga (6 and onwards), while others direct the side-stories following his creative instructions.
  8. I heard something of Cameron owning the Avatar IP, but I don't know how it works exactly or how was the deal he had with Fox. So, if Cameron wants, he can take Avatar brand to WB or Universal? I honestly have no idea how the Cameron-Avatar-Fox deal was and how will it be transferred to Disney.
  9. I doubt Toy Story needs a great marketing campaign (though Disney will make it) ... Toy Story is huge cinema brand itself without needing to be attached to Disney or Pixar. It's gained that status by being a huge beloved saga. Toy Story 3 is the biggest Pixar movie overseas, with 651M os (and I think they didn't even released in China, or at least boxofficemojo doesn't show a China box office for TS3). Second is Coco with 595M os (with 189M coming from China alone). True that Illumination is a beast os, but TS is the biggest Pixar brand os, so will be a big rival. (anyway, I think The Lion King will devour them all, dom and os).
  10. Kind of both ... - Creative control? Well, that depends on how is Disney gonna manage the Disney/Fox division. There's Disney/Pixar, Disney/Marvel, Disney/Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Animation Studio, Walt Disney Pictures... and Disney places somebody leading each os Disney's sub-divisions. I wonder if they will create a Disney/Fox sub-division, who would they place on the lead... Under which brand will they launch Avatar sequels? Walt Disney Pictures itself? A new Disney/Fox? And of course, Disney is gonna put the money for the Avatar production, so I have my doubts Cameron will have 101% control of it ... Disney will have its voice (that can be shared with Cameron's own vision, of course). - Marketing decision? That's a no doubt. Disney, toys, videogames... there will be a huge blue marketing wave going, and a huge green wave coming into Disney's pockets at the same time. And also, since the 4 sequels kind of are gonna be a sure box office success ... will Disney expand the Avatar universe a la "Star Wars Story"? I say they will confirm those side-stories as soon as Avatar 2 blasts box office numbers in Christmas 2020.
  11. hmmm .... I2 is already at $18.6M in Japan, that's already 37% of what TI made there ($49.9M). Way above that 25% you said. And this coming week is the biggest box office week of the year in Japan, good wom, 2nd we increase of 10% ... i'd say matching the 50M from the predecessor is kind of easy. Not going any further though. But between 40-50 seems a safe bet for I2.
  12. Don't think that will last for even a year ... TS4 comes to the rescue, Woody!!!
  13. But on the other hand this 2nd we in Japan has increased 10%, so seems good wom is starting to have an effect ... From Japan box office thread, I2 is on the way to match the original TI numbers, with around ¥5B+ what means around $45M. So, probably on the average Pixar bo numbers. Not big deal, but not a disaster either.
  14. She’s from the other studio... LOL!!! i think this movie is gonna increase more than we think from Ralph1

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